Diet 2468: we grow thin together!

Diet 2468: We grow thin together!

Model appearance has always been a priority, especially in the world of show business. That is why the light of many years ago, when the epoch of "zero size" reigned on the catwalks, a diet of 2468 appeared. Those who first decided to "sit down" on a diet, probably do not suspect what kind of magic numbers in the name. However, there is nothing magical, everything is very simple and understandable.

The essence and menu of the diet 2468

2468 is a kind of encryption that hides a daily dose of calories for each day of the diet. The total duration of the diet is 12 days, which means that:

  • the first, fifth and ninth day your daily diet should not exceed 200 kcal;
  • second, sixth and tenth day, your daily intake should be 400 kcal;
  • the third, seventh and eleventh day of the daily diet should contain a maximum of 600 kcal;
  • and the fourth, eighth and twelfth days - 800 kcal.

What can you do with anything you want, whether it's fried potatoes, raw vegetables or chocolate, the main thing is that the daily caloric content of the consumed products did not exceed the allowable norm for a diet.

Diet 2468 results give a whopping

Diet 2468 results give a whopping-minus 5 - 8 kg in 12 days. And it happens because the body is in constant stress, as the diet habitual for it changes every day. At the same time, the body does not get used to incoming calories, it does not have time to adjust to them, which means that the metabolism constantly improves, which actively participates in the weight loss process.

Exit from the

diet After completing the diet, you should add 200 kcal daily to your diet until you are close to your norm. In order to maintain the achieved results, you will have to refuse for about a month about baking, fried foods and confectionery. All the other usual products for you, you can consume constantly, only in moderation, with a special preference for fish and seafood, they have many useful substances in them, and also contain few calories.

Diet 2468 is recognized by all the world's nutritionists and has only positive feedback and results. Experience its miraculous influence!

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