Do herbal teas help to lose weight?

Do herbal teas help to lose weight?

Striving for harmony and beauty, women use a variety of means, including herbal teas for weight loss. They believe that these drinks really help to get rid of extra pounds, without any diets and grueling training. Is this a stereotype? Or do these teas really help to acquire harmony?

Myth or Reality?

Herbal teas for weight loss contain natural ingredients, which gives them an undoubted advantage over other teas, which also promise an easy path to harmony and beauty. But it is worthwhile to understand that no herbal tea will help you get rid of extra pounds, if you do not put your own efforts into it.

All that herbal teas will do is relieve you of excess fluid and completely cleanse the intestines. As a result, you can get rid of a few pounds. But it is worthwhile to understand that these kilograms are not fats, but only products of human life. And as soon as you stop using such teas, the kilograms return here as here.

It should be noted that herbal teas do not muffle the appetite. They just fill the stomach, thereby only slightly relieving you of hunger. And as soon as the drink is removed from the body( and it happens very quickly), the "brutal" appetite comes back.

Myth or reality?

Also it can not be said that any herbs even in a small amount have an effect on the body. In some cases, this is good( for example, with swelling of the hands or feet), and in some, this action can be very harmful( for example, when there are diseases of the cardiovascular system).

Most herbal teas have a diuretic effect. And if you overdo with their reception, you can get dehydration. This condition is very dangerous and can sometimes endanger human life.

If you still decided to try herbal teas for losing weight at home, then remember that it is best to collect the herbs for cooking them yourself. After acquiring it in pharmacies or in the market, you have no guarantee that the grass was not collected, for example, near a polluted highway. In this case, it will certainly not be of any use.

Recipes for herbal teas

There are many recipes for making herbal teas. All of them have their own effect on the body and require a different method of preparation.

Herbal tea with fennel

To prepare this drink you will need herbal collection. It is prepared from the following herbs:

  • transverse mint;
  • seed of parsley and dill;
  • dandelion root drug;
  • buckthorn bark.

All these herbs are mixed in the following proportions - 3 parts of the buckthorn bark, all other ingredients are taken in 1 part. For brewing tea you need only 1 tablespoon.herbal collection. Raw materials need to be poured with a glass of steep boiling water and let it brew for 15-20 minutes. After that, the drink should be filtered and divided into 2 parts. The first half should be drunk in the morning, and the second half before bedtime.

Tea with ashberry

This drink helps to strengthen immunity and improve digestion. For its preparation, you need 7 pieces of dried berries of mountain ash and 3 parts of leaves of nettle and dog rose. From this composition 2 tablespoons are taken.raw materials and poured 0.4 liters of hot water.

Tea with ashberry

After that, the tea should be covered with a lid and put in a dark place for 4-6 hours. It is better to do this at night. Then the drink should be filtered and divided into 3 equal parts and drunk during the day. Add sugar, honey or lemon to it.

Tea with blackberry

To make this tea, you need 80 g of blackberry leaves( it is advisable to use fresh, but if not, dried, too), 10 grams of birch leaves and 10 grams of coltsfoot. From the received collection it is necessary to take 1 item of l. Raw materials should be filled with a mug of boiling water and insist. As soon as the tea cools down, it can be consumed. Take this drink 2 times a day.

Tea with nettles

To prepare this tea, you will also need to prepare an herbal collection, which consists of nettle leaves and buckthorn bark( 3 parts each), ayr root( 1 part) and transverse mint( 2 parts).

To prepare one serving of a drink, you need only 1 tbsp.collection. Raw materials need to pour a glass of steep boiling water and insist about 4 hours. Then the drink should be filtered and drunk throughout the day.

All these herbal teas do not contribute to burning fat cells. They only help the body to withstand the stress that occurs when different diets are observed. In addition, they also add energy and allow a person to spend more time in gyms.

If you ignore training and eat the same way as before, while using herbal teas for weight loss, you can not get rid of extra pounds. Remember that miracles do not happen.

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