Tutor on the knee joint( for children and adults): why is needed, how to choose

Products for prevention, rehabilitation, treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system are constantly being improved and changing for the better. Are not an exception prosthetic and orthopedic products. Gauze, elastic bandages, gypsum dressings are replaced by convenient, functional devices for fixing the lower limb or its individual segments. One of them is a tutor.

What's this?

Knee stunner - orthopedic fixation device on a rigid base in the form of sleeves. Securely fastened to the foot with a lacing or straps. It is produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers for different age groups. The material for manufacturing are:

  • plastic,
  • metal alloys,
  • polymer fabrics,
  • genuine leather.

Fabric and leather products are additionally reinforced with a metal frame with half rings or tires.

Orthoses - another orthopedic device for restoring the motor and supporting function of the knee joint. Characterized by a more complex device. Unlike the tutors, they are additionally equipped with hinges that are located in the joints.


Tortor for the knee
Fixation of the knee joint of the child - the key to successful treatment

The tutor is manufactured in various sizes, configurations, shapes and uses with modern materials. They are successfully used by adults and children. The product of a certain modification can perform both one and several functions simultaneously:

  • reliably fixes the joint during the period of treatment, rehabilitation, in the postoperative period;
  • reduces pain in trauma;
  • is used as a means of preventing injuries, fractures, including in cases of osteoporosis;
  • provides rest to a sick joint;
  • fixes, corrects the deformed joint or limb;
  • helps to avoid relapses, complications;
  • replaces tire and gypsum board.

When using a tutor after an injury, edema decreases, the blood supply improves, therefore, the healing of damaged tissues is accelerated.


Like any product used for medicinal purposes, tutors have their contraindications for use. They can not be worn in the following cases:

  • when the skin is damaged( there are abrasions, cuts, scratches);
  • if there were abscesses, abscesses, furuncles, ulcers;
  • with muscular spasms, hyperkinesias;
  • in case of circulatory disturbance in the lower extremities.

At the appearance of the first signs of concomitant disease, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician about the possibility of further use of the device.

How to choose

Adults, children's products are produced for serial sale, are sold in orthopedic stores, online stores. But it is better for a child to order an individual children's tutor, taking into account the age and features of the lower limb. The goods for children are subject to special requirements. They should:

  • well fix the joint;
  • to be easy;
  • is wear-resistant;
  • adjustable;
  • of safe materials;
  • hygienic.
Measurement of the circumference of the knee
Measurement of the circumference of the middle of the knee joint

By special cut, these functional versions of products are made, in which you can not only walk during the day, but also sleep at night.

Tutors have to be worn for a long time. Given the characteristics of age, children's products are made of a durable, resilient "breathing" material on a soft breathable lining. The detachable design allows you to quickly remove the prosthesis for medical and hygienic procedures.

ORLETT universal tutu made in Germany is used to restore knee functions in 95% of cases of diseases and injuries of neurosurgical, traumatic, neurological. Devices are characterized by security, ease of use, convenience.

To correctly select the ORLETT torso on the knee, you need to measure the circumference of the knee joint in the center of a centimeter tape. Then compare the indicators with the table.

size S M L XL XXL
Circumference in cm

20 - 22 23 - 25 26 - 29 30 - 33 34 - 39

Tutory adult fixed five removable metal rails and cuffs. Thanks to belts with clasps, you can periodically change the parameters of orthopedic devices.

Children's tutors of this brand are equipped with three tires: the rear and two side. If it becomes necessary to change the degree of fixation, the metal tires change to rigid spiral ribs.

Tortor for foot
Adult tutor - convenient fixing device

The sizes of domestic products are selected as follows. Three parameters are measured: the middle of the thigh, the middle of the shin and the distance between them.

Name Thigh circumference in cm Thigh circumference in cm Height in cm
Child 32 - 47 27 - 43 35
Adult 33 - 51 28 - 44 50

Orthopedic devices need to be correctly picked up and worn. This affects the stability of the joint, the reliability of fixation, the time of recovery. Put the tutor in the position both lying down and sitting with a slightly bent knee. To avoid abrasions, it is desirable for children to put on tights under the bottom.


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When choosing and buying the tota, the determining factors are quality, price and their conformity to each other. Of all the variety of goods it is possible to choose inexpensive, at the same time, quality products. The cost of production depends on the following factors:

  • device complexity,
  • designation,
  • material,
  • manufacturer,
  • region.

Demand and popularity of the brand significantly affect the value of products. The average price of the tutor varies from 1800 to 4000 rubles.

For a sick person, whether a child or an adult, the tutor gives hope for a full recovery. During the illness, one reduces suffering, the other will be allowed to actively move.

Tortor for the knee
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