Diet "Spring" for 35 days

Diet "Spring" for 35 days

Do you have a strong will and an irresistible desire to lose weight by the summer season? Then the information of this article is half of your way to elegant forms and health.

The basis of the diet

The diet "Spring" refers to the category of long diets and can be used only in conditions of full health, at the age of 18-60 years and in the absence of chronic diseases. The diet starts at the end of April, when you can already buy fresh herbs, some vegetables and fruits.

The essence of the diet is to reduce the calorie intake of 800-1000 calories per day for 35 days, fractional and separate meals.

Also important points are:

  • an exception to the diet of salt;
  • drinking mode in the form of still water at least 1.5 liters per day;
  • increase in the amount of protein food;
  • increase in the number of vegetables, herbs and fruits;
  • last meal not later than 18.30.

The Basics of the Spring Diet

For light carbohydrates( sweets, confectionery, pastries, etc.), the spring diet recommends their exclusion from the diet. However, if there is a strong pull to them, in order to avoid stress and breakdown, eat a small portion of such a product in the morning. On the example of chocolate, it will be 1-2 cubes.

Results of

If the entire course of the Vesna diet is successfully sustained for 35 days, the testimonies indicate the achievement of the following positive results:

  • weight loss of not less than 15 kg;
  • is addictive to reducing the amount of food eaten;
  • develop a habit of counting calories;
  • the habit of eating is slow;
  • the habit is not developed after 18.30;
  • fixing habits and results for a long time.

Among the negative aspects of the "Spring" diet, the reviews indicate the following:

  • is a difficult adaptation period( the first 3 days);
  • high risk of failure;
  • stretch marks and sagging skin( should use anti-cellulite funds);
  • fast fatigue of the body during the first week of the diet.

Based on the above pluses and minuses, we can say that the diet "Spring 35 days" is an emergency effective method of weight loss, which requires preliminary psychological and physical training, as well as constant monitoring of health during the course.

Video about the spring diet

Video about the diet Spring