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Beautiful, long hair is the dream of any woman,but very few people imagine how much it costs not only to grow them, but also to keep in order. How often, having reached the desired length, the fair sex is disappointed as a result. The curls become lifeless, constantly confused, electrified and look, to put it mildly, like a crow's nest. As a result, you have to go to the hairdresser and cut off all this disgrace. But there is salvation from cardinal measures. Only a competent, quality, and most importantly - regular care for long hair at home is needed. Perhaps, at first it will be unusual and difficult enough, but with the passage of time, when you get used, all these activities will be your pleasure.

External care for long locks

Home care for long hair can be divided into two blocks: external and internal. One can not give preference to any one: they both must be used equally and simultaneously with each other. Keep this in mind, write down the intended measures so that the strands are well-groomed both from the inside and outside. First, learn some useful tips how

can transform curls outwardly .

1. Tools for styling long hair

  • Combinations of need wooden combs: plastic and metal scrape the skin hard, promote hair electrification, very damaging their structure.
  • Hair dryer is better not to be used at all as part of the care of long hair, as it facilitates their separation and slicing. If you can not do without it at all, use at least a regime of cold, but not hot air.
  • Thermobooths, curling irons, ironing - another deadly weapon for long hair: they leave on the locks thermal burns, the consequence of which are the sections, brittleness and thinning of the strands.
  • Curlers and hairpins - the most optimal variant for laying and waving of long hair. They do not spoil their structure, but they give them a well-groomed, neat appearance.
  • Varnishes ( fix hair), gels ( hold form), mousse ( allow to make long hair elastic) - the inevitable means for styling, without which no hair will last long. However, keep in mind that, despite all the assurances and promises of advertisers, they spoil the strands, taking away their shine or strength. So the tip of the day about them: use them as sparingly as possible.

2. Means for washing long hair

  • shampoo should match your hair type and solve the problem that plagues you the most. Are you suffering from hair loss? Look for a firming shampoo. Do not break the secant ends? Pay attention to the remedy. Can not find anything standing on the shelves of modern shops? Try then to wash your cascade with an ordinary egg: the result will invariably please you.
  • Balm rinse aid is mandatory. And he must match shampoo, that is, perform the same functions, enter the same product line.
  • Conditioners should also be included in your weekly care for long hair. Without it, they will be electrified and remind the crow's nest. Especially it will be needed in the winter season.
  • masks select the same line that shampoo and balm. They just need long hair. However, shopping tools do not always suit women because of the abundance of synthetic substances in their composition. Therefore, get used to using home masks for long hair, the recipes of which will be given below.
  • Serums are universal, since they simultaneously perform the functions of balms, mousses and masks: moisturize, heal, give the desired form;their effectiveness is long. The only negative of such a means is a high price and a sufficient amount of chemistry in their composition.
  • oils can be used for weekly compresses for long hair. They can easily replace masks in a comprehensive care.
  • Herbal infusions - ideal for rinsing long hair, as they protect them from the chemistry, which you still have to feed their locks.

That's interesting!

In recent studies, it was found that short hair grows( on average) per month by 1 centimeter, while long strands are only 0.5 cm.

3. And a few more useful recommendations

  1. Comb the hair more often. Before going to sleep, it's best to do this by tilting your head down so that the strands dangle. Blood in this position will come to the roots, thereby providing them with adequate nutrition.
  2. A couple of times a week, arrange for your long hair aroma-combining .A few drops of essential oils drip onto a wooden comb and comb the head for several minutes. To care for long greasy hair, grapefruit, lemon, patchouli, bergamot, eucalyptus will suit. Against dandruff - geranium, rosemary, tea tree, lavender. For the growth of strands - juniper, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, carnation, fir, cinnamon.
  3. Wash the head of the as often as you think is necessary, i.e. as it gets dirty. Otherwise, harmful substances will kill the pores and stop access to oxygen to the roots and follicles.
  4. Do not wash your with long, chic hair with hot water .Let it be warm or at least room temperature.
  5. Be sure to wear hats at any time of the year: in winter wear hat , in summer - any light hat .They will protect curls from low temperatures and drying out UV light. Make sure that the headgear is made of natural materials and always keep them clean.
  6. It is not recommended for owners of long hair to sleep with laying tools .
  7. Tight hairpins and elastic bands strongly damage the roots of hair and provoke their abundant loss. Therefore refuse from them as soon as possible.

Exterior care for long hair takes time and patience. You need to do everything regularly, do not be lazy, really set yourself the goal of making the strands beautiful and healthy, and all these recommendations need to be implemented daily. Finance here, too, will have to spend, but they will more than pay off a terrific look of your chic, long hair in the future. And in parallel with this care unit will have to feed locks from inside as well .

Soft, silky and docile your hair will become after using almond oil & gt; & gt;

Glycerin will defeat dryness and fragility, dandruff and split ends: http: //beautiface.net/uhod/ za-volosami / glicerin-dlya-volos.html.

How to take care of long hair from the inside

Do not relax, if after the first procedures to care for long hair, their condition will noticeably improve. Believe me: even with regular activities of the first block alone, this will not take long. Outwardly you will be able to ennoble only the outer part of each hair, while internally they also need constant replenishment. If the follicles, the roots do not receive the substances necessary for their life, the curls themselves will fade from day to day. So get your body from the inside.

  1. Proper nutrition - the main key from the full care of long hair. First, eat strictly according to the regime, at the same time. Secondly, minimize the use of fast food, fatty, smoked, fried and pickled food. Third, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Fourth, drink more water. The vitamins that you get, eating properly, the blood will deliver to the roots of the hair from the inside. This is a much more optimal variant of their saturation than through masks and serums.
  2. Twice a year, necessarily drink complex of vitamins , which is not enough not only for hair, but for the body as a whole.
  3. Refusing to stresses and experiences , protecting your nerves from shocks, you will improve the condition of your long hair. After all, many diseases and disasters( including curls) depend on the health of our nervous system. You can not solve this problem on your own - refer to the appropriate specialist or drink a course of sedatives.
  4. Home care for long, beautiful hair excludes any bad habits of , including smoking and alcohol abuse.

Home care for long hair from the inside requires a lot of organization. Perhaps, you have to change the schedule of the day, abandon your favorite habits. However, all these changes will benefit not only your locks, but the whole body as a whole. Therefore, in parallel with the external supply of strands, you must also organize their feeding from the inside. And, of course, learn how to prepare and use masks from the natural components of , which will form the basis of your care for long hair.

With the world - on a thread

You will be surprised, but the longest hair belongs to a man. Their owner, by nationality, is a Vietnamese. According to him, he did not cut his hair for 31 years. The latest data: their length is 6 meters with a small.

Recipes for masks for long hair

Accustomed regularly( a couple of times a week) to feed your long hair with house masks, you will rejoice at their condition, which will improve with each time.

  • Fruit

Puree, prepared from the pulp of a medium banana, mix with almond oil( 50 ml) warmed to a warm state. Want to give long hair shine and shine? Then take on the weapon is a fruit mask!

  • Egg

Whisk egg yolks with room temperature water in equal proportions. Under polyethylene egg mask should be kept for at least an hour. It allows long hair not to be cut.

  • Honey and milk mask

A tablespoon of liquid honey dissolves in a glass of warm, fresh milk. Apply the mixture for half an hour under a warming vacuum. Will make long hair strong and strong.

  • Banana

Mix the liquid honey( 50 ml) with olive unrefined oil( 75 ml), fresh milk( 50 ml), add the puree, prepared from 1 banana of medium size, with a fresh egg. Under the insulation, keep for 40-45 minutes. Banana mask for long hair makes them softer , fluffy, voluminous.

  • With Aloe

Bottom, the most fleshy leaf of aloe is turned into a puree, mix with 2 tablespoons of home-made sour cream. The mask is applied to the hair for 15 minutes. It perfectly nourishes and restores damaged strands.

  • Olive

Beat 2 egg yolks, olive unrefined oil( 75 ml).Keep under a polyethylene cap about half an hour. The olive mask will allow long hair to not be electrified.

  • Honey-nut

Chopped walnuts( 20 g) mixed with the same amount of liquid honey, diluted with 30 ml of hot water. Apply to long hair for half an hour. Honey-nut mask is good in winter , during vitamin deficiency, when the locks lack nutrients.

  • With yoghurt

Beat 1 yolk with drinking yogurt without additives( 60 ml).To sustain on long hair of half an hour. Such a mask with yogurt will stop seasonal hair loss and will not allow them to sechsya.

  • Honey

Natural honey( 30 ml) mixed with unrefined olive oil( 50 ml).Under the cellophane package hold for half an hour. Honey mask for long hair will prevent their confusion, make them smooth and silky.

Keep in mind that. ..

. .. it's best, according to studies, that hair grows between the ages of 14 and 25 and in a dream.

Now you know what a full-fledged home care for long hair is, which can provide them with beauty and health at any time of the year. Remember: growing locks is only half the task. It is equally important to do everything to be admired by you and yourself in the mirror, and the people around you. The beauty of your strands depends only on you , and from anyone else. Provide them with high-quality food - and they will brighten up your new life, become larger, lush, start to grow even faster, stop splitting. If you managed to grow long hair, try to look after them so that they do not need anything.

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