When a child can be in the sauna?

More and more, the weekend is associated with a hike in a sauna or a sauna, taking turns with friends for a shish kebab and other kinds of entertainment. As a rule, many saunas are visited for recreational purposes, so most parents have many questions, namely: "At what age can a child go to a sauna?" And "How long can a child stay in a steam room?".

Doctors-pediatricians recommend visiting the sauna only for healthy children from the age of 2-3 years. After all, this procedure has a hardening effect. Contrasting temperatures, heating and cooling help not only the child, but also adults, strengthen immunity, make the walls of blood vessels more elastic and improve blood circulation. The first procedures for babies should be no more than 2-3 minutes. This time of being in the steam room is enough for the child to be able to assess the situation and his condition. As well as parents. In the future, the time for entering the steam room is increased to 5 minutes.

After a short interval, with good health, you can enter the steam room for the second time. However, high temperatures should not be abused. And this applies not only to children. Comfortable temperature in the steam room for a child is 70 degrees. Before the final exit from the steam room, you should "pour" the baby with cool water or wipe with a damp cool towel. Each time the number of visits to a steam sauna increases, and the temperature of pouring decreases. Dipping a child in a cold pool after a sauna is also not recommended, as it is too sharp a drop in temperature for the child, which can trigger unpleasant diseases.

However, remember that a sauna is a place where a child of any age needs a search. In addition to the need to assess the overall physical condition, you should constantly monitor body temperature and observe the appearance while visiting the steam room. If you see that the child has turned pale, slowly responds to requests or stopped talking altogether, his breathing slows, he complains of dizziness, urgently remove him from the sauna. Be sure to give a drink with warm tea and, if necessary, call a doctor. Do not apply ice or other methods of rapid cooling.

Such experiments are fraught with problems with the cardiovascular system. Even the fact that the child expresses an open unwillingness to go to the steam room should be a signal to you for what can be delayed so long as you become attached to "adult fun".