How to find "your" diet?

Everyone knows that overweight is not only not beautiful, it's also harmful to health. Even a seemingly insignificant amount of fat mass, only 2-3 extra kilograms - is already a considerable additional burden on the heart, because it needs to supply a much larger area with blood.

But why can some people eat anything and not get fat, while others even have an extra kilogram even from the minimum amount of the "forbidden" product?

Nutritionists are of the opinion that 75% of the appearance of excess weight( or lack thereof) is due to lifestyle, and only 25% - by genes. Although 25% in such an important issue for health - quite a bit. According to the results of research by American scientists, the success or failure of a diet is associated with the human genotype. Therefore, in order to effectively reduce weight, everyone will need something of their own: one - fasting days, another - do not eat after 18:00, the third - to refuse certain products. Diet, according to nutrition experts, is an individual thing, its success largely depends on the nature of the organism's characteristics. Therefore, choosing a diet is best combined with a dietician.

It is known that the amount of fat cells a person has during his life does not change, fat cells can only change in volume. An increase in their volume in some can occur, for example, with sweet foods, in others - with fat. Someone can eat anything and in any quantity and at the same time stay slim, and there are also those who have fullness - this is a hereditary "family" feature, and in order to normalize the weight in this case, you need to reduce the total amount of calories consumed.

Find your own version of an effective diet can be through trial and experimentation. For example, at first to refuse fat food, that is to exclude from the menu such products as fatty meat, fried potatoes, butter, nuts, sausage and so on. If the weight does not decrease after 7-10 days of such a diet, it is necessary to return to normal consumption of fat and try to abandon the food rich in carbohydrates and sugars: bakery products, cakes, chocolate, dried fruits, jam, sugar, honey. So, trying that one, then another option, you can find your "own" diet.

Do not forget that any diet will be more effective in combination with physical activity. Because, firstly, when losing weight, body volumes can begin to decrease at all, where it is especially necessary, and secondly, after a significant reduction in weight, the skin in some places may hang, become flabby. But every body will take physical exercises in its own way. One rather short, but intense load, the other is better to prefer long, but less intense exercises. Set what you need, you can also by experiment: someone will become slimmer from jogging, someone - from strength exercises.