We treat a cough for a child with a radish - choosing the right remedy

In the broad list of folk remedies for cough, the radish occupies an honorable place. This vegetable has a very ancient history, it is believed that the first to grow it began the ancient Greeks. They also noted its useful properties - the radish was eagerly consumed and even presented as a gift to the gods.

Today, radish and its medicinal juice to many families help to cope with the importunate cough. Parents often prefer this drug, but not different medicines - the effectiveness of radish has been tested by many generations, but the harm to the body of a natural product will bring much less than drugs. And although some drugs can not be refused, cure a child with traditional medicine is very simple.


  • 1 Useful properties of radish
  • 2 How to properly use radish( prescription medicinal tinctures)
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4 Radish from cough - recipe for preparation for video

Useful properties of radish

There are several varieties of this vegetable, the most popular ones are green and black. Green radish has a more delicate taste, while black radish has a more delicate taste.

Although they are almost indistinguishable from each other in their composition, in the national recipes the black look is more common. Despite this, if you have only a green radish at hand, it can also be safely used in a similar way.

Black and green radish

Although the composition of black and green radish is almost identical, the first type of

is more often found in people's cough recipes. Radish brings a lot of benefits to the child and adult body:

  • vegetable contains useful trace elements( calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, potassium and others).The mineral composition of the product is truly astounding, not much what a vegetable or fruit can compete with a radish;
  • content of vitamins B, C, PP;
  • in radish is carotene, pantothenic acid, lysozyme;
  • use of the product is recommended for colds, bronchitis, liver and gallbladder disease;
  • vegetable is used as a preventive agent for gastritis and the likely development of urolithiasis;
  • vegetable fiber helps to normalize bowel function;
  • product is rich in essential and mustard oils;
  • helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

How to properly use radish( recipes of medicinal tinctures)

The question may arise - is it worth giving radish to children when coughing? The fact is that this manifestation in most cases signals a disease of the respiratory system, and therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is impossible to replace the basic treatment with folk remedies, and therefore it is used as an adjunct to drug therapy, which eliminates the root cause of the disease.

If you plan to give your baby radish as a cough remedy, be sure to inform the doctor in charge. The doctor's approval will give confidence in the absence of negative consequences from such treatment, and if the side effects are highly probable, the doctor will definitely warn about it.

As a medicine, vegetable juice is best suited - it contains all the necessary useful substances for getting rid of cough. To receive medical juice it is possible in such a way:

  • a black radish needs to be washed well;
  • after the vegetable is placed in a deep bowl;
  • the upper part is cut approximately 1 centimeter and in the pulp make a small groove-dimple;
  • is the best option - to fill the cavity with honey, but in case of its absence you can also sugar( this is especially true if the child has an allergy to honey);
  • in a few hours, the vegetable will start to give off the juice. As the recess is filled, it needs to be drained, and a new portion of honey or sugar should be added to the radish. Repeat the procedure can be until the vegetable does not completely soften, giving away all the juice.
radish juice

Radish juice can be obtained by pouring sugar into the groove in the vegetable, but honey can also be used

Dosage of this tincture must be strictly observed: children can be given 1 teaspoon of juice three times a day. It is best to do this before meals, for half an hour. Sweet honey will give the juice a pleasant taste, which will help persuade the child to drink a spoonful of medicine.

There is another way to "extract" the juice from the vegetable - it is cleaned, cut into small cubes and placed in a jar. There you also need to add sugar( or honey), close the container and work well. Juice will also appear in a few hours.

Radish juice sometimes becomes just a lifesaver, making it easier to cough. In addition, the vitamin C contained in it will help the child recover faster after the illness and strengthen the immune defense.


Radish, despite a large list of useful properties, there are contraindications. So, overdose can be dangerous - you do not need to give your child too much cooked syrup, it will not speed up the recovery, but can only do harm.

It is also impossible to consume juice for a long time. For children, the maximum treatment period using this product is one week. In addition, do not use the tool more than once every six months.

Radish is not recommended for use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system. Another contraindication is the presence of allergies.

Radish from cough - recipe for cooking aids on video

http: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = zyo9LMAUcFk