Applicator Kuznetsova: acupressure from cellulite

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Body without cellulite Applicator Kuznetsova from cellulite - not a popular tool, but quite medical. The purpose of the splitter( namely, the device is called correctly) is great: treatment, prevention, complex therapy. Dozens of sharp needles affect the problem areas pointwise. That is why Kuznetsov's invention is referred to as point massagers.

About the applicator details

The effect of the applicator is based on the pressure of specially sharpened needles. This is one of the most popular reflexotherapy tools. Needles stimulate nerve endings, as well as blood flow.

The Iplicator consists of round or square modules, the upper part of which is equipped with spikes. Thorns( or needles) do not hurt the skin because they are sharpened in a special way. A few dozen modules are sewn onto a thick fabric, matched to the size of the back or other problematic part of the body. Modules are placed at a distance of 1 cm from each other. On sale there are ready-made iplikators with different versions of thorns and even with magnetic inserts.


For sensitive skin, the modules are blue and red. The needles are the same, only in the red modules there are magnets. For those who love the thrill, blue and orange applicators will do.

Kuznetsov's invention refers to individual means, therefore each member of the family must have his own "prickly rug".

How the Iplikator works. Illustration

How the duplicator works

Applicator Kuznetsova against cellulite

Applicator Kuznetsova against cellulite is used very often. The most convenient for this mats on a flexible basis. For convenience and efficiency, it is important to consider the size of the applicator. Since cellulite affects mainly the thighs and buttocks, the applicator is fitted to the figure and tightly fixed on the body before use. It is very convenient to do this with elastic bandages. As for the buttocks, some women, without thinking, sit down on the iplikator while working.

Tips for using

  1. If you are sensitive to pain, this is no reason to give up a wonderful tool for treating cellulite. Take the first procedures in light clothing - for example, a T-shirt with sleeves. Gradually the body will get used to new sensations, and you will be able to lie on spines with a naked back.
  2. Do not steam up the body in the bathroom, do not apply pre-burning mixtures( especially for the treatment of inflammation of the back).
  3. Before the procedure or immediately after it, apply anti-cellulite cream.
  4. How much to wear an iplikator depends on personal feelings. First of all, how long will it take, about five minutes? Then bring the duration to 30-40 minutes.
  5. During the procedure, you need to move from time to time the part of the body on which the applicator is attached. This is necessary in order to work through all areas of the skin.
  6. If you are treating cellulite on the back, buttocks, abdomen - just lie on it and rest for 15 minutes.
  7. Who does not have time for the replicator, try to fall asleep on it. Relaxing the nervous system including, this mat helps you fall asleep sweetly. Moreover, at the same time he treats the boring "orange peel".Beauty!

Alternate use of

Using the applicator The Iplicator is so popular that it is used for many other purposes.

  • Back pain: Lie on the spinules with your bare back. Although the recommended "dose" is 10-15 minutes, you can even fall asleep.
  • Headache: the same, only on the thorns need to lie down the back of the head.
  • Joints: fix the implicator in the affected areas so that it exerts a noticeable pressure.
  • Nervous system, rehabilitation of the reproductive system: to stand every morning on spines with bare feet for 10-15 minutes.
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids, pain with menstruation, increased potency: stimulate the back in the coccyx.

More information on how to use this wonderful device will tell you the instructions.

When can not be treated with the applicator

All kinds of skin lesions, wounds, acne, dermatitis are a serious reason to refuse point massage by Kuznetsov's method. Moles, papillomas, lipomas also do not like sharp spines of the modules and can move into growth.

To forbidden conditions include infectious diseases, acute inflammatory processes, high temperature, thrombophlebitis, oncology, pregnancy.

Video. Applicator Kuznetsov. Tells the doctor

Not for nothing they say that all ingenious is simple. A thorny rug, and what is the use for feminine beauty! Support the action of the replicator with physical exercises, healthy nutrition. In a month or two, your friends will not recognize you!

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Published: 17-12-2015