Effective analgesic for gastritis

Such a pathology as gastritis causes significant discomfort and discomfort to people suffering from it. To date, a large number of drugs that contribute to the suppression of this disease. All the variety of medicines for gastritis is divided into the following types: eliminating the cause of gastritis and relieving the symptoms of this disease. These types of drugs have an effective effect and work in their own direction. Let's get acquainted with both types of these drugs.


Drugs of analgesic action

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  • Drugs of analgesic action

    Take painkillers uncontrollably

    It is impossible to take painkillers uncontrollably

    The cause of pain in the stomach is irritation to the mucous in the inflamed condition. This effect can have an acidic gastric environment. Another cause of pain in the stomach is the appearance of spasms from the smooth muscle. To eliminate these unpleasant symptoms, the patient is prescribed anesthetic medication. All variety of pain medication is well known to physicians and they are well versed in their large number. Conditionally all the pain relievers are divided into the following types: antacids and antispasmodics.

    The first group of drugs includes drugs that help remove corrosive acid effect on the inflamed areas of the mucous membrane. Among antacids, there are many drugs that effectively and quickly help with gastritis. Many of them are not the first year are very popular and in demand among the population. The composition of antacids usually includes compounds whose components are magnesium or aluminum. They also exert the expected therapeutic effect. Many of these drugs are produced in the form of tablets, gels or suspensions. Penetrating into the body, the drugs of this group, have an enveloping effect on the mucosa. This neutralizes excess hydrochloric acid.located in the space of the stomach. To this type of drugs include:

    • Phosphalugel;
    • Rennie;
    • Gaviscon;
    • Almagel;
    • Maalox.
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    The second group of drugs include drugs with a strong effect on the source of pain. The main of this type of antispasmodics is no-shpa. It is widely used in hospitals as injections. Especially often, no-shp is used by doctors in hospital settings. Applying no-shpu to relieve the body of pain, the attending physician at the same time carefully monitors the patient's condition. To conduct outpatient treatment, a no-spa is administered, which is made in the form of tablets. In any form of release, but-spawn is a highly effective drug that has a curative effect on the body.

    Use of

    The choice of pain relievers is wide enough

    The choice of pain relievers is quite wide

    Anesthetics should be used when a gastritis develops in the body according to the prescribing physician's prescription. They are prescribed for complaints of the patient for frequent spasms and pains in the abdomen. Often the category of these medicines is prescribed to patients with other known diseases that affect the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Use these medications according to the prescriptions of the doctor or the instructions accompanying the drugs. It is not necessary to increase the drug intake rate yourself to quickly achieve the effect of recovery. This can lead to unpredictable and irreversible consequences for the body. With excessive intake of this group of medicines, the patient may have hallucinations, and in some cases convulsions.

    Usually, dehydrating drugs are prescribed to people suffering from excessive secretion.

    It is with this form of gastritis that they are most effective. There are cases when excessive intake of analgesics for gastritis caused the patient to have a strong and unreasonable desire to urinate.


    The drugs that have an analgesic effect on the body, with gastritis have their contraindications. On the basis of them, you should not abuse these medications, as a positive effect of recovery to achieve, still not work. These medications should not be taken to people with:

    1. Development of tuberculosis;
    2. Crohn's disease;
    3. Appearance of a certain type of colitis;
    4. Disorders of intestinal microbes.
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    Following these recommendations, you will be able to protect yourself and keep your health.

    Medications of oppressive effect

    Some drugs have not only anesthetic, but also a therapeutic effect

    Some drugs have not only anesthetic, but also the therapeutic effect

    These drugs are considered some categories of drugs that have a positive therapeutic effect, suffering from gastritis, which is characterized by high acidity. These include:

    • Proton pump inhibitory drugs. The effect of these drugs is based on a decrease in acidity, characteristic of gastric juice. The drugs work at the level of molecules. These include drugs: omeprazole, pantoprazole, rabeprazole, omeza.
    • Antisecretory drugs. With the help of this category of drugs in the body, a decrease in such an enzymatic compound as pepsin is observed. Thanks to these drugs in the body, the amount of hydrochloric acid decreases, and as a result, there is an increase in the synthesis of mucus, as well as various compounds that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Antisecretory drugs are: kvamatel, ranitidine, famotidine.
    • Atropine-like drugs. They are produced in the form of tablets containing a large amount of belladonna extract. These drugs for gastritis to date are not used in medicine, because they have a side effect on the body. These include Bellallin. In some cases, doctors resort to using this drug, from getting rid of gastritis. The action of bellalgina is based on a decrease in the amount of hydrochloric acid in the body and providing an analgesic effect.

    The greatest demand and preference is given to medicines belonging to the first category of drugs. They provide the greatest healing effect, by reducing the acidity of the stomach.

    The achieved effect of taking proton pump inhibitor drugs lasts for 24 hours.

    Other methods of treatment of gastritis

    Some pain relievers are only available on prescription

    Some pain relievers are only available on prescription

    For the treatment of this pathology, a comprehensive implementation of all recommendations and prescriptions is necessary. To begin with, the patient should adhere to a certain diet that contributes to improving the overall health of the body. The diet is based on the use of a significant amount of fluid, which helps to reduce the level of acidity in the stomach. The diet of a patient who maintains a diet should include jelly, porridge in a grinded form, low-fat broths and soups.

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    You should use only those drugs and medicines for gastritis, which were prescribed by your doctor. Sometimes patients are advised to take antibiotics. It happens in cases of development of a gastritis on fault, penetrated into an organism of an infectious bacterium. A good therapeutic effect with gastritis is achieved by using the juice of such a plant as a plantain. Getting into the body, it has a healing effect and helps to relieve spasm, as well as eliminate pain. In addition to psyllium, with gastritis helps the juice of sea buckthorn. Using it for an hour before eating, the overall well-being of the body improves significantly.

    When gastritis patient should not drink alcohol, and also addicted to such harmful habit as smoking. These factors contribute to an increase in irritant effect on the inflamed mucosa. The drugs considered in this article have an effective effect on the body with gastritis. Use them only on the prescription and dosage of the doctor in charge. Do not get involved in self-medication, especially with gastritis, as this disease can go to a more serious and dangerous for the body.

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