Differences of choice - which is better: a multivarker or a double boiler?

The market of technical goods is getting more and more modern products every day, which simply can not be avoided without appreciating its tangible advantages and differences from older models. Modern kitchens mistresses have long been transformed, equipped with modern technical devices. For a long time forgotten those times when the decoration of the kitchen was a stove, oven and a mountain of dishes.


  • 1 Difference between steamer and multivarker
  • 2 Different possibilities of multivarker and steamer
    • 2.1 Functionality
    • 2.2 Duration of preparation of dishes
    • 2.3 Preservation of useful qualities of prepared dishes
    • 2.4 Number of dishes that can be prepared using each technique
    • 2.5 Pricing policy
  • 3 Other differences and similarities that will help make the right choice

Differences between the steamer and the multivarker

Advantages and disadvantages of all devices

Advantages and disadvantages of all prhog

If you already have in the house or multivarka steamer, food processor or blender, always awake to assess the merits of a new model, or other goods. If you can not decide which is better to choose a steamer or multivark, you should evaluate in detail the operation of each system separately.

A steamer and a multivarker have a number of similarities and differences. Both machines are invaluable helpers in the kitchen in the preparation of delicious, healthy and healthy food. Some additional functions of both machines are similar:

  1. Preprogrammed start of cooking or delay of start;
  2. Any cooked dish in a double boiler or multivarker will be maintained at a certain temperature;
  3. Both machines can not only help in cooking, but also accelerate it, defrosting the products.

Criteria for distinguishing both kitchen appliances:

  1. Different cooking possibilities;
  2. Functionality;
  3. Duration of cooking;
  4. Preservation of useful qualities of cooked dishes;
  5. Number of dishes that can be cooked using each technique separately;
  6. Price policy.

In order to make the right choice, a detailed analysis should be carried out for each specific criterion.

Different possibilities of the multivarker and steamer

The steamer became uninhabitable for those who eat properly

The steamer has become uninhabitable for those who eat correctly

Different cooking possibilities are one of the main differences between two kitchen helpers. The way of preparation of dishes by a steam cooker is understandable, thanks to the name, due to steam. This technique is useful for cooking dietary dishes. Multivarka, which is also clear from the name, is adapted to different cooking options, namely fry, soar, boil, oven, grill.

The "multi" prefix does not mean an unlimited number of attachments, but on the contrary, indicates a variety of functions placed in such a compact device.

Functionality of the

The multivar is able to cope with a huge number of tasks, thereby replacing the steamer, oven, frying pan, fryer, pans, oven, and other kitchen accessories. The functionality of the steamer is wide and diverse, all models are equipped with embedded programs.

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The steamer is able to cook steamed, warm, defrost, or grind ready-made dishes cooked in it( in some models, an additional function that is successfully suited for baby food).Typically, such models are provided, as children's, and tanks for cooking a small amount. Thus, the functionality of the multivark is much more extensive, compared to a steamer.

A multivarker and a steamer can cope with the preparation of diet food, which is necessary for health reasons.

Duration of preparation of dishes

Any kitchen equipment chooses by the speed of its work, as in the modern world time is valued unusually expensive. Some experts who conducted research procedures, argue that the multivariate spends more time preparing different dishes. However, improved models of multivariate manufacturers of different types, are able to cook dishes for a couple with an identical speed, like a steamer. The steamer spends less time, possibly because of the smaller number of built-in programs.

Preserving the useful qualities of cooked dishes

Often, modern kitchen machines are purchased not only to free time for rest, but also for the preparation of healthy and healthy food. Since useful substances, trace elements and vitamins break down when improperly prepared, special attention should be paid to this point. In this matter, the rival steamer simply can not be, because any dish, in the preparation of which steam was used, retains all the main and useful elements. However, the multivark also has a "steaming" function.

Thus, a steamer is always just a concern for your health and the health of your family, and a multivarker is health, but also an opportunity to cook yourself something that is not too useful, more likely harmful. That is why, when making your choice - a multivarker or a double boiler, evaluate for yourself the initially importance of healthy and healthy food.

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The number of dishes that can be cooked using each technique separately

Multivarka allows you to vary the menu

The multivarker allows you to vary the menu of the

In this criterion, the multivark is inferior, as the kit only provides one container thatcan be small( 2.5 liters) or large( 4.5 liters).When you buy a double boiler, several containers are purchased at once, which differ in size, volume and capacity.

Thus, in the process of working the steamer manages to cook simultaneously several dishes of different complexity with preservation of all useful properties, and the multivarker is not capable of cooking more than one dish at a time.

Multivarka is convenient for preparing a certain number of dishes for a narrow family circle, but the food will be the same for everyone, otherwise you can not do without your own labor and help the plate. Steamer allows you to cook dishes not only for a narrow circle of people, and the number of dishes will please the amateur - gourmets, and the mistress, who did not spend on their cooking extra time and energy.

Pricing policy

In accordance with the number of functions performed, the average multiwriter is several times more expensive than an ordinary steamer. However, we can distinguish such models of steamers, the cost of which boldly bypass even the most functional multivark. The cost of the equipment, as usual, depends on its quality, as well as, the duration of cooking, the amount of additional capacity, additional functions and many other measures. Your choice is comfort and convenience in the future, but do not forget that the purchase should not ruin you. Thus, before going for such an important acquisition in the store, it is worth highlighting the main criteria for selection, and the variety of the market will help find the necessary.

Other differences and similarities that will help make the right choice

In addition to the fact that the steamer allows you to cook several dishes at once in a shorter time, there is a point that deserves attention - scum. The heating device is similar to that of an electric kettle, flat type, immersed directly in water. The bottom line is that this device does not boil water, but evaporates it. This method of work is not suitable for everyone, especially in those areas where water is hard and there are problems with magnesium and calcium salts.

To avoid permanent scaling and the need to remove it, you should carefully filter the water, and possibly more than once.

Advice from experts - in order to ensure that all dishes are prepared at the same speed, purchase containers in one volume, this will allow them to change places during cooking. For a multivark such a mess with scum simply does not exist. During cooking, water never boils, except when the procedure has exceeded the norm.

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The peculiarity of the structure of the multivark is that the bowl is covered with a lid with a check valve, which is an obstacle to the evaporation of moisture. It can be checked easily, even the elementary boiling mode, rather than evaporation, will not cause any harm to the kitchen appliances. However, it is necessary to monitor the operation of the multivarker independently, since the built-in programs are not configured for automatic shutdown, as in an electric kettle, when the temperature reaches 100 degrees.

With all the variety of choice and merits of each technical unit, it is problematic to make a choice. In this case, you need to decide what exactly you are looking for - an assistant who can cook soup and cereal, baby food, cakes and muffins, vegetables and fried meat, or several different dishes cooked for a couple, and featuring a wealth of useful microelements and vitamins.

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