Inhalations with dry and moist cough for children, inhalation with nebulizer

Cough of any nature delivers a lot of trouble for a person. However, it rarely manages to avoid. Often, people either do not pay attention to it at all, expecting that everything will go away by itself, or take various expectorant and thinning medications. However, it is important to know that the medical treatment of cough is very effectively combined with inhalations.

Since coughing is not a separate disease, it is accompanied by any other irregularities in the functioning of the respiratory system, inhalation therapy is precisely the means that can affect the deep divisions of the respiratory system. Here are just some arguments in favor of using inhalations:

  • Due to the vapor molecules, medicinal preparations penetrate deeply into the mucosa of the respiratory tract;
  • Steam enhances the effect of drugs and helps to remove spasms of smooth muscles of the respiratory tract and dilution of sputum;
  • No drug is able to penetrate the far-distant parts of the lower part of the lungs, like the tiniest particles formed by a couple;

However, the type of inhaler used directly depends on the disease of each individual person. So, for example, with rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and tonsillitis it is enough to perform usual steam inhalations, but if the lungs are already injured, a nebulizer is needed.

Buying a nebulizer in a pharmacy for self-administration of inhalations, it is necessary to pay attention to the indication of the particle sizes produced by it. Ideally, you need to buy a nebulizer with a range of not more than 10 microns.

To date, pharmacies offer the consumer two types of nebulizers:

  • ultrasound : convenient, compact size, while it is characterized by almost noiseless operation, which is important for the treatment of young children who may be frightened of unusual noise. However, it should be remembered that an ultrasonic nebulizer is not intended for antibiotics and / or hormones. This is due to the fact that ultrasound exposure can destroy drugs;
  • compression : differs quite impressive size and noise when working. However, unlike ultrasonic, it can produce smaller particles.

In the inhaler, the following preparations are allowed:

  • with a dry cough, which requires softening the sore throat, reducing the viscosity of sputum and accelerating its excretion from the body, it is advisable to perform inhalations with salbutamol, berodual, berotek, atroven;
  • with a damp cough, when the most important thing is to facilitate the process of separating the sputum, inhalations with lazolvanum, pulmosim, fluimycil will be useful;
  • for inhalation with rotokan is good for the removal of the common inflammatory process in the respiratory tract;
  • for the treatment of cough, provoked by bacterial bronchitis, are well assisted by inhalation with fluimycil, dioxydin, furacilin, gentamycin;
  • for strengthening immunity and body resistance to catarrhal diseases, it is necessary to carry out inhalations with interferon from time to time;
  • inhalation with mineral water or pharmacological saline moisturize the mucosa and soothe it.

If the doctor has not assigned a specific sequence( in the case of inhalations with several drugs), you should independently monitor the compliance of the procedures with the following scheme:

  1. The first step is to inhale the bronchodilators;
  2. After 20 minutes, it is possible to start using products that dilute sputum;
  3. In half an hour, inhalations can be administered with antiseptic agents;
  4. Anti-inflammatory drugs may be used without interruption after antiseptics;
  5. Immunomodulating drugs are used after the cycle of treatment procedures or during a period when a person is healthy and wants only to support their body.

The specific drug, its dosage and frequency of use is indicated only by the doctor, given several factors:

  • an accurate diagnosis;
  • prescription of the disease;
  • the age of the patient;
  • individual intolerance of drugs or their constituents.

For example, the treatment of a cold in a child will look something like this: saline or mineral water, a mixture of 2 ml of lazolvan and the same amount of saline, 5 ml of rotochans. After recovery, it is desirable to consolidate the result with several inhalations of 2 ml of interferon.

Using a nebulizer at home, you should follow the rules for caring for it: do not inhale with substances that are not intended for it, wash after each use and preheat all solutions used in it to room temperature.

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