Almagel neo. Features of the drug

Almagel Neo - antacid, enveloping and adsorbing drug that has proven effective in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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product Description and pharmacological properties

Almagel neo. In bags

Almagel neo. In bags

, Almagel Neo is a multicomponent cationic non-absorbing antacid mixture of local action with strong buffering properties. The main active ingredients of the preparation are aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and simethicone.

The drug, thanks to its aluminum hydroxide, is able to maintain an optimal acidity in the stomach for a long period of time, which prevents the increase in acid production by the gastric lining cells. Characterized by excellent adsorption activity, especially absorbs substances such as pepsin and bile acids.

Promotes increased mucus formation, covers the mucous membrane of the stomach, forming a protective film, thereby protecting the mucosa from damaging factors and promoting the regeneration of damaged tissues. Magnesium hydroxide also neutralizes harmful substances. In addition, it has a laxative effect, which provides a normal stool without constipation against the background of receiving Almagoel Neo.

Due to the presence of simethicone in the surfactant, which prevents the formation of gas bubbles in the mucus and contributes to their destruction, Almagel Neo, in contrast to other antacid preparations, promotes the release of gases that are absorbed by the walls of the intestine and are eliminated from the body naturally.

Simethicone is an inert compound that does not interfere with the absorption of other substances, does not change the acidity in the stomach, it has an effect throughout the digestive tract. It is a carminative drug, it eliminates the clinical manifestations of flatulence, such as pain in the epigastrium, eructation, bloating, feeling of raspiraniya, rumbling.

Almagel Neo is available in the form of a white suspension with a characteristic orange odor. The drug is not absorbed, does not degrade and does not accumulate in the body, is excreted unchanged. Its effect begins 3-5 minutes after ingestion, the duration of action is 3 hours.

Indications for use

Almagel Neo has proven effective in monotherapy or complex therapy:

  • acute and chronic gastritis with increased and normal secretory function of the stomach
  • acute duodenitis
  • erosion of the gastric and duodenal mucosa
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum
  • gastroesophageal reflux
  • reflux esophagitis
  • acute pancreatitis
  • pancreatitis in chronic
  • form
  • heartburn
  • heartburn
  • discomfort with errors in the diet, after excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine)
  • with flatulence, bloating, epigastric pain, belching
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Almagel Neo bottle 170ml

Almagel Neo vial 170ml

Almagel Neo should be appointed only by a doctor after a preliminary examination and under his supervision. Do not take the drug in the event that a history of hypersensitivity to its components. The main contraindications to its use are:

  1. Syndrome of impairment of all renal functions
  2. Senile dementia of the Alzheimer's type
  3. Hypophosphatemia( reduced serum phosphate concentration)

Caution should be given to patients with liver diseases, brain injury, brain diseases, epilepsy. Almagel Neo is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. Also, it is forbidden to admit children under 10 years of age, with caution it should be prescribed to children of adolescence( 10-18 years).

Adverse effects of

The administration of the drug may trigger the development of some side effects, including an allergic reaction, nausea, a taste disorder, constipation, diarrhea. Long-term therapy with the drug or treatment with large doses for a considerable period of time can be manifested by a decrease in the concentration of calcium and phosphorus in the blood serum, increased calcium in the urine, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, hypermagnesia, hyperaluminia, encephalopathy, nephrocalcinosis, renal insufficiency.

Drug intake in patients with renal insufficiency can be accompanied by thirst, lowering of arterial pressure, hyporeflexia. During the treatment with the drug, there may be a sensation of numbness in the mucosa of the mouth and tongue. This is a temporary phenomenon, which does not require the withdrawal of the drug and special therapeutic measures.

Dosage and administration of

The dosage of the drug should be determined by the attending physician. In the absence of other indications, the suspension is prescribed to adults by 2 scoops 4 times a day at regular intervals. The drug should be taken 1 hour after meals and at bedtime. On the prescription of the doctor, a single dose can be increased to 4 measuring spoons, while it is important to ensure that the daily dose does not exceed 12 measuring spoons.

For children, the dose of the drug is half the adult dose, that is 1 measuring spoon 4 times a day. A day allowed to take no more than 6 measuring spoons. Suspension should not be diluted with water and do not drink. It is also advisable not to drink or eat within 30 minutes after taking it. Vial with the preparation immediately before use carefully shake to achieve a uniform composition of the suspension.

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The course of treatment is 14-28 days. If necessary and according to the doctor's prescription, it can be increased. At simultaneous treatment by Almagel Neo and other oral preparation the time interval between their reception should make not less than 1 hour. Otherwise, there may be a decrease in absorption of the drug.

Overdose of the drug

Almagel neo. Pills

Almagel neo. Tablets

Overdose of Almagel Neo is rare. The use of high doses of the suspension may lead to the development of severe hypermagnesia, the clinical manifestations of which are arterial hypotension, bradycardia, areflexia, drowsiness, weakness, paralysis, respiratory failure.

In extremely rare cases, there are manifestations of metabolic alkalosis: headaches, lethargy, neuromuscular excitability, convulsions, weakness.

If there are signs of an overdose of the drug, it is necessary to urgently arrange for its removal from the body. To do this, it is necessary to induce vomiting, rinse the stomach, take an absorbent preparation and seek qualified medical help.

Special instructions

Due to the fact that strictly controlled trials of taking Almagel Neo during pregnancy and breastfeeding were not carried out, it should be possible to refuse its admission during these periods. Admission of the suspension is only permissible if the expected benefit to the mother exceeds the risk of developing unwanted effects to the fetus or the baby.

The composition of the suspension includes ethyl alcohol, and therefore, the drug can cause complications in patients with pathologies of the brain and liver, in alcoholism and epilepsy, in children under 14 years. It should be borne in mind that the suspension in a small amount contains sorbitol, which is contraindicated in congenital intolerance to fructose and can provoke stomach irritation and diarrhea.

Aluminum hydroxide, which is the main active substance of Almogel Neo, reduces the absorption of phosphates from the digestive tract, which can lead to hypophosphatemia. Therefore, with prolonged therapy with the drug, it is necessary to ensure the intake of a sufficient amount of phosphorus in the body.

In addition, increased release of calcium in the urine, which can occur when the drug is treated, can lead to a violation of calcium-phosphate equilibrium and create favorable conditions for the development of osteomalacia( a systemic disease characterized by insufficient mineralization of bone tissue).

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Almagel Neo does not contain substances that have a negative effect on concentration of attention, which disrupt psychomotor functions and which act depressingly on the central nervous system. Therefore, taking the drug is not grounds for refusing to drive the vehicle.

Drug Interaction


Almagel neo - antacid preparation

The interaction of Almagel Neo with many drugs has been studied. With simultaneous administration of Almagel Neo reduces the absorption of antibiotics tetracycline group, fluoroquinolones, H2-antihistamines, anti-tuberculosis drugs.

In this regard, it is recommended to take a break between two meals of these preparations. It is important to take into account that simultaneous intake of Almagel Neo with salicylates leads to an increase in the release of salicylates by the kidneys due to alkalinization of urine.

In patients with renal insufficiency, there may be a disruption of hindin withdrawal with the development of Hindin toxicity. Therefore, the drug can not be taken with quinolines. Also in patients with renal insufficiency, an increase in the level of aluminum can be noted as a result of simultaneous intake of aluminum hydroxide with citrates.

The combination of Almagel with preparations in the form of tablets in an enteric-coated shell can lead to premature dissolution of the membrane, which will irritate the mucosa of the digestive tract.

Reviews about the drug

About the drug reviews are the most different. This is due to the fact that it is produced long ago and is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Many patients note that after taking the drug the condition improves significantly: pain in the epigastrium is eliminated, nausea, heartburn, flatulence go away. Others, on the contrary, believe that taking the drug did not have the desired effect.

In addition, part of the negative feedback is due to the short action of the drug. Patients do not like that Almagel Neo temporarily removes the symptoms of the disease, but does not cure them. Indeed, Almagel Neo is designed to relieve symptoms and normalize well-being. To treat the disease should take other medications.

Some patients report negative reactions at the beginning of the drug, are frightened and stop treatment. Meanwhile, similar symptoms can be observed only in the first days of therapy, after which they disappear. In addition, side effects in the form of nausea, diarrhea, constipation are permissible and occur immediately after discontinuation of the drug.

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