Hyaluronic acid: the key to rejuvenate and eliminate wrinkles

Although the scientists did not disclose the secrets of preparing the elixir of eternal youth, but slow down the natural biological withering of the skin and eliminate the grid of unattractive wrinkles under the power of modern cosmetology. At present, the "fountain of life" and beauty is hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin freshness and youthful appeal. Hyaluronate is a "juicing apple" in the hands of experienced cosmetologists, but inept use of a medicinal product is fraught with unpleasant consequences.


  • 1 What is a "fountain of life": the properties of hyaluronic acid
    • 1.1 A video about the effect of the substance on the skin
  • 2 Application in cosmetology
  • 3 Cosmetic procedures based on hyaluronic acid
    • 3.1 Biorevitalization
    • 3.2 Peeling
    • 3.3 Hyaluronate as part of home remediescosmetic bags
  • 4 Reviews about the use of the anti-wrinkle remedy

What is the "fountain of life": the properties of hyaluronic acid

A girl is washing her face with water

Hyaluronic acid - anda source of vital energy of the skin

Hyaluronate is an active component of the carbohydrate part of complex proteins present in the epithelial tissue. This acid is the main element of the extracellular matrix - tissue structure, whose functions are to provide mechanical support of cells and transportation of nutrients. Hyaluronic acid - an indispensable element in the processes of growth and restoration of skin tissue, the natural way of stimulating cell division.

For information! In the human body weighing 60 kg, the proportion of hyaluronate is 12-13 grams, with 4 grams of compound synthesized and disintegrated daily.

Deficiency of hyaluronic acid is observed in certain chronic diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases. After the transferred sunburn due to the intense exposure to ultraviolet rays, its synthesis also stops, while the rate of splitting increases. This process is inherently a mechanism of photoaging.

It is precisely the fact that hyaluronic acid is a natural element in the structure of various types of tissue, which causes active use of the compound in cosmetology. Hyaluronate is used as a substance that can fill unattractive wrinkles on the skin - wrinkles that arise as a result of loss of skin elasticity and elasticity.

Important! It is the decrease in the content of collagen fibers in the dermis leads to a loss of elasticity of the skin, and the decrease of hyaluronic acid molecules causes a loss of elasticity, which in a complex initiates the appearance of wrinkles.

Also hyaluronic acid is capable of:

  • blocking the effect of free radicals;
  • do not allow dehydration of the skin;
  • activate local metabolic and biochemical processes;
  • maintain the stability of the intracellular and extracellular environment;
  • "build" a strong extracellular matrix.

A video on the effect of the substance on the skin

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Application in cosmetology

Excellent result from the use of this acid provides the ability of active units of hyaluronate to bind and retain moisture in epidermal tissues,the correct construction of chains of elastin and collagen. After procedures using hyaluronic acid, the structure of the epidermis at the cellular level improves, a rejuvenating effect is achieved, and the dermis is restored.

Conducting procedures using hyaluronic acid has a complex effect on the skin:

  • promotes natural healing and rejuvenation of the dermis;
  • prevents premature aging;
  • stops the process of natural wilting;
  • eliminates the loss of softness;
  • returns elasticity;
  • eliminates stiffness and roughness;
  • corrects cicatricial changes and other defects;
  • restores attractive color and healthy shine.

That's interesting! The use of funds with hyaluronate significantly reduces the rehabilitation stage after plastic surgery.

In modern cosmetology hyaluronic acid is used for various purposes, however, above all, it has proved to be a powerful weapon in the fight against pronounced wrinkles and folds on the face. Remedy:

  • prevents formation and eliminates fine wrinkles;
  • smooths the deep creases on the skin in a natural way;
  • provides elimination of age-related wrinkles without surgical intervention;
  • eliminates the cracks and roughness of the skin.

Cosmetic procedures based on hyaluronic acid

At present, there are several ways to influence the skin tissue with hyaluronate. Let us dwell on the most common and effective techniques.


The girl is undergoing a biorevitalization procedure

Biorevitalization - an alternative to plastic surgery

One of the most effective and accessible techniques aimed at preventing and eliminating cosmetic deficiencies due to the abundant saturation of the deep dermal parts with hyaluronic acid .Two biorevitalization techniques are used:

  • injection method;
  • non-injection( laser) method.

Injection technique - the introduction of the required amount of a therapeutic agent to the required depth with the help of a special thin needle. Allows to eliminate various deep folds, including nasolabial and interbrow wrinkles, creases on the forehead. The mechanism of action is that the molecules of the introduced substance accumulate moisture reserves, bind water to the gel-like mass and fill the space between the collagen fibers with such a composition. The result of manipulation is obvious: the disappearance of wrinkles, smoothing of irregularities, elasticity and elasticity of the skin. However, the procedure has one significant drawback - a limited period of validity, since after a certain period of time, the administered composition simply splits.

Procedure of non-injection biorevitalization

Non-injection biorevitalization - atraumatic and painless skin rejuvenation

Non-injection technique ensures hyaluronate intake due to the possibilities of low-intensity laser beams. Advantages of technology:

  • comfort for the client;
  • painlessness and atraumaticity due to the lack of need to puncture the skin.

However, it is difficult to achieve the required concentration of the substance in deep areas of the skin, so the technique shows less outstanding results compared to injections.

Biorevitalization is performed on almost all parts of the body, in most cases - in areas not protected from the sun: décolleté, hands, neck, face. The procedure is carried out as prevention in people at risk:

  • after active exposure to ultraviolet;
  • after long-term illnesses;
  • being in a state of chronic stress;
  • to people who smoke;
  • living in adverse ecological areas.

In addition, biorevitalization is indicated:

  • with increased dryness and dehydration of the skin;
  • to eliminate the traumatic factor after the work of plastic surgeons;
  • after carrying out deep chemical peelings;
  • with a dull skin tone, the presence of pigment spots on the skin;
  • for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes;
  • with enlarged and clogged pores.

There are contraindications to manipulation:

  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding;
  • is an individual hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • acute inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • reception of anticoagulants;
  • connective tissue diseases.

It is compulsory to inform a specialist if a history of a blood system and pathology of an autoimmune nature is present in an anamnesis. Do not perform biorevitalization for 30 days after laser resurfacing.

Side effects of the procedure include short-term redness and the appearance of swelling in the treated area.

After the procedure, clients are not advised to smoke, stay in direct sunlight, visit a solarium, resort to intense physical exertion.


Peeling procedure

Peeling with hyaluronic acid not only removes wrinkles, but also fights against seborrhea

Hyaluronic acid peeling performed in the salon provides a persistent visible result. The main advantage of the technique is the removal of the "horn" barrier from the dead particles by exfoliation, thereby achieving complete cleansing of the skin. After manipulation, any care products show a maximum of their capabilities: nutritious, moisturizing, regenerating.

Hyaluronic peeling:

  • will relieve small and medium wrinkles;
  • will have seborrhea;
  • eliminates atony;
  • will relieve the abundant pigmentation;
  • will shorten the dilated pores.

This procedure has a powerful effect in the fight against photoaging. Peeling with hyaluronate will save the derma from dehydration, increase tone, restore elasticity and elasticity. With regular sessions, the skin will become tender, silky, smooth and taut.

However, there are a number of contraindications to the procedure:

  • the likelihood of allergic reactions;
  • recently carried out an intensive effect on the skin;
  • pregnancy and lactation period.

The drawbacks of peeling can be attributed to the fact that to achieve the desired effect and maintain its durability of a single procedure will not be enough, so it will take time and finances to regularly conduct.

Hyaluronate as a part of home cosmetic products

Girl smears face cream

Creams and serums with hyaluronic acid are worthy competitors to salon procedures

You can turn back the clock in your home environment by regularly applying skin care products containing hyaluronic acid. The modern beauty industry offers a variety of skin care products: creams, lotions, masks, gels and serums. Despite the low concentration of the substance, hyaluronic acid manages to fulfill its main duties: to keep the moisture coming with moisturizers. As part of the anti-aging line, hyaluronate http://gialuron-kompleks.org/ stimulates collagen synthesis and elastin production, which helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles and correct irregularities. In addition, products for home use lack the disadvantages of salon procedures - to apply funds easily and safely, and their price will not be a blow to the family budget.

Hyaluronic acid can also be found in sunscreen products: the substance neutralizes the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation and prevents premature aging of the dermis.

Reviews about the use of the anti-wrinkle remedy

"I pricked the hyaluronku in spring with a course - very satisfied, others noticed how freshened I was with my face. The procedure is unpleasant, but very effective. I'll do it later. "


http: //www.woman.ru/beauty/face/thread/4228192/

"Hyaluronic acid permanently retains in the cells their own moisture. I do not think that this is an anti-aging effect, just a deep and long-lasting moistening. I'm 24, I've been using this cream for almost a year and I'm very happy. Nothing else gives the skin such comfort. Always moisturized skin, this is the key to preventing early wrinkles. I strongly advise you. "


http: //club.passion.ru/litso/ uvlazhnenie-gialuronovaya-kislota-t113619.html

"This is one of the most effective means for combating wrinkles. Here are just the cream that contain it, are very expensive and not everyone can afford. "


http://make-ups.ru /forum/ viewtopic.php? F = 35 & t = 877

Hyaluronic acid is not just a fashionable product, it is also an effective tool for prolonging youth and maintaining the attractiveness of the skin. This compound is a natural substance present in the tissues of the epidermis. To make "injections of youth" or give preference to creams and serums is a person's personal choice, but the lack of hyaluronic acid will reward the appearance with deep wrinkles and folds, which will later be very difficult to fight. Choosing procedures with hyaluronic acid, you should consider contraindications, know the possible consequences and observe the measure.