Nourishing face mask: indications, use, recipes


  • Who needs nutritious face masks?
  • Nourishing the skin from the inside and from the inside
  • Selecting the ingredients for the nourishing masks
  • Preparing and applying the nourishing masks
  • Nourishing masks for different skin types
    • For dry skin
    • For oily skin
    • For normal skin

Quite often a strange situation arises: there are no visible diseases,with the skin is not observed, and at the same time the epidermis begins to fade right before your eyes. A healthy, natural blush fades and gives way to yellowness or gray shade. From elasticity and elasticity there is no trace, although there are no noticeable signs of aging. Increasingly there is a tightening, there are pockets of peeling, which does not lie decorative cosmetics. What's happening? In 90% of such cases, guilt is caused by an elementary vitamin deficiency in the cold season, when the body can not provide the skin with all the necessary microelements and other useful substances.

The nutritious facial mask comes to the rescue, which does not necessarily have to be purchased in the store. Foods in your kitchen are the best ingredients for home cooking. Check it out for yourself!

Who needs nutritious face masks?

First you need to understand if you need nutritional masks for your facial skin or not. To do this, try to clearly identify with what cosmetic problems you had to face. Avitaminosis usually manifests itself as a whole complex of symptoms, which will just indicate that your epidermis lacks nutrients. These include:

  • change complexion for the worse: any unhealthy skin tones( grayish, yellow, pale, etc.) in the absence of blush;
  • jam in the corners of the mouth;
  • various problems with the skin around the eyes, which had not previously been observed: puffiness, bags, dark circles , etc.;
  • peeling islets;
  • acne vulgaris of unknown origin, appearance of acne ;
  • loss of skin elasticity and elasticity;
  • dry type of the epidermis begins to flake out intensively, it gives a feeling of discomfort by constant tightness;
  • oily skin type looks worse than usual: the greasy film on the face is formed faster and more often.

Please note that if you suffer from any one symptom from this list, this is definitely not an avitaminosis. This is a specific problem that you need to solve with the help of certain cosmetics. Sneeze should be treated with antifungal drugs, dry skin - actively moisturize, pimples treated with anti-inflammatory ointments. But if with the onset of the cold season you have manifested several such troubles at once, be sure to ask for nutritional facial masks. They will fill the lack of useful substances in the exhausted skin and quickly bring it to order. And if you help them from the inside, the result will be even better.

Useful information

Depending on which symptom of vitamin deficiency on the skin is more pronounced than others, it can be judged that the of which vitamin does not suffice the body of .Abundant rash - retinol is needed, turgor loss - tocopherol, peeling and hyperemia - riboflavin, dermatitis - niacin, problems with the skin around the eyes - pyridoxine, pallor - cyanocobalamin. In connection with this useful information, you can edit the formula of nutritional masks for the face, including the above listed pharmacy vitamins.

And you know that the facial mask of starch has excellent lifting properties?

One of the best nutritious masks in the summer from fresh strawberries. Learn how to do it correctly: http: //beautiface.net/maski/ dlya-lica / maski-iz-klubniki.html

Nourishing the skin from the outside and inside

To nutritional face mask had the desired effect on the skin, you need to help her by supporting the body from the inside with a set of vitamins and trace elements. If you get carried away by external means of feeding the epidermis, while ignoring the requests of internal organs, the situation is unlikely to change significantly. After all, most of the nutrients in the cells get out of the body. What can you do to strengthen the action of the nutrient mask :

  1. properly eat : include in your diet a lot of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, meat and other natural products;
  2. get enough sleep;
  3. breathe more with fresh air;
  4. in the winter and in the spring drink the multivitamin course ;
  5. to avoid stressful situations.

At first glance it may seem that most of these tips will not play any role in the fight against vitamin deficiency. In fact, it's all these nuances: vitaminized nutrition, fresh air, a full sleep - allow the body to gain strength in the cold season, to be saturated with useful substances from the inside. And this means that the epidermis will definitely get its food. By supporting him with masks from the outside, you will significantly improve the condition of your skin and will not suffer from beriberi. It's time to learn what can be included in their composition: the ingredients will depend on the effectiveness of the nutritional miracle cure.

Who is at risk?

Skin avitaminosis most often affects employees of chemical enterprises;people whose work is associated with psycho-emotional overstrain;workers of hard physical labor;pregnant and lactating women;all to whom for 50 years;vegetarians and slimming.

We choose ingredients for nutritious masks

It goes without saying that the face mask for the face in winter should contain a maximum of vitamins and trace elements. Hence, in recipes must necessarily be indicated products in which there are a lot of them. Pay close attention to this. Try to include in these outdoor products the following components:

  • fresh vegetables: potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes;
  • fresh fruit : bananas, apples, lemon, avocado;
  • greens: parsley, dill;
  • honey ;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products: kefir, yoghurt, yogurt, sour cream, cream;
  • decoction of medicinal herbs;
  • all kinds of oils: cosmetic, vegetable, ethereal;
  • pharmacy vitamins in its pure form: ampoules, capsules, oil solutions.

If the recipe for a nourishing facial mask includes these as the main components, they will contain many exactly those substances that are so necessary for the skin in the cold season. But cosmetic clay, pharmacy products( dimexide, aspirin, badyagu), glycerine, gelatin is better left for cooking masks for the summer. They are good at solving a particular cosmetic problem, but not their complex. To achieve good results, be sure to take note of a few tips on the home use of facial masks.

Secrets of eternal beauty

Even if in the recipe of a nutritious face mask you like, there are no pharmacy vitamins in its pure form, be sure to add them to them. This is just the case when you can not spoil the porridge with oil.

Preparation and use of nutrient masks

No problems should arise with the process of preparing and applying face masks. If you read the advice in advance or view the corresponding video, you can get a quality, just an excellent tool for nourishing your skin from the first time in the winter-spring period.

  1. To supply dry skin type, dairy products of high fat content, yolk and oils will be needed. For a fatty type of epidermis - skim milk, citrus and protein. For normal - honey, eggs, vegetables.
  2. Instead of the liquid specified in the recipe, use for cooking masks decoctions and infusions of herbs.
  3. Honey and oils are good in a warm , so be sure to heat them in a water or steam bath, but not until hot.
  4. If the mask contains an egg or essential oils, try not to touch them with high temperatures. The former will curtail, while the latter will lose all their nutritional value.
  5. Metal tableware - not the most advantageous option for cooking face masks. Take any other: wooden, ceramic, glass.
  6. Check if the nourishing mask triggers an allergic reaction to the skin of the face. To do this, it will suffice to lubricate the wrist of the hand with a thin layer of the prepared preparation and to track its sensations in this place during the day. The absence of itching and redness is a sign that you can safely apply the mask to your destination.
  7. Nourishing masks are applied to the face strictly on massage lines , which you need to study in advance.
  8. The action time is from 10( for sensitive skin) to 30 minutes( for a fatty type of epidermis).
  9. Wash off with a warm liquid( this may be milk, honey water or decoction of medicinal herbs).
  10. Frequency of application - 2 times a week.

The best time for applying facial masks is from October to May, when the body is very short of vitamins and trace elements due to the lack of sunlight, light, fresh berries and fruits. Skin is a kind of catalyst and reflects all the processes that occur inside of us. To prevent its withering in winter and spring, it is better to take care of its extra nutrition in the form of masks in advance. In the recipes of the deficit, you definitely will not.

Beauties for note

If you want the nutritional mask to have an even greater effect on the skin of the face, during the procedure it is advisable not to strain the facial muscles, ie, to be in a relaxed state.

Nourishing masks for different skin types

Since the skin of all is different, you need to be able to select nutrient masks for your type, so as not to worsen the situation. So among the variety of recipes you know how to make the right choice.

Nourishing masks for dry facial skin

  • Recipe No. 1

Mix olive oil( 1 teaspoon) with yolk, cucumber puree( tablespoon), honey( the same amount), oatmeal( tea spoon).This nutritional mask for a dry face has excellent rejuvenating and bleaching properties.

  • Recipe No. 2

Mix the melted honey( 2 tablespoons) with yolk, carrot juice( 1 tablespoon), grape seed oil( 10 ml).This nourishing mask for dry skin will improve the color, remove the yellowness and the grayness of the skin.

  • Recipe # 3

Mix the wheat flour( teaspoon) with milk( 2 tablespoons), egg, honey( 2 tablespoons).All honey and milk masks for the face - moisturizing and nourishing at the same time.

Nourishing masks for oily skin

  • Recipe No.1

Beat egg white with lemon juice( tea spoon).The best nourishing face masks for oily skin contain either protein or lemon. And when their successful combination is found, the result is simply stunning.

  • Recipe No. 2

Mix the apple puree( 2 tablespoons) with protein and potato starch( 1 teaspoonful).

  • Recipe # 3

Mix 2 squirrels, honey( 2 tablespoons), almond oil( teaspoon), oatmeal( until the desired consistency).Such a useful face mask with honey in a short time will remove the sebaceous sheen from the skin and narrow the enlarged pores.

Nourishing masks for normal skin

  • Recipe No. 1

Mix banana puree( 2 tablespoons) with honey( 1 tablespoon), dilute with herbal decoction to the desired consistency. A similar nourishing facial mask after 50 years is good, since all the ingredients have a rejuvenating effect.

  • Recipe № 2

Mix the puree from raw potatoes( 2 tablespoons) with egg, add a little honey( 1 tablespoon) and oatmeal( until the desired consistency).

  • Recipe # 3

Mix castor oil( tablespoon) with burdock( same amount).Add a few drops of any ether. Separately whip the wheat flour with honey in equal amounts and combine both mixtures.

Cooked, according to the above tips, any nourishing face mask at home will be the salvage that will make you attractive and stunning at any time of the year. Now you do not need to be afraid of the arrival of winter and constantly sit on vitamin complexes. It will be enough to regularly make such funds and pamper them with your delicate and sensitive skin, which requires special care with the onset of colds. They will allow you to blossom in the spring and enter the summer with a beautiful, smooth skin to envy everything. Do not miss your chance!

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