How to remove the second chin at home: exercises, massage, masks


  • Method No. 1. Exercises against the second chin
  • Method No. 2. Massage in the fight against the second chin
  • Method No. 3. Recipes for lifting masks

It appears gradually, imperceptibly, hanging down every day, creasing with larger creases. And one day, having glanced at your reflection in the mirror or your own recent photograph, you will be horrified to note that you have become the owner of an unpleasant defect - the second chin. The cheeks are swollen, the impression is made that the head lies on the chest, the neck does not seem to be, the outline of the face loses its outlines. The most bitter is that these folds by many others are perceived as one of the signs of obesity. In fact, the causes of for this defect are diverse : it can be age-related changes, heredity, internal diseases, wrong lifestyle and much more. But you can not convince people that the matter is not in excess weight. Therefore, all those who suffer from such a defect, so want to know how to remove the second chin quickly, painlessly and inexpensively. No matter, with the help of salon procedures or home techniques - the main thing is that it is effective. In fact, modern cosmetology offers many ways to solve this problem.

Method No. 1. Exercises against the second chin

There is a facial gymnastics consisting of specially designed exercises: you can get rid of the second chin with their help for a month. If you continue to find the strength to perform them daily( it takes 5-7 minutes), you can never return to that problem. Gymnastics this performs not only corrective functions, but it is also an excellent preventive measure against such an unpleasant cosmetic defect as the second chin. Exercises develop the muscles of the lower part of the face, train and strengthen them. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic, tightened, elastic, no longer sag.

Gymnastics simultaneously improves subcutaneous microcirculation: the circulatory and lymphatic systems begin to become more active, the metabolism in cells improves. Facial gymnastics against the second chin can be found a lot, teaching videos on the network is also a large number. You do not need to do this two hours a day: choose only those exercises that you are able to perform, do not cause you a feeling of discomfort and do not take away much of your time .We bring to your attention a certain gymnastic complex, which is distinguished by its lightness and efficiency.

  • Topol

One of the most popular exercises for posture and at the same time against the second chin. For the first lessons, find a large book in a tight binding with a volume of 100-150 pages( that is, not very thick).Lay it on your head and walk with it for about 10 minutes. Do not be discouraged if you do not get it the first time: in this business you need skill and long workouts. Once you master this volume and be sure to wear it on your head, go on to thicker books, but gradually: first 200, in a week - 300 pages. You do not need to take more.

  • "Loader"

Here you need a fantasy. Mentally suspend an imaginary, but very heavy, almost unbearable load to your chin( lower jaw).Feeling his weight, slowly start to tilt your head back. You should feel the tension of the lower face muscles as if they are actually experiencing a serious load. After you throw your head as much as possible, slowly, carefully, smoothly return to its original position, not forgetting for a moment the imaginary cargo. Repeat this exercise should be at least five times a day.

  • "Tops and lowlands"

Not always a language can be an enemy, especially if it concerns getting rid of the second chin: here he is your true friend and reliable assistant. Pull it out as far as possible, pull up and touch the tip of the nose, if possible. Try this several times. After that, try to do the opposite: touch the chin - its lowest point. Rotate these movements 5-6 times.

  • "Eight"

Open your mouth, stick out your tongue( again for the maximum length), draw in the air with the tip of the tongue sticking out the "eight" first in one direction, then in the other. Repeat several times.

  • "Caprice"

Feel yourself for a few minutes a small offended child. Tilt the head as far as possible, start the lower lip first - on the upper lip, and then - maximally pull it down, on the chin. Alternate these movements several times.

  • "Resistance"

Sit comfortably at the table, put elbows on it, with your fists on the bottom, support your chin. Now try to lower your head down, but you should resist yourself with your fists. You must first feel the tension, and then the fatigue in the facial muscles.

  • "Philologist"

Facial muscles at the time of the exercise must be strained. Without relaxing them, you need to speak 10 times with effort to vowel sounds, in pronunciation of which the maximum number of lower-face muscles is involved. This [and], [o], [y].

  • "Fidget"

In different directions methodically tilt your head: first - swing forward and back, then - turn to the right and left.

  • "Horizon"

Select a flat surface( ideally suitable for a carpet or rug, spread out on the floor), lie down, put your hands behind your head. Straining the muscles of the upper torso, tear off the head from the floor with your hands, but do not lift your shoulders.2-3 minutes, without looking up, look at the toes. If the exercise is done correctly, the body must become heavy. Then you can relax and lie down in the starting position. Repeat the action.

Here's how to get rid of the second chin with the help of exercises - special facial exercises.

It can have a greater effect while simultaneously carrying out a massage, also designed exclusively to get rid of this annoying, life-busting defect.

Complex impact will be the shock method, after which the second chin, even with obesity, will not be so noticeable.

Method No. 2. Massage in the fight against the second chin

Exercises usually give results only after a month. Often the situation develops in such a way that it is necessary to remove the second chin quickly - in two weeks this can be achieved if the facial gymnastics is supplemented with massage .This can be a salon procedure with the involvement of specialists, but, as a rule, because of the time pressure or lack of money, this service is not used by all. In this case, is a self-massage practice, which is easy to learn at home. This method improves blood circulation, resolves fats, activates metabolic processes, and possesses a lifting effect.

Massage - these are the same exercises for the lower part of the face, only they are performed with the help of hands. There are also a lot of them, select those that can be done easily, quickly and naturally every day or every other day( depending on the cosmetic neglect of the defect).The main thing is not to overdo it: 10-15 minutes will be enough for such manipulations. Below the above exercises do not cause difficulties and can form the basis for self-massage at home against the second chin.

  1. Wash hands, dry them thoroughly.
  2. Apply to the lower part of the face( jaw, chin, cheeks) a massage or any nutritious( preferably greasy) cream. You can moisten the skin with rose water or honey decoction.
  3. Stroke the part of the face with which you will work( from earlobes to chin and back).
  4. Gradually, when stroking, strengthen the pressure of the fingertips on the skin and accelerate the tempo.
  5. Presses change with light, pleasant tapping, which must initially be slow, but the speed should gradually increase.
  6. After taps, ticks usually go, which are considered one of the most effective methods to get rid of the second chin.
  7. Take the lower part of the cheeks in the palm of your hand( maximum).Imagine that this is a dough: start it "kneading", stretching and gradually increasing the tempo.
  8. To finish the self-massage you need a slight stroking - the movement from which you started the procedure.

Massage should be easy, relaxed, pleasant, do not leave a feeling of heaviness and discomfort. Perhaps within an hour after such a procedure the face will burn, but this is a positive effect: it means that you managed to start blood circulation and other metabolic processes at the cellular level at the right pace. Will only wait for the result. It is understandable the desire of many to get rid of the second chin quickly, but you still have to wait: together with the facial gymnastics the self-massage will have the desired effect of the week in two, not earlier. And this is provided that they will be both conducted daily. To help such complex influence it is possible still with the help of home lifting masks, the main function of which is to tighten the contour of the face, to make it even, clear, beautiful. Is not this what you dream?

A home face tonic can be made for any type of skin from simple products. The product will perfectly refresh and cleanse the skin. Tonic Recipes: http: //beautiface.net/uhod/ za-kozhey / tonik-dlya-lica-v-domashnix-usloviyax.html

You can fight pigmentation of the skin with home remedies. Learn how & gt; & gt;

Method No. 3. Recipes of lifting masks for a double chin lift

Already ready cosmetic pull-up masks against the second chin can be bought at the pharmacy. However, home remedies are most effective, cheaper and even safer, which can be prepared from the most common products. They enrich cells with nutrients( vitamins and mineral elements), help elastin and collagen to be synthesized in the right amount, and in fact they tighten the skin, making it young, elastic, elastic. The contour of the face becomes beautifully outlined, without the hanging cheeks and folds under the chin. Such masks do not have to be applied to the entire face: concentrate only on the bottom part, which you need to correct. Beforehand, you need to check the mask for allergy. Put the prepared mixtures in a thin layer on the chin line, top with a gauze dressing, keep at least half an hour, rinse with warm water. Do this every other day.

  • Yeast Mask

One table.lies.yeast dilute with warm milk to a thick consistency, leave for about half an hour( preferably in a dark place).

  • Potato and honey mask

Two table.lies. Fresh mashed potatoes mixed with one table.lies.warm milk, add two tables.lies.liquid, melted on a bath of water honey( natural and as fresh as possible).

  • Mask with black clay

Three table.lies.black cosmetic clay dilute with water( warm or room temperature) to the desired, creamy consistency.

  • Brine compress

With strained brine after sauerkraut moisten gauze and tie it with the lower part of the face.

Remove the second chin at home can easily and quickly, eliminating, first, the root cause of this defect.

If it's obesity, you'll have to fight overweight with sports and diets. If this is an internal disease, it must be treated. Wrong way of life - stop smoking, start sleeping, adjust the regime of the day. The triple technique of home getting rid of the second chin( exercises + massage + mask) is very effective and perfectly proven. If the problem does not go away, despite all your efforts, you always have a whole range of salon services at your disposal: mesotherapy and liposuction will eliminate this defect in the shortest possible time.

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