What you can eat with a stomach ulcer: the main products

Stomach ulcer is one of the most serious diseases that can recur. And that this does not happen, you need to take not only medications, but also to observe a special diet, the main task of which is to prevent the return of the disease.


  • 1 General principles of nutrition
  • 2 Milk and dairy products
  • 3 Authorized products. Vegetables and fruits
  • 4 Authorized products. Meat, fish, eggs
  • 5 Cereals during the diet

Basic principles of nutrition

Very useful is oatmeal

Very useful is oatmeal

On how correctly the diet was observed, the process of recovery often depends, as well as the general condition of the patient. There are several basic principles that must be adhered to:

  • Foods should contain enough fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals
  • Foods should not irritate the gastric mucosa
  • Increase the number of meals, but at the same time reduce the portion of
  • You can not eat eithervery hot dishes, or very cold. The most optimal temperature is a room
  • The food that a person consumes should not provoke increased isolation of gastric juice
  • At one time a person should not consume a lot of water
  • All dishes should be cooked so that food does not irritate the stomach mechanically, that is, it should be preferredmashed potatoes, soups, etc.
  • Dishes should not be salted

The main task of the diet for peptic ulcer is to help the body to go through the recovery phase much faster and painlessly.

Milk and dairy products

In addition to the above principles, there is also a list of products that are recommended to use. It is not small, so almost everyone will be able to choose the best option for themselves and to transfer the diet easily. To the main products, which are not only possible, but you need to eat people with peptic ulcer, you can include milk. Many will wonder why the list contains milk. In fact, it perfectly neutralizes the excess secretion of gastric juice, and besides, it contains a lot of useful nutrients that are necessary for normal operation of the stomach.

Caution should be given to the use of dairy products

Caution should be applied to the use of dairy products

As for yogurt, it is one of the fastest assimilable products that can have both fixing and laxative effect. It all depends on how to properly store the product at home. For those who like sour cream, you can say that it is not necessary to exclude a product from the ration, but it is allowed to use it only for refueling( salads, soups, etc.).Most patients think that with stomach ulcers you can not eat cottage cheese, but they are very wrong. Cottage cheese contains a lot of nutrients, due to which it takes the leading place among all dairy products, allowed for food. It is advisable to purchase cottage cheese with five or nine percent fat content

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Also useful for ulcer cheese, which contains a large amount of protein, so necessary for the healing and recovery process. And the amino acids that are in it are already split, so the process of digestion becomes much easier. It is not only possible to eat dairy products with ulcers, but it is also necessary, because they contain many useful vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal work of not only the stomach, but the body as a whole.

Authorized products. Vegetables and fruit

During the diet, you need to eat fruits and vegetables, because they contain a lot of necessary substances to the body. Especially important are non-cleavable carbohydrates - pectin substances and fiber. The main feature of pectin is that it has a good enveloping action, and thereby protects the gastric mucosa from toxins and other harmful substances. As for fiber, it helps the food to move better along the gastrointestinal tract and prevents the appearance of constipation. Among the vegetables that you can eat, will be:

  • Cabbage. Cabbage juice positively affects the wound, contributing to their healing. True, it is undesirable to eat cabbage in raw or even boiled form. Usually only cauliflower
  • is used for this. Potatoes. This is one of the root crops, which does not irritate the stomach. That is why it is included in almost all diets with gastric ulcer. And special attention is paid to the use of potato juice, which not only reduces the acidity of gastric juice, but also helps to eliminate nausea, heartburn, and healing wounds
  • Carrots. It can be eaten in any form, as it contains only useful and necessary substances. Sometimes it is added to the mashed potatoes of
  • Celery. It is allowed to eat both dishes prepared from celery, and drink juice. It well relieves pain, and also removes inflammation
  • Pumpkin. The minimum amount of vegetable fiber makes pumpkin an attractive vegetable for people who adhere to a special diet. From it you can make soups, cereals, etc. Parsley and dill. You can add these products only for taste, in large quantities and raw form you should not eat, as they can not be digested.
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Separately you need to talk about fruits. The advantage will be given to those who do not have a hard skin, as it will be difficult to digest. In addition, despite a fairly wide list of allowed fruits and berries, they can only be eaten in a frayed form. It is allowed to include in the diet apples, bananas, strawberries, viburnum, black currant, sea-buckthorn.

With regard to berries, they are best used for cooking compotes, in order to avoid unnecessary strain on an inflamed and weak stomach.

Authorized products. Meat, fish, eggs

Meat and fish - it is recommended to cook for a couple

Meat and fish - it is recommended to cook for a couple

Meat is one of the most valuable sources for the production of animal proteins, which contribute to early recovery. Most often, with such a diet, either beef or veal is used, since these are relatively non-fatty meat varieties. Most consumers eat chicken, as the price is more acceptable, and even more like it. It should be noted that the chicken is much more quickly absorbed than beef, and therefore it can safely be included in the diet.

As for fish, it is a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, which provide immediate assistance in the process of recovery and recovery during illness. And fish refers to one of the most easily assimilated products, which are quickly digested and do not irritate the inflamed mucosa of the stomach.

One of the most valuable products for peptic ulcer is eggs. And the most important part of it is the yolk. It contains absolutely all the substances that are so necessary for the normal functioning of the stomach. It is recommended to eat eggs boiled soft-boiled, as only in this form they retain all their useful substances. There is an opinion that it is best for the stomach to eat eggs in raw form, but here you need to be careful, since taking raw eggs can provoke the development of such a dangerous disease as salmonella.

Do not in any way exclude meat and light meat broths from food, because this is one of the important sources of animal proteins.

Cereals during the

Porridge is necessary for the health of the stomach

diet Porridges are simply necessary for stomach health

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One of the main dishes on the table of people suffering from gastric ulcer, will be porridge. They perfectly envelop the mucous membranes, and they are also suppliers of many necessary fats, minerals, etc. Cereals are a universal product, because of them it is possible to prepare both liquid and ground porridges. Many patients prefer porridge to other dishes, since after using them they do not feel heaviness and pain. The most popular cereals are buckwheat, oatmeal, semolina, in which you can add fruit or berries. They will give the porridge a more pleasant and attractive taste.

Some people believe that porridge should be cooked on the water, but this is a mistake, because thanks to milk, the best is achieved, covering and neutralizing the gastric juice effect. Many people are interested in the question, and what you can eat with a stomach ulcer. And most also mistakenly assume that they will have to limit themselves to everything and only eat porridge. This is one of the common misconceptions. With a stomach ulcer, you can eat only useful food, which helps, but does not harm. Yes, it is necessary to exclude sausages, fatty sweets, etc. But for the sake of one's health, you can go for such "sacrifices".

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