Care for fragile hair at home

Care for fragile hair at home

Probably, many face such a problem as brittle hair. Broken hair does not look very good, and it's a lot of trouble, because not many styling products will fit fragile hair. However, this can be corrected. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to resort to the help of salons and expensive specialists, you can change the situation with your own hands, at home.

Causes of brittleness of hair

First we will understand, because of what such problem could arise. For this, you need to pay attention to food and what kind of lifestyle you lead. Various bad habits, such as cigarettes and alcohol, affect the condition of the hair.

In addition, the daily regimen should be followed and the body should receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. And of course, not useful food: in the diet should necessarily be present vitamins. The main thing is the general condition of your body, because with all your general health, all means will be useless.

Next on the list is what hurts the hair directly. After washing your head, try not to dry your hair with a hair dryer, hot air will make them dry and brittle. Irons and curling forceps also have a very bad effect on the condition of the hair. For combing hair the best option is wooden combs or combs, but not metal ones. And brush your hair only dry.

Causes of brittle hair

What to do for hair restoration?

In order to make the hair stronger, restore their strength and evenness, you need to change the shampoo. With brittle hair, you need to use specially designed shampoos, which contain various nutritional and vitamin complexes. After the head is washed, the hair must necessarily be applied with a special balm or mask, and more attention should be given to the tips.

Also, as the drying of hair, do not use "rubbing" with a towel, because this will only make them worse. Let them dry themselves. Or, if you use a hair dryer, then only the mode of cold air.

Efficient care for fragile hair

Once a week you need to apply a mask of burdock oil. Apply it to both the scalp and directly to the hair. Then, after applying oil to the hair, you need to tie a packet on your hair and be sure to put on a warming cap. Do not forget about the regular disposal of your hair from excess: you need to cut the split ends. In addition to the fact that the hair will look better and more healthy, they will not separate further, along the entire length. Ideally, cut the tips with hot scissors, then the ends will not be cut, and nutrients will not be washed out. But this is optional.

Effective care for brittle hair

In winter, in frost, wind and snow, or vice versa at a time when the sun is merciless, the hair especially needs to be watched. They need to be protected from all these harmful effects. Also, you need to change your hair. If you always walk with the same hair, this will have a bad effect on fragile hair.

The place of stamping or tying an elastic band should be changed as often as possible so as not to damage the hair in the same place. In winter, you need to avoid as much as possible the friction of the hair against rough fabric and lightning.

If you are faced with brittle hair, then in no case can not neglect their recovery. You have to take care of your hair.

Video about the care of thin fragile hair

Video about the proper care of fragile hair