False groats in children: symptoms and emergency care

False groats in children - one of the critical conditions that require immediate assistance. On the deterioration of the child can testify cyanosis of the lips with a general blue skin, strong, "barking" cough, the continuous separation of saliva, severe dyspnea. When radiography clearly visible so-called "symptom of a sharpened pencil", when the lining of the larynx sharply narrows.

Stages of false cereal in children and care

False groats( acute stenosing laryngotracheitis) is an inflammatory process in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract of a viral or viral-bacterial nature with symptoms of suffocation, accompanied by the development of acute respiratory failure.

The disease usually develops in children under 3 years old.

On a background of acute respiratory viral infection with a fever, the child suddenly has a coarse barking cough, dyspnea( the baby can not breathe), sometimes the voice completely disappears.

There are 4 stages of false croup:

I stage - the child is outside the attack active, the consciousness is clear;voice hoarse, coarse barking cough, a slight cyanosis of the nasolabial triangle. Another symptom of a false cereal in children at this stage is mild dyspnoea.

II stage - the child is agitated, restless;frequent barking coughing, breathing is heavy, noisy, shortness of breath, when breathing, intercostal spaces are retracted and neck muscles straining;the skin is pale, around the mouth, blueness persists. A characteristic sign of a false cereal in children at this stage is an accelerated heartbeat.

III stage - the consciousness is confused, the child is either excited or slowed down;characterized by a sharp shortness of breath( it is difficult for a child to breathe in), exhalation is shortened, intercostal spaces are drawn in during breathing and neck muscles are strained;the skin is pale, with an earthy tinge, the face, arms and legs become cyanotic, a cold sweat appears, the heart beats very fast, irregularly.

IV stage - there is no consciousness, the child tries to breathe, suffices to open air;breathing is superficial, the pupils are dilated, the entire skin acquires a cyanotic shade, the pulse is irregular. Convulsions, slow heartbeats precede heart failure and complete suffocation.

Before the beginning of assisting with false croup in children, the child is given a position with an elevated head end giving an abundant warm alkaline drink.

Carry out inhalations with baking soda( 2 tablespoons without top on 1 liter of water), medicinal herbs( plantain, mother-and-stepmother brew at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 glass of water).During emergency care for children with false croup, babies, berodual, etc. are injected through a nebulizer through the nebulizer. 2.4% euphyllin( 2-4 mg / kg), prednisolone( 3-5 mg / kg) is injected through the enema.

When excited, convulsions apply 2.5% pifolen( 0.1 ml / year of life), epinephrine( 0.01 mg / kg, but not more than 0.3 mg).

All these first aid measures for children with false cereal are temporary, it is required to take the child to the hospital as soon as possible.