Peach oil for hair: results of application, instruction, recipes


  • About the effectiveness of peach oil for hair
  • About the rules of application
  • Recipes for hair with peach oil

One of the best creations, the real top of the cosmetic industry to date is a delicate, soft, very fragrant, pleasant peach oil. It can and should be actively used at home for the rehabilitation of sick hair and preventive care for them. The spectrum of action of the preparations prepared on its basis is very wide: they accelerate the growth of hair, prevent their loss, moisturize, fight with dandruff, protect, repair microdamages, including - brittle strands and split ends. All who dream of a cascading, brilliant cascade of long, thick, voluminous, simply luxurious curls, should discover this remedy-peach oil for hair, which can perfectly take care of dry, brittle strands.

The effectiveness of peach oil for hair

A huge advantage of oil, which is made from the seeds of ripe peaches, is its low price( about 50 rubles for 50 ml from a Russian producer) with such a powerful effect. This is explained by the fact that there are no difficulties in the production of the product as such, but the rich chemical composition of peach oil is the guarantee of its cosmetic results, which are always stunning.


  • retinol ( A) has excellent restorative properties, thanks to its content, peach hair oil is used to treat split ends and brittle strands;
  • ascorbic acid ( C) helps hair to cope with stressful situations from the outside: increases their resistance to high doses of ultraviolet light, low temperatures, adverse environmental conditions and other harmful factors;
  • tocopherol ( E), participating in the synthesis of collagen at the cellular level, makes the strands strong, shiny and incredibly smooth;
  • niacin ( P, B3) is needed to preserve the natural color, enhance the shine of the hair, it is also included in the medicines that prevent the appearance of gray hair;
  • thiamin ( B1) has an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect, therefore it is used to treat various forms of seborrhea;
  • riboflavin ( B2) transmits masks for hair from peach oil moisturizing properties;
  • pantothenic acid ( B5) strengthens the roots, preventing their loss, contributing to the density and extra volume of ringlets;
  • pyridoxine ( B6) expands the scope of oil from peach bones: thanks to this vitamin, it perfectly copes with brittleness and hair loss, even if the situation is already running and it seems that there is no way out;
  • folic acid ( B9) increases the resistance of ringlets to external attacks;
  • cobalamin ( B12) accelerates growth by activating the dead follicles in development;
  • vitamin K has moisturizing properties.


  • are the catalysts of many metabolic processes in cells;
  • is enlivened by dead follicles in development;
  • activate hair growth.

Mineral substances

  • iron dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood flow, thereby increasing the access of useful oxygen to cells;
  • phosphorus returns strands of lost elasticity;
  • calcium is the main building material for the restoration of damaged hair structure: in the peach oil of this element is enough to start in the cells regeneration processes and heal in a short time the tips of the tips;
  • potassium - a good moisturizer, which prevents evaporation of moisture from the cells.

Fatty acids ( palmitic, palmitoleic, ctearinic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic, arachine) provide:

  • hair protection in the form of a thick but invisible film that envelops every hair;
  • plentiful moisturizing of dry strands;
  • qualitative, fast restoration of fragile ringlets and split ends.

The complex interaction of all these useful and active substances in a single peach oil formulation turns it into an excellent hair growth activator, an effective moisturizer and an excellent reducing agent.

However, for all this to work like a clock, allowing you to achieve the highest results, you need to be able to correctly handle this tool, know how to prepare and apply it.

This will determine the success of the whole procedure.

Learn the secrets of home use for hair care and healing with essential oils after reading this article.

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About the rules of application

Like any cosmetic oil, peach can cause a number of difficulties on the first application. The lack of the desired result can be dictated by ignorance of the elementary rules of its use. Avoid disappointment will help a small instruction, which includes small female tricks, thanks to which masks with peach hair oil will be the most effective.

  1. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of peach oil in the treatment of hair, buy a certified product in the pharmacy : it will protect you from buying a counterfeit or an overdue product, which may be useless and even harm in some cases.
  2. Like any cosmetic oil, peach begins to operate more actively at higher temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-warm it slightly to 35-40 ° C in a water bath. However, this can not be done if the composition of the product as additional ingredients include eggs( both whole and yolk with protein separately) or essential oils. Egg mass can curl up and spoil the whole mask. Essential oils just lose the bulk of their useful properties.
  3. Peach oil can be applied to both dirty and cleanly washed hair. The head is lowered down and starting with the pads of fingers moistened in oil, rub the product into the roots with massaging, light movements. If the purpose of the procedure is to stop the loss of strands or to accelerate their growth, get rid of dandruff or strengthen the roots, at this stage you can stop. If you need to return the hair radiance and color, smooth the strands and make them obedient, then, without raising your head, evenly distribute the oil on the curls themselves with the help of a scallop or a frequent comb. If you need to return a healthy appearance to the split ends, they are abundantly moistened in the prepared preparation.
  4. After all these difficulties you can relax and rest: the most important stage of the procedure is behind. Now you need to carefully, without pulling your hair, fasten them on the top of the head so that they do not disintegrate in different directions. We cover them with a cellophane bag or put on a shower cap made of polyethylene material. A warm towel is wrapped on top. This is necessary to increase the temperature, under the influence of which the peach oil will work more actively.
  5. If you use peach seed oil in its pure form, the time of its action can be determined at your discretion: for an easy effect, you can remove such a compress in half an hour. If you want large-scale results at once, you can leave the oil at night, you can for 2 hours - everything will depend on the availability of free time and the ultimate goal of this cosmetic procedure. If you decide to combine peach oil with other products, the mask time is reduced to 20-40 minutes.
  6. To make the peach oil easy to remove from the hair, do not try to remove the mask with a jet of water: fats will repel moisture. Do it smartly: foamed shampoo on hair together with oil, without water, just slightly moistening the palms of .After such a wise manipulation, the mask can be washed off easily.
  7. For the last rinse you can use not only the usual warm water, but also herbal decoctions and infusions( from St. John's wort, chamomile, burdock root, birch leaves, nettle, etc.), acetic or lemon solutions.
  8. Masks for hair with peach oil should be done 2 times a week for the treatment of serious problems( dandruff, alopecia) and 1 time as a preventive care. In either case, the full course is 10-15 masks of , after which the agent needs to be changed to some other one in order to avoid habituation of the scalp to one active compound.
Homemade peach oil in accordance with these recommendations will be very useful for strengthening hair, their growth, natural shine and radiant beauty.

This is a real complex treatment for damaged, split ends of hair and various forms of seborrhea. A wide range of oils from peach bones allows you to choose a variety of products for care of curls: compresses, masks, aromatherapy, massage.

Recipes for hair products with peach oil

Use cosmetic peach oil in its pure form, and with additional auxiliary ingredients in the form of food, ethers, herbs and similar cosmetic oils.

  • Scouring for shine

Despite the fact that peach oil is cosmetic, and not ethereal, daily combing of hair with its help will perfectly affect the condition of your curls: it will accelerate their growth, moisturize, nourish and strengthen the roots. It will take a wooden comb, along which it will be necessary to evenly distribute a teaspoon of peach butter. Within a few minutes( the pleasure can be extended from 3 to 7 minutes) slowly, carefully comb the strand behind the strand from the roots to the very tips. Initially, the hair will become greasy, start to unpleasantly shine, but as the combing continues, the oil will be absorbed and the curls will shine with a beautiful shine. You can also drip another 1-2 drops of your favorite ether on the comb, suitable for your hair type. The procedure is conducted daily for two weeks.

  • Mask-compress for hair growth

Oil from peach kernels to warm up on a water bath, to process to it a skin of a head, strands and tips, to leave under warming( a cap for a shower and a towel) for couple of hours or for the night.

  • Strengthening massage aids

If you regularly do scalp massage, strengthen it by using peach oil as a massage. To do this, lightly heat it( up to 30-40 ° C) in a water bath and rub into the skin.

  • Moisturizing mask

Without preheating peach oil( 2 tablespoons) is mixed with raw egg yolk( it is better to grind it in advance), add 1 table.spoon of ordinary mayonnaise.

  • Nourishing mask

Mix the beaten egg with 50 ml of cognac, add 2 table.spoon peach oil without preheating.

  • Mask for dry hair

1 table. Spoon peach butter mixed with 2 table.spoons of homemade, fatty cottage cheese, add 1 teaspoonful.a spoonful of liquid honey, which you can pre-heat in a bowl with masal on a water bath.

  • Ethereal mask for color enhancement

1 table. Spoon the oil without heating mixed with 3( can be increased to 6-7) with drops of ether ylang-ylang. You can also use blue chamomile ether.

  • Peeling mask

2 table. Spoon the oatmeal into chopped flour, mix with 1 table.a spoon of oil from a peach.

  • Oil mask against split ends

Without heating in equal amounts, mixing burdock and peach oils, to them are added 5( you can increase to 6-7) drops of ether rosemary.

  • Vitamin mask

In equal quantities( 1 table spoon) olive and peach oils are mixed, 1 ampoule liquid retinol( vitamin A) and tocopherol( vitamin E ) are added.

Inexpensive, easy to use, incredibly effective, useful, pleasant peach hair oil can be a real salvation at home.

If the dandruff is tortured, the strands are stuck in pieces from the head, they do not grow, they lose their shine and elasticity, they do not have to immediately go to mesotherapy or resort to other salon techniques for treating the scalp. Try to cope with everything yourself - oil from peaches will not disappoint you.

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