Broth of dogrose, how to prepare a folk remedy by prescription

Briar drink Rose hip drink is popular and very useful. What is it useful for this decoction of rose hips? First and foremost, this is a general strengthening agent that boosts immunity. The healing properties of dog rose are used to prevent colds in the winter.


  • Healing properties of dogrose
  • How to prepare a broth of dogrose
  • Broth of dogrose - a recipe for many ailments

Roseberry tincture is an excellent tonic. Doctors recommend using rosehips from high blood pressure, inflammation of the genitourinary system and in case of problems with the vessels.

Healing properties of dog rose

No one will argue about its medicinal properties. Useful substances in the dog rose are necessary for a man every day and, according to their contents, the dogrose outruns many plants.

On the concentration of microelements, dogrose outperforms all known berries and fruits, exceeds lemons and currants in ascorbic acid content, the content of the picture has far left sea buckthorn and carrots. Vitamins of group B, C, K, E, P go to the composition of dogrose. In addition, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chromium are also contained.

How to prepare a broth of dogrose

Rosehip is an effective remedy for overweight. In the broth of the dogrose are many chemical elements that saturate the human body with useful compounds, thereby helping to accelerate metabolism. Using daily a decoction or a tincture of rose hips, you can see the results of the action of this plant on the body. Broth of dogrose cook simply: the hips are poured with boiling water and insist.

How to cook a broth Take a drink half an hour before a meal. Rose-rose is allowed to be taken even during pregnancy. After all, not all medicines and plants can be consumed in such a delicate situation.

Fruits are an excellent preventive against viral diseases, and if the future mother will regularly take tea or a decoction of rose hips, then she will protect and strengthen her body, greatly facilitate the work of the kidneys.

But still you can take in moderation.

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The last procedure - decoction filter and add sugar to taste. In order to brew the dog rose correctly and get more benefit from the drink, you need to observe the proportions and cooking time. The secret of simple - rose hips and take in relation to water - 1 to 10, that is, per liter of water you need to take 100 grams of dog rose. Before you begin to prepare the broth the hips are crushed beforehand, and then brought to a boil, covered with a lid and allowed to stand for a certain time. Sugar is not necessary to add, but if someone likes these drinks sweet, then you can add a little.

Decoction of rose hips - a recipe for many ailments

Decoction of rose hips is useful, but it is contraindicated for some people, for example, when consumed there may be an allergic reaction to the content of vitamin C. Therefore, before consumption, it is necessary to make sure that the fruits are safe for your health and the consequences, seriousin the body will not cause.

Broth of a dogrose - the recipe from many illnesses It is not necessary to get carried away by dog ​​rose to those who have diabetes or cholelithiasis. It is also contraindicated for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract due to the high content of ascorbic acid. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting to use the decoction.

Because of its rich chemical composition, dogrose has long been used in folk medicine as an anthelmintic and as a remedy against beriberi, an easy diuretic and choleretic agent, a laxative.

Rosehip, the decoction of which is very valuable as an antimicrobial agent, promotes the rapid healing of wounds, increases the resistance of harmful infectious diseases. Decoction is an excellent preventive and tonic, an excellent hematopoietic drink.

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The leaves of the dog rose also have healing properties in case of gastrointestinal disorders, atherosclerosis. As a remedy for inflammation of the genitourinary system, folk medicine advises drinking water tincture from the leaves of the dog rose. Take one tablespoon of dried leaves and pour a half cup of steep boiling water.

After insisting for 3 hours and taking two tablespoons before meals. The kidney stone disease is treated with the roots of the dog rose, the cooked broth dissolves stones in the kidneys and bladder.

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