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The truth or myth?
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  • How to sunbathe correctly. Instruction
  • How to choose a swimsuit and not to be mistaken
  • Advices of doctors on choosing a swimsuit. Video
  • What only girls do not come up with, lying on the beach to do a tan more smoothly: move the straps of the swimsuit, tie up - untie them, or even envy dark envy. .. nudists. However, we have good news. By purchasing swimsuits that skip sunburn, you will forget about beach torment and white stripes on the skin.

    The truth or the myth?


    Transparent swimsuit In many countries of the post-Soviet space swimsuits, through which one can easily tan, is a very rare phenomenon. Although in the West such models have been already 20 years since they ceased to be something outlandish. There even exists a special line of tanning clothes, which includes not only bathing suits, but also pareos, shirts and T-shirts.

    "Are not these the intrigues of marketers?" You wonder, when you first hear about swimsuits in which you can sunbathe without any traces. The answer will probably surprise you, but such useful things really do exist.

    Made a similar swimsuit made from such a fabric, which allows up to 80% of ultraviolet light. This means that the tan under the swimsuit will not be as intense as in the exposed areas of the skin, but contrast marks will not appear from it. Although, if sunbathing in distant southern countries, where the sun is very active, the difference will not be noticeable.

    How to sunbathe correctly. Instruction

    How to sunbathe correctly

    How to choose a swimsuit and not to be mistaken

    Special swimsuits for sunbathing can not be bought at every step. Two or three years ago, it was rather difficult to find them. Nevertheless, recently they are becoming more popular, so you can safely ask about their availability in the shopping centers of major cities. Where exactly you will find a swimsuit, skipping tan, so it's on the Internet.

    Here are some tips on how and where to buy such beachwear:

    • Tan in a swimsuit Well, if you still find a place where you can touch the thing and try it on. What is it for? The fact is that swimsuits are made of fabric in a fine mesh and the products of some companies can be greatly enlightened. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure beforehand how much the thing will hide all your merits, so that you do not stand in complete disappointment with the mirror.
    • Due to the fact that the fabric is thin, and there are no pads on the bra, then such swimsuits do not correct the figure at all. The pull effect or "push" effect you will not achieve from them.
    • Some swimsuits have rubberized straps, under which the skin does not tan, so ask the seller or read the instructions carefully.
    • You can purchase tanning clothes right on foreign websites that support the delivery service to other countries. They can be found by typing in the search engine the phrase "tan through", which in English means "skipping tan."

    Tips for doctors to choose a swimsuit. Video

    Get an even tan in a swimsuit is no longer a problem, as before. However, if you make a purchase on the Internet, then be sure to check the rating of the seller or store, look for real customer reviews, so that the purchased item really pleased you, and did not leave behind only sad memories.

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    Published: 15-08-2015