How to treat pinworms in children: the causes of the disease, symptoms, prevention

The child has known the world since he starts to crawl on his own. His immune system is not yet sufficiently strengthened, but the kid freely tastes all unfamiliar objects. With such actions, not only harmful bacteria, but also parasites can penetrate into an unformed organism. Most often these are pinworms - helminths, which not only cause discomfort, but can also cause serious illnesses.


  • 1 What is an oyster in children
  • 2 Paths of infection with pinworms
  • 3 Signs of pinworms in children
  • 4 What threatens enterobiasis?
  • 5 Diagnosis of enterobiasis in children
  • 6 Treatment of pinworms in children
  • 7 Treatment of pinworms in children by folk methods
  • 8 Pinworms. Baby food
  • 9 Prevention of enterobiasis in children

What is an oyster in children

Often the cause of infection with worms occurs as a result of the use of unwashed fruit

Often the cause of infection with worms is the result of the use of unwashed fruit

Enterobiasis is a disease caused by the appearance of pinworms in the small and large intestine. Pinworms are also called worms. These parasites are like small white worms. They are small in size: females up to 1.5 cm, and males up to 5 mm. Their color is necessarily white. The habitat in the human body is the intestine, but there are exceptions when they live in other organs. The female parasite reproduces rather quickly. Every night at night, she can lay eggs near the anus or in the folds of the skin. The affected areas can be the perineum.

During the appearance of the embryos of worms, the child feels a strong itch, as the infected area of ​​the skin becomes vulnerable. Ripen nematodes quickly enough and penetrate the intestine, sucked to the walls of the intestine. After the female has laid eggs, she dies. It is difficult to tolerate such a girl's illness. Worms, getting out, can penetrate into the mucosa of the external genitalia, causing additional infections. This does not mean that you do not need to treat the disease. For a short life span, a female can lay a lot of eggs. The disease is gaining new momentum and the condition of the baby is deteriorating.

If the treatment is not available, the parasite dies after 50 days.

Paths of infection with pinworms

Infecting such a disease for a child is easy. He leads a mobile lifestyle, learning everything new and playing with other children and animals."Grab" parasites baby can in several ways:

  1. Oral. The child scratches the anus and the eggs of the parasites fall under the nails. Anything that touched the baby with his hands may be a place of infection.
  2. Bytovym. After contact with dirty toys, after eating dirty vegetables. This method is the most common. On hands, larvae of pinworms remain and they, having got into the oral cavity, easily reach a favorable habitat.
  3. Contact. Favorite pets are the main hotbeds of worms. Children love to play with them and, often, do not wash their hands after contact with

The most common reason is non-compliance with normal hygiene. Dirty hands, stale underwear, close contact with mucous membranes, favorably affects the appearance of enterobiasis. Having trained a child to be clean, you can save it from a lot of infections and infection with helminths.

Symptoms of pinworms in children

Observance of personal hygiene - prevention of enterobiasis

Personal hygiene - prevention of enterobiasis

If the parent notices his child of such symptoms, it can serve as an appearance in the young body of "undesirable guests":

  1. Itching in the anus. It says that the female already lays eggs. Most often, such a symptom intensifies at night, when the body is at rest.
  2. Mechanical damage to the skin in the buttock area. It is impossible to resist not to scratch the infected place. Babies can scratch their skin to the blood. This can cause additional complications in the form of infections and inflammations.
  3. Disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. This symptom indicates that the child is sick for quite some time and he has a large number of helminths in his body.
  4. Disturbance of the nervous system. Restless sleep, irritability, headache can become symptoms of vital activity in the intestines of the worms.
  5. Vomiting, pale skin, nausea, fever, dizziness. These are the symptoms of intoxication caused by the active work of pinworms. Waste that secrete parasites is toxic and spread throughout the body.
  6. Detection in the stool of mucus. Slime toxic waste of the parasite. It is secreted and enters the intestine.
    Detection in the stool of "white strings".These are the very "worms".If parents did not identify them in the feces of their child, this does not mean that he is not sick. Laying eggs a female can not every day.
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These symptoms cause loss of appetite, as a consequence of weight loss. Toxic substances secreted by worms most affect the nervous system.

A sick child does not sleep well, is irritable, pale, motionless, refuses to eat.

What threatens enterobiosis?

Detection of a large number of parasites can cause damage to the internal organs. If the child has chronic diseases, they are aggravated:

  1. Inflammation of the mucous of the genital organs in girls. Pinworm can cause vaginitis, endometritis, vulvovaginitis. Mucous gentle, inflammatory area of ​​the skin. The action of parasites in such a delicate area always causes irritation.
  2. Neurological diseases. Enterobiosis affects the nervous system of children more. Weight loss, poor sleep, irritability, even neurologic attacks can be a consequence of the defeat of the organism pinworms.
  3. Appendicitis. Worms can cause inflammation of the appendix. This sprout is located near the thin and large intestine and protects blood from harmful microorganisms that have got into the intestines.
  4. Balanitis, dysuria, leucoria. Diseases of the genitourinary system. Parasites have a harmful irritant effect on a variety of organs.
  5. Cholecystitis. Getting into the beginning of the gastrointestinal tract, pinworms cause irritation of the gallbladder.
  6. Allergy."Worms" often cause a rash on the skin, swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, mouth and eyes.
  7. Infectious diseases. Enterobiosis affects the internal organs and the body invests all its forces to get rid of this disease. And weakened immunity is the cause of infectious diseases.
  8. Early sexual desire. It is revealed that the action of worms can cause early masturbation of

Children are vulnerable to the effects of "parasitic disease", as their gastric acidic environment is not yet capable of independently dealing with foreign microorganisms. The adult organism is able to cope independently with worms.

Diagnosis of enterobiosis in children

Some believe that the infection comes from pets

Some believe that infection comes from domestic pets

In case of signs of pinworms in their children, parents turn to their pediatrician. He, in turn, can appoint a survey himself, or send to a consultation with the gastroenterologist and parasitologist. The first thing the expert will do is a survey, including the main questions to determine a possible diagnosis. Among the main questions will be:

  1. Basic complaints
  2. First symptoms and when there were
  3. How many family members have similar symptoms
  4. Whether the family adheres to hygiene

The next action will be the assignment of studies:

  • Study of stool. In the laboratory, feces are analyzed for the eggs of the worm. For the analysis to be reliable, it is necessary to carry the biomass to the laboratory within an hour after defecation. It is necessary to exclude the urine from entering the feces. Assay in a disinfected container analysis from different parts of stool. Enough 2 teaspoons for an accurate diagnosis. If the main rules are not followed, the result may be unreliable. Soskob in the anal area. The study is conducted in the morning. The patient should not go to the toilet before that and should not wash himself. The procedure is quite simple: a special film is applied to the skin area. To it are pasted helminth eggs, which can be detected under a microscope.
  • Blood tests. A general blood test is done. In the presence of enterobiosis, eosinophilia is detected - an increase in eosinophils in the blood. In rare cases, anemia is found to decrease hemoglobin and erythrocytes. To cause such a disease can be a large number of helminths and a simultaneous infectious disease

With any signs of enterobiasis, it is recommended that you immediately visit a doctor and take the necessary tests. Timely detection and treatment of the disease excludes the development of complications.

Treatment of pinworms in children


So it looks like pinworms

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Treat pinworms alone is not recommended. Parents should always seek advice from a doctor. A professional after the examination will prescribe an effective treatment that will help in recovery and will not cause additional harm to health. Experts recommend:

  • Observe the rules of hygiene for the whole family. Wash hands before eating and after eating, after going to the toilet.
  • Wash in the morning and evening.
  • Wet cleaning.
  • Bedding must be clean and ironed. Heat treatment kills helminth eggs.
  • Underwear should be changed every day. Wash in hot water and be sure to iron

The most common drugs for treating helminths are:

  1. Vermox and Medamin. Preparations in the form of tablets. Assign to the whole family. Suitable for children from 2 years. Has a paralyzing effect on parasites. Dead pinworms leave the body with feces.
  2. Piperapzin. The doctor sets the dosage according to the age of the patient. The medicine has a depressing effect on helminths. As a result, parasites can not be inside the intestine.
  3. Pirantel. Tablets actively cope with the disease regardless of its development. Dosage is different, depending on age. Pirvinius pamoat. Suspension effective against pinworms. The drug blocks the work of certain enzymes, which are necessary for the life of worms.

Do not self-medicate and dosage. Drugs can both cure, and hurt or aggravate the disease. Treatment should be done only under medical supervision. Recovery will occur after a week of taking medication. Possible the appointment of a second course of treatment after 14 days.

Treatment of pinworms in children by folk methods

Traditional medicine allows the use of natural components. But this does not mean that it is able to cure the disease. It can be used as an addition to the main appointments of the doctor and after his approval recommendations. The most popular home methods:

  • Garlic juice. Such juice is mixed with water in equal proportions and given to the child before going to bed. Drink followed by a large glass of water. The procedure is carried out for 3 days.
  • Onion. Onions are brought to a gruel state and seasoned with sunflower oil. Give the children before bedtime with plenty of water. Use the gruel for 5 days.
  • Pumpkin seeds. Raw pumpkin seeds are crushed and seasoned with olive oil. A tablespoon three hours before breakfast is given to children.
  • Beet juice. Eat half a cup in the morning and before bed. The course lasts 2 weeks.
  • Wormwood tincture. Brew a teaspoon of chopped herbs for 300 ml of boiling water. Allow to brew for about 10 minutes. After percolation the child should drink a decoction. Carry out the procedure for 4 days.
    Green vegetables and fruits. It is believed that such products, due to their taste, destroy the favorable environment for the development of parasites.
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Pinworms. Baby food

"Садиковская болезнь" - энтеробиоз?

"Sadikovskaya disease" - enterobiosis?

During the defeat of the child's body by worms, the mother should take care of a certain nutrition of the baby. Using the right foods can speed up the healing process. It is worth including in the diet:

  1. Spicy dishes. Pepper and spicy dressings worsen the habitat for pinworms.
  2. Sour vegetables and fruits. In the acidic sphere, parasites die faster.
  3. Horseradish with mustard. Such a specific product will not be enough for all kids. But it undermines active reproduction and temporarily paralyzes worms. Walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds. Such products contribute to the destruction of parasites in the intestine.
  4. Olive and vegetable oil. Removes irritation of the intestinal wall.
  5. Dairy products. With their use, the drugs are better absorbed and the intestinal microflora is not disturbed.

In the period of illness it is recommended to exclude sweets, fatty foods, products with chemical composition - the use of harmful products creates all conditions for the further reproduction of pinworms in the child's body.

Prevention of enterobiosis in children

Children often become infected with worms in kindergarten. But there are cases of infection even infants. To protect their children from the appearance in their intestines of pinworms, it is recommended to carry out such actions:

  1. Every year, to test for the presence of worms. A child can not complain about health, and pinworms can be in the intestines for a long time.
  2. Teach your child to wash hands regularly with soap and water. Hygiene is the guarantee of health.
  3. To extinguish the toddler to take arms or hand in a mouth. During an active game on the street, and especially with animals, children often rub their faces with their hands and take their fingers in their mouths. This is the most common method of infection.
  4. Pure underwear. The underwear must be clean and ironed. Change every day.
  5. Clean bed linen. Change once a week. Wash by boiling. After drying, be sure to iron.
  6. Raw vegetables and fruits washed in hot water. Before eating, make sure that the food is clean and washed.
  7. Clean and cut nails. Eggs pinworms can easily get under the fingernails and infect everyone around.
  8. Carry out a wet cleaning in the house.

Observance of the basic rules will help your child to protect themselves not only from worms, but also from other infectious diseases. From the defeat of the organism with pinworms, not a single child is insured. It is important that parents pay attention to the complaints of the baby and immediately consult a doctor. Then treatment of an unpleasant disease will be swift and effective.

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