Treatment of spinal disc protrusion: how and how to treat, exercise( exercise therapy)

Spinal disc protrusion requires an integrated approach to treatment. Only the application of several methods will achieve the desired result - a long period of remission.

Treatment of spinal disc protrusions depends on the stage of the disease. Methods that are effective in the period of remission for its prolongation, it is inadmissible to apply in acute stages. Therefore, only an experienced doctor can make the program of treatment, which will take into account the general condition of the patient, the severity of the disease and its stage.

Treatment of acute protrusions

During the period of exacerbation of protrusions of intervertebral discs, the patient is shown complete rest. The main place in the treatment is medication. First of all, the doctor prescribes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • voltaren,
  • ibuprofen,
  • indomethacin, etc.

Additionally, medications are prescribed for muscle relaxation and pain relief, as well as antiallergics and increased dosages of B vitamins. As a result of drug treatment, edema is removed,inflammation and reflex contractions of the muscles of the back.

With severe neck syndrome or back pain, injections of painkillers( lidocaine, dexamethasone, etc.) are generally prescribed. Epidural or radicular blockade may be prescribed.

Extension of the spine
Reduce the size of the thoracic protrusion can stretch the spine

The development of the pathological process in the cervical region can be stopped by wearing a special collar that immobilizes this department.

Together with the treatment of drugs, physiological procedures are prescribed:

  • electrophoresis with lidocaine;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • influence of sinusoidal-modulated currents;
  • alternating magnetic field.

Therapy in subacute stage

When the pain subsides, LFK, massage, manual therapy are added to the treatment of spinal disc protrusions.

The purpose of exercise therapy:

  • relax the muscles;
  • to eliminate the squeezing of the roots of the spinal cord;
  • reduce pressure on damaged discs;
  • strengthen the muscular framework.

The following exercises allow you to treat the disease:

  1. Training on Evminov's preventor allows you to stretch the spine and reduce pressure on the spinal cord and its roots.10-20 minutes a day is usually enough.
  2. Located on all fours, it is useful to walk with your back straight. Exercise can be performed up to 5 times a day.
  3. Lying on a flat surface on the back with legs bent at the knees and arms stretched out along the body, it is necessary to raise the pelvis and fix the position for 3-5 seconds.
  4. On all fours raise one arm and the opposite leg. Parties need to be changed. You need to do 5-6 repetitions.

The complex of exercises can not include circular movements of the cervical and lumbar region, as they can injure the disks even more. Gymnastics should be performed under the supervision of a physician, who will be more visible from the side, how correctly the patient performs the exercises.

Physiotherapeutic treatment of the spine
With the help of physiotherapy it is possible to increase the effectiveness of drug treatment and completely cure the protrusions

The best effect of physiotherapy is given in combination with drugs that have a relaxing effect on smooth muscles, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate the recovery processes.

Pain relief is helped by acupuncture and treatment of spinal disc protrusions by the manual therapist.

Prolongation of remission period

During the period of remission, soreness in the damaged spinal column of the patient is practically not disturbed. More often than not, patients complain of weakness in their limbs, which makes it difficult for them to do their daily tasks.

Supportive therapy is important in this period. It is necessary to constantly engage in therapeutic gymnastics, adhere to a diet, follow any possible recommendations of a doctor.

Surgical intervention

If the conservative treatment is ineffective for 3 months or if a disc is found that can be detected by computed tomography, an operation is performed.

Indications for surgical intervention are:

  • marked weakness in the legs or hands;
  • abnormal urination or defecation;
  • gait disturbance.
Surgeons perform the operation
Emergency surgery is necessary for symptoms of squeezing roots in the lumbar region of the

. If the operation is not performed in a timely manner, irreversible disorders can develop. During the operation the patient lies on his stomach. If there is a prolapse of discs in the cervical region, then back injury can be made to the injury site, while the vertebrae are removed. Most doctors use front access through disks and bodies. In the latter case, you can remove the disc( and if the osteophyte has formed, then it) and stabilize the spinal column.

To gain access to a damaged disk, a cross-section is made above it. To stabilize the spinal column, a pre-selection of the graft from the pelvic bone is required. It takes 3 months for bone fragments to split.

Manual therapy against protrusions

With the help of a set of methods of manual therapy it is possible to conduct differential diagnostics and fix protrusions. The manual therapist must have a deep knowledge of the structure of the spine and have sensitive hands to feel the slightest changes in the structure of the spine and the position of the cervical discs and others.

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Manual therapy is an effective method of treatment, but it has its contraindications:

  • the stage of exacerbation of the disease;
  • infection and oncology;
  • fresh injuries;
  • arterial hypertension.

Any inflammatory processes in the body should be eliminated. For this, medicamental therapy or acupuncture is used.

Manual therapy is unlikely to help get rid of protrusions and hernias if they are old( 5 years or more).Complete correction can not be done in every fifth case.

If repositioning occurs, manual procedures should be discontinued, as their continuation may cause a relapse. On the direction of protrusion indicate such signs:

  • absence of painful sensations;
  • return to the back of normal sensitivity;
  • heat spread to the limbs.
Massage session
When performing the procedures, the manual therapist should not press strongly on the spine, since the size of the hernial sac can only increase

This will worsen the general condition and well-being of the patient.

Folk methods

To reduce pain at the stage of exacerbation and to achieve effective prevention in the stage of remission allow some folk methods:

  1. Compress of camphor oil and warm milk. The spine is lubricated with oil, and a towel, moistened with warm milk, is applied from above. Hold it for 2 hours.
  2. It is useful to lubricate the site of the protrusion with a mixture of Indian onion and honey milled in a meat grinder in equal proportions. The procedure is carried out every day.
  3. To lubricate the damaged area, it is possible to prepare a grind from 2.5 g of menthol, 1.5 g of anesthesin and novocaine, 100 g of alcohol. Lubricate the sore spot 5 days a week, and store the medicine in a dark glass container.

Before treating the disease with folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a physician.

Adhering to a certain diet, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of treatment of spinal protrusion. The diet should be enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Need to use:

  • fresh fruits in large quantities( pears, apples), berries( grapes, raspberries), vegetables, nuts;
  • any seafood;
  • dairy products.

Yoga against protrusions

Regular performance of a complex of exercises from yoga will achieve a permanent improvement in the general condition of the patient. In order to avoid harm to yoga, it is important to remember a few basic rules:

  • for therapeutic purposes, you can perform only those exercises that do not cause pain;
  • can not make sudden movements;
  • torsion is contraindicated.

To further ease the condition of the patient will help a special supporting corset. It is very important to constantly work to strengthen the muscles of the back, which will have a positive effect on the patient's condition with protrusion.

Treatment of spinal protrusions can be effective only if it is complex. There is no one-sided decision than to treat the disease. In each case, only a doctor can choose the optimal treatment.

Protrusion of the intervertebral disc
  • Treatment of acute protrusions
  • Therapy in subacute stage
  • Prolongation of remission period
  • Surgical intervention
  • Manual therapy against protrusions
  • Folk methods
  • Yoga against protrusions