Why does the lumbar region on the right side hurt: the causes of pain in the child and adults

Back pain on the right side of the back is not an independent phenomenon in the body, but only one of the many signs of diseases, such as inflammation, fever, hyperemia, tissue swelling, weakness in many organs and systems. Therefore, pain is called a syndrome( a combination of symptoms) of different pathological conditions.


With pain in the back, each person met repeatedly. Sometimes it becomes so familiar that they just do not pay serious attention to it. They hope that he will fight and stop. In vain, pain never comes without a reason. She in advance, when the disease is in the bud, warns a person about the problems of the body. The loin hurts just from the right behind and nowhere else, why? Most often, unilateral pain is associated with the defeat of the internal organs on the right side. Also, the cause may be joint or spine diseases:

  • lumbar spine chondrosis;
  • intervertebral hernia, protrusions;
  • spondylosis;
  • injuries of the lower back;
  • benign, malignant primary and metastatic tumors in prostate, lung, breast cancer;
  • different length of legs after operations, fractures, congenital.
Back pain in a woman
Forced posture when working at the computer causes soreness above the loin

But the longest list is the diseases of the internal organs, which are reflected by the lumbar pains on the right side.

Inflammations of female genital organs - pelvic peritoneum, ovaries, uterus, tubes caused by various pathogens: chlamydia, gonococci, trichomonads, thrush fungi, etc. In men, low back pain can cause prostatitis, prostate adenoma.

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Diseases of the kidneys - glomerulonephritis, nephroptosis, pyelonephritis, kidney stone disease, renal colic.

Diseases of the digestive system - cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, peptic ulcer, appendicitis, liver disease, thin, large intestine.

Diseases of the respiratory system - right-sided pneumonia, pleurisy, abscess, lung cancer.

By the time of pain can appear periodically, be permanent, long, short, episodic, etc. But no matter how painful it is, wherever it appears, it dislodges, prevents you from moving freely, thinking about something else.

Sources of pain - internal diseases

From a decent list of diseases it is clear that the lumbar region on the right behind can be for various reasons, often deceptive. The lower back hurts, and the true source of unpleasant sensations is in an unknown place. Unfortunately, it can not always be felt even by an adult. What to say about the child. Frightened by the appearance of a doctor, he usually can not pinpoint what and where it hurts, even if the pain is acute.

The doctor examines the child
In small children, it is not easy for a doctor to find out where

hurts. How to determine the cause of the disease, but not to be mistaken. Of course, the doctor must diagnose the disease. In his arsenal, in addition to knowledge and experience, there is a clinical, bacteriological laboratory, modern diagnostic equipment - MRI, CT, ultrasound diagnosis, X-ray, other devices.

But while the pains are tolerable, they do not bother often, the patient does not hurry to be examined. In such cases, he should know that all the pains of the right side of the lower back caused by diseases of other organs have their own characteristic symptoms. Let us consider which ones.

Female inflammatory diseases are accompanied by a pulling, dull pain below the waist on the right and in the lower abdomen. With an acute inflammatory process, the temperature rises, purulent discharge from the vagina appears. Right-sided ectopic pregnancy, except for pain in the right side and lower back, has signs of usual pregnancy - a delay of menstruation, nausea, swelling of mammary glands and so on.

Pasternatsky symptom
With kidney diseases Pasternatsky's symptom is sharply positive

Kidney diseases can be recognized by a positive symptom of Pasternatsky. To find out which side of the kidney is affected, the patient is asked to lean forward a little. Then lightly hit with the edge of the palm or fist above the waist on the right and left alternately, on the side of the lesion there is a sharp pain below the waist on the right behind or on the left.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract manifest themselves by such common signs as a decrease in appetite, heartburn, belching, nausea, flatulence. The pain covers the lumbar region on the right and the epigastric region on the same side.

Diseases of the respiratory system also have a characteristic symptomatology. This temperature, weakness, sweating, coughing dry or wet, wheezing. Of course, with right-sided pneumonia or pleurisy appears dull pain in the back to the right.

Spine, joints

Another reason for the painful manifestations is the different length of the legs. It is enough 1 cm, so that by the end of the day the loin responded with blunt pains. The fact is that if the left leg is shorter than the right one, the spine will gradually bend by convexity to the right side. Scoliosis will develop. Accordingly, the pain will appear on the right side of the waist.

Correct lifting of cargo
With proper weight transfer, the back does not ache

Lumbar osteochondrosis complicated by the intervertebral hernia with a right protrusion of the pulpous core is a common cause of pain in the lumbar region on the right. Depending on the degree of protrusion of the pulpous nucleus, a picture of radiculitis may develop. Then the pain will be given in the right foot over its back surface. There is a tension in the muscles of the back in the right side.

An even more formidable complication of the hernia of the spine is compression of the roots, vessels or substance of the spinal cord. In such cases, you have to talk about severe back pain. With tumors of the spine, osteoporosis, a sudden compression fracture of the spinous processes of the lumbar vertebrae can occur. There is a sudden sharp pain, shortness of breath. With a fracture of the vertebral body with the appearance of retroperitoneal hematoma, a picture of the acute abdomen with pulsating pain develops. Even an experienced doctor can not immediately understand what hurts: the abdomen or loins. Treatment of compression fractures of the spine, hernia, squeezing nerves and vessels, often operative, is performed in a hospital. About methods of conservative ways of treatment of low back pain can be found in this article.

So what is pain, is it our friend or enemy? Most likely, both. Who signals a malfunction in the body? Of course, pain. It is she who pushes a person to look for the cause of the disease, makes him treat.

Back pain in a man
  • Etiology
  • Sources of pain - internal diseases
  • Spine, joints