What kind of oils are good for the face?

Hello dear readers. Today I want to tell you what kind of oils are good for the face, because, most recently, instead of the cream I try to use oils. Basically, I use butter instead of a night cream for the face. It is very convenient, I bought oils for myself for masks, I make masks for hair and face, and then I thought, why not use butter instead of cream.

On the blog, I already wrote about hair oils, which oil to choose, how to apply oils in hair masks. If you are interested in information on how to choose hair oil, then everything can be found in the article "How to choose hair oil".Today I want to talk about the most common oils for the face.

There are essential oils and base oils. Many base oils are suitable for any type of skin, and even solve many skin problems. My skin is dry, but now, when I began to use oils, my skin became softer and more hydrated. Base oils should be used separately and not mixed with each other, but the basic and ethereal can be mixed.

It should be remembered that essential oils are a fairly concentrated product and it should be added to the base oil literally a little bit. Since essential oils in pure form can cause skin burns. You can add essential oils to the cosmetic products that you use.

What kind of oils are good for the face?

Let's start with the base oils. It is considered one of the useful and accessible oils for the face, olive oil. I constantly buy it, for culinary and cosmetic purposes. Olive oil is an oil that fits perfectly for any type of facial skin, but most of all it is certainly suitable for dry skin care.

There are a lot of oils for skin care, the main thing is to choose for yourself according to the type of skin and your preferences. Well, according to the price. Prices for oils are also different.

Oils for face care.

Shea butter( shea butter). I discovered this oil for myself very recently, I liked it very much, its odor is nutty, the texture is pleasant, I use shea butter instead of a night cream for face and eyelids. Shea butter smoothes fine wrinkles, softens, nourishes the skin of the face. I can talk about it for hours, if you are interested in learning about this oil a little more, you can read the article on the blog "Shea butter for the face."

Peach seed oil. This oil is suitable for sensitive skin care.

Jojoba oil. Ideal for the care of dry skin, as it penetrates deep into the skin cells and helps them retain moisture.

Avocado oil. I do not use avocado oil, but I'm going to buy it, I want to look for it in our stores. Avocado oil is suitable for all skin types. But, this oil is more suitable for care of weather-beaten, withering, dry skin of the face. Avocado oil softens, nourishes, moisturizes the skin.

Rosehip oil. This oil is used mainly for dry and fading skin, the oil is very greasy, I used it several times in masks. Oil well softens the skin, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Almond oil. Almond oil is light and very gentle oil. I use it for masks, for face and hair. The almond oil eliminates inflammatory processes on the skin, normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, moisturizes the skin. This oil is suitable for dry and sore skin of the face. Almond oil nourishes, moisturizes, softens, helps smooth out fine wrinkles. More information about almond oil can be found in the article "Almond oil for the face."Oil has healing and soothing properties.

Argan oil. I do not have this oil, but as they say, this is one of the most expensive oils that has a regenerating, moisturizing, protective effect on the skin. Helps smooth wrinkles, has healing effect.

Wheat germ oil. The oil has an anti-inflammatory, healing effect, it has a cleansing effect. Improves the complexion.

Sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn oil is very good healing, anti-inflammatory. The sea-buckthorn oil is orange, leaving a slight yellow tint on the skin, but you can wash it to remove it. This oil I use mainly with cracks on the lips, with galling, as it heals the wounds and cracks well. It is good to use in case of inflamed face skin or with very dry skin.

Coconut oil. Protects, nourishes, smoothes wrinkles. Helps in the treatment of cracks, skin peeling, excessive dryness.

Macadamia oil. Heard about this oil and a lot of positive feedback, so I'm also going to buy it. On the skin, this oil has a rejuvenating, restoring effect. Moisturizes the skin, restores the skin elasticity. Macadamia oil softens the skin, eliminates peeling and inflammation.

Cocoa butter. I apply it also as a night cream, oil is pleasant in texture, suitable for use as a component of face masks, in fact, like all oils. Cocoa butter has the aroma of chocolate, melts from contact with hands, since this oil is solid. He covers his face with a thin film. Softens the skin, moisturizes, heals, the skin after applying cocoa butter is smooth and gentle.

Grape seed oil. Oil contains a large number of vitamins, especially a lot of vitamin E and vitamin C. It has wound healing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Grape seed oil helps reduce fine wrinkles, relieve inflammation from the skin, nourishes and softens.

When choosing oils, the most important is that you do not have any allergies to oil, I certainly also buy oil at your own risk, as they say. I check, test, prepare masks with oils, so many oils have become my favorites, which I buy myself constantly. Of course, there is no limit to female curiosity, so I really want to buy some more oils, but not all at once, I will gradually test and try other oils for the face.

Which oils are better for the face, it is difficult to answer unequivocally, since each oil fulfills its functions for the face, but basically all oils are suitable for dry skin of the face, some for sensitive, inflamed and irritated. The choice of oils is great, which is simply lost. But, all gradually you can try and choose those that are more suitable.

Essential oils for facial skin.

Again, about essential oils, I repeat that essential oils are very concentrated and can cause skin burns if they are handled improperly. Be careful, with essential oils, add them to masks, creams, shampoos literally by droplets.

Oils can be selected according to the type of facial skin:

Oily skin of the face. For the care of oily skin of the face, the oils of lemon balm, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, fir cones, and orange are perfect.

Dry and sensitive facial skin. Rose oil, chamomile, sandalwood, worlds, patchouli, geraniums are suitable.

Normal facial skin. Suitable essential oil of mint, jasmine, rose, rosemary, juniper, chamomile.

Skin irritation. To remove irritation on the skin, lavender, jasmine, chamomile, geranium oil will do.

Narrow pores on the face. Purify and narrow the pores on your face with lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, marjoram, ylang-ylang oil.

With acne on face. Suitable for facial skin care essential oil of lavender, pine, cloves, eucalyptus, tea tree, fir cones, chamomile.

The most important thing is to use those essential oils that are suitable for your facial skin. Use essential oils for the preparation of face masks or in a mixture with a base oil.