Mask for shine hair: how it works, application, the best recipes


  • The action of masks for shine hair
  • Home use of masks
  • TOP of the best recipes for hair shine

When the hair is well-groomed and healthy, in any light( artificial or sunny), they beautifully play with glare, shimmer, radiate with radiance and brilliance. It is unlikely that anyone will come to mind that they are prone to brittleness, cross-sections or loss. The locks look like a smooth, smooth, unified cloth, so beautiful and excitingly reflective of the light. Do your hair have this property? After the hairdresser's, where whole bottles of specialized professional remedies are poured onto the head, yes, almost all locks shine and shine. After washing the head with shampoos, treating strands with balsams and conditioners, overcrowded with incomprehensible chemical formulas, you can also achieve a shine of hair. But for how long? For a day, a maximum of two. That this property never left your locks, will help the usual home mask for shine hair from the most ordinary products nutrition with the addition of herbs, cosmetic and essential oils.

The action of masks to give shine to hair

The secret of masks for shine of hair is simple: they act simultaneously in two directions, and reach one result - a natural shine of strands. This can be achieved with the regular application of the same remedy. Of course, even after the first procedure, the result will be noticeable, but it will need to be strengthened with several more masks, otherwise the strands will fade again. So, miraculous masks, which return shine to hair, work on two fronts.

  • Strands are smoothed out under the action of the active substances that make up these masks. Each hair is covered with small scales, like fish, but there are many more. If the locks are not properly maintained, they will stick together, lie unevenly, overlap each other. Being in this position, they are not able to reflect light, the result is dullness and homeliness, and even confusion and difficulty with combing. Home masks for shine of hair contain in their composition such active components that gently smooth out the scales of each hair in such a way that they lay flat, tightly adjacent to each other. After a few procedures, you can easily become the owner of a brilliant, perfectly even cascade of shining hair.
  • The color of the curls becomes bright and saturated , even if the mask is done after staining. Home restoration of shine of hair with the help of masks becomes possible because their active substances influence the pigmentation of the curls, making it more intense several times. This refers to the stained and ordinary strands. If they acquire a bright color, it reflects light so much that the curls begin to play fantastic glare in the sun. That's how the shine for hair in the home.

This is the general mechanism of action of such masks. In practice, the components that are included in their composition, in addition to this, are still actively nourished by the roots of the hair, preventing loss, and often heal the split ends. But it is smoothness and shine of hair that are the main tasks that successfully and effectively solve such means. Masks can be easily prepared at home without spending too much time, effort and money on them.

With the correct handling, the results can be no worse than after salon screening or lamination procedures.

At the same time, you will save money and can be absolutely calm about the safety of the used product, since it is 100% natural. In use, home remedies for shine hair are simple: the technology of their preparation does not differ from dozens of other cosmetic masks.

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Home use of masks

Masks that are able to give a shine of hair at home, have a few small nuances in the technology of their application. Knowing these little tricks will help prolong the radiance of the strands for a longer time and make the color of the curls saturated and bright. So try to adhere exactly to the following recommendations of , so that later there were no annoying disappointments in the inactivity of the mask for the shine of hair.

  • Home tools will need support in the form of a suitable, properly selected line of hair care products in order to give them a shine. Conditioners, balms, shampoos should be marked "for shine", "for radiance", "for smoothing", "for saturated color."
  • During the use of masks, minimize the use of hair dryers, ironing tools, curling irons, pliers and other thermal tools for styling and hair care.
  • Hot water is also excluded from the washing procedure: use only warm water for this purpose or even at room temperature.
  • After preparing the composition, be sure to check how the skin reacts to it. With the external use of products such as eggs or honey, there are often allergic reactions. Individual intolerance to certain products and oils can be a contraindication for the use of a mask. To check if there are any allergens in the product, lubricate the wrist and analyze your sensations: there is no burning, itching and discomfort - the radiance of the hair is assured to you.
  • Components of masks for shine of hair it is better to beat with a blender or a mixer that any unmixed lumps in it did not remain. Otherwise, this leads to the fact that the pieces of ingredients dry up, do not wash out during rinsing and get stuck in the strands, making the combing process much more difficult.
  • Cosmetic, vegetable oils, kefir, honey in the masks are initially heated in a water bath in different capacities. To do this, pour the used liquid into an enamel bowl and place it on the edges of a pot of boiling water, which is heated over low heat. 5-7 minutes will be enough for the mass to be heated to the desired temperature( 35-40 ° C). You do not need to bring them up to a hot state, because in this case eggs in the masks( they will curdle) or essential oils may suffer( they lose most of their useful properties when in contact with high temperatures).Yes, and the scalp can be accidentally burned, if the mask is too hot.
  • If the masks for giving shine to the hair include nutritional components, they can be applied to the roots, but more often it is necessary to process only the curls themselves. First, the miraculous mixture is abundantly lubricated by the palms of the hand, then the hands are stroked with strands from the top down. For a more even distribution of the mass through the hair, you can comb them with a comb.
  • If the strands are long, they need to be tightened( without tightening) with a hair clip or elastic band.
  • The next step is to hide the masked head under a warm vacuum. It is built from any film or bag( polyethylene and cellophane are suitable).Top for greater reliability can be wrapped in a towel.
  • The duration of such a kind of home screening is usually from 30 minutes.up to 1 hour, depending on what ingredients were used in the mask.
  • One of the most important steps in this procedure is rinsing your head after a mask. To achieve a truly beautiful, healthy shine of hair, you need to know a little secret. The last rinse should be done with the addition of chamomile broth, brunettes and brown-haired women with decoctions of bark of oak or nettle. This will enhance the effect of the mask, and then the hair will shine twice as long.
  • After all the manipulations done, it is very important to dry the head naturally, not the hair dryer.
  • The frequency of procedures is selected in each case individually. It will depend on how long the effect of the mask applied to the shine of the hair will hold. If you are satisfied with the result, and the radiance persists for a long time, use the remedy once a week. If the strands still fade quickly, or increase the frequency of applying the mask up to twice a week, or simply the composition of your locks is not liked, and it needs to be changed.
  • Do not forget that after 10-15 procedures, the hair needs to be rest and temporarily used by some other means.

Now you know how to give hair shine at home without spending a lot of time, effort and money on it. There is nothing complicated and supernatural in the preparation of masks for the shining of curls.

Try to adhere to these recommendations, do masks regularly, do not drop your hands when something does not work out - only so soon the result will be a shining cascade and healthy shine of hair, from which it will be impossible to tear off an admiring look.

It is very important what kind of mask recipe you will be able to choose for your strands.

TOP of the best recipes for hair shine

Masks are effective and effective shine hair at home. If you want your curls to look really chic, be sure to use these recipes. Most often, chamomile( recommended to blondes), coffee or nettles( will be useful for brunettes), honey, egg, glycerin are very often included in the composition of such products. Very good for any hair shine, gelatin and other products. They actively saturate the color of the strands, make them silky and smooth - so the two conditions of shining of the hair are observed. If the selected mask does not work, you should definitely try a few more recipes, as everything is individual in home cosmetology: one composition has not helped - the other one can be the most effective.

  • Camomile for blondes

4 tablespoons of dry flowers chamomile fill in 500 ml of boiling water. Cover slightly, leave for an hour, strain. Rinse hair in the resulting hair, do not rinse, dry naturally.

  • Coffee for brunettes

2 tablespoons of natural coffee, brew 500 ml of boiling water. Strain after an hour, rinse hair in a prepared cold coffee drink, and after an hour to fix the effect, you can rinse your head with a decoction of nettle.

  • Cognac + egg

4 spoons of cognac tablets whisk with 2 raw raw eggs.

  • Yolk + castor oil + vinegar + glycerine

Mix 1 raw yolk, 2 tablespoons of warm calories, 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and glycerin.

  • Honey + olive oil + onion juice

Mix two tablespoons of warm honey, warmed olive oil( natural), onion juice.

  • Burdock oil + honey + cognac + aloe + vitamin A

Mix 1 tablespoon of warm burdock oil, warmed honey, cognac, 2 tablespoons of aloe juice tablets, 1 teaspoon of oil solution of retinol acetate( vitamin A).

  • Gelatin + vegetable oil

Pour 2 tablespoons of gelatin tablets with 4 tablespoons of cold water, leave for 20 minutes, heat for a couple, add 1 tablespoon of vegetable unrefined oil.

Prepared by all the rules for the shine of hair can create a real miracle with your locks without any chemical formulas and synthetic substances of artificial origin, it is incomprehensible how affecting the scalp and health of the curls.

To achieve a smooth, natural shine strands, it turns out, you can use the usual food products available in every kitchen, oil and herbs, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Hair soaks up pollution from the atmosphere and accumulates toxins with heavy metals that get into them from the body. It's time to go back to the origins of Mother Nature and give her hair shine with natural remedies prepared with her own at home.

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