Root of burdock for hair: a natural remedy for their strengthening


  • Healing power of burdock root
  • Burdock root: application of
  • Recipes from burdock root for hair

Agrimony, dog, grandfather - the burdock in people is called in different ways, although in fact its name is translated from Latin as "bear".Beauties with weakened and diseased locks should consider it not a common weed growing under the fence, but is a unique means for strengthening roots, against hair loss, for treating alopecia, incidentally solving many other problems of associated with scalp. Learn to use burdock for hair - and nothing will threaten them. You can enjoy the prolonged action of the decoction from the root of this plant: after rinsing with this healing potion, the curls become strong, strong, shiny.

Healing power of burdock root

The magical power of burdock for hair is explained by its unique chemical composition, in which it is possible to recognize a lot of the most useful substances. Each of them makes a small contribution to the recovery of patients and weakened strands, and as a result,

produces a powerful, complex effect on the scalp, roots and the very structure of the hair. So from the chemical composition of the burdock root you can expect the most amazing results:

  • the main violin is played by inulin - polysaccharide, which guarantees the smoothness and shine of the hair after rinses and masks with this amazing plant, because it's a lot of burdock in the root of burdock;
  • variety essential oils makes the root of burdock for hair a great soothing: if you suffer from itchy scalp due to dandruff, you can not find the best medicine;at a pediculosis this agent as it is useful, as does not allow to comb a skin of a head up to a blood after insect bites and interferes with formation kost;
  • various fatty oils are able to form a protective film that prevents rapid contamination of curls, moisturizes dry strands, reflects the most aggressive external attacks on the hair in the form of ultraviolet, temperature drops and other atmospheric troubles;
  • of tannins at the root of burdock is also enough, they tell this plant this powerful fortifying property, preventing further loss of strands : the decoction is assigned by trichologists with alopecia;
  • stigmasterin is a very unique substance that is not found in every plant: the burdock for burdock hair regenerates, regenerates damaged cells, so rinsing ringlets with this tool will heal the split ends and places of breakage;
  • sitosterol - vegetable alcohol, which helps tannic substances to strengthen the roots of hair;
  • bitterness , present in the mug, can disinfect any damage to the scalp and stop inflammation;
  • does not need to explain the importance of for the appearance of the ringlets : it is the basis of the structure of each hair, therefore it effectively restores the strands after the suffered damages and stresses;Especially good is a decoction from the root of hair with permanent stains or after a chemical wave;
  • in burdock there are not so many fatty acids ( palmitic and stearic only), but they are in this plant in sufficient quantity: their concentration allows to fully hydrate even the most dry hair.

The abundance of active, potent substances in the composition of the root of this plant, allows you to actively use the burdock from hair loss and growth.

For the procedure of healing curls you will need the root of this medicinal plant.

Of course, in the pharmacy you can easily purchase a ready-made collection. But if you want to use only 100% natural, exceptionally concentrated funds, raw materials can be extracted on your own.

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Burdock root: application of

To prepare a decoction of burdock root for hair and squeeze out the maximum benefit from it, there are two ways: easy and simple. First, as already mentioned above, you can buy a ready-made drug collection in the pharmacy. Secondly, try to collect raw materials for yourself on your own. The second method will be more effective, since in this case you will get the maximum amount of useful substances in the highest concentration.


  • A fond burdock should grow outside the city, away from factories and highways( plants have the ability to absorb toxins from the atmosphere).
  • Extraction of raw materials should be done in late autumn or early spring, when the root of burdock is the largest number of all kinds of elements that can be useful for healthy hair.
  • You should try to dig as deep as possible to extract the root.
  • Raw materials must be thoroughly rinsed under running water.
  • Then it is dried for 24 hours in a well-ventilated room.
  • After that it can be grinded( on a grater or in a food processor, for example).
  • The milled burdock root is dried for the second time: spreads on paper in a dry, ventilated room for a week or two with constant stirring.
  • After a quality drying of the raw material, it will be possible to store two years, if it is kept in cardboard boxes( paper bags) and regularly sorted out to avoid the appearance of dampness and mold.


  • The ground burdock root can be used to prepare various cosmetics for hair care.
  • Infusion. The easiest recipe from all folk remedies. You can cook from a dry or fresh burdock root. Two tablespoons of raw material is poured into a glass of boiling water, covered with something, left for half an hour and carefully filtered.
  • Decoction. This recipe will take a little longer to prepare. After two tablespoons of the crushed burdock root is filled with a glass of boiling water, this mixture must either be put on a slow fire, or thoroughly warmed in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. After that, the broth immediately strains, cools and is applied in a warm form for rinsing the weakened, dropping hair.
  • Juice. One of the most time consuming recipes, because squeezing enough juice from the root of burdock - it's very difficult. First, fresh raw materials will need to be crushed through a meat grinder in a large enough amount, then gently collect the resulting puree in gauze( it can be single-layered so as not to absorb too much of the valuable drug) and squeeze out. Magic drops of juice from the root of burdock will be several times more effective than any infusion and decoction from the same plant.
  • Masks. Homemade hair masks from burdock root, unlike juice, will not take you much time to cook. In them, you can add infusion, decoction, juice and even the crushed( only fresh) burdock root in the proportions indicated in the recipe.


  • Indications: dry type of hair, various types of damage( brittleness, crossed tips), loss, alopecia, dandruff, weakening and dullness.
  • Contraindications: fatty hair type( an abundance in these oils can harm them), individual intolerance.
  • Before processing hair with a healing drug, be sure to check it for allergens for your skin. A small application is made( a cotton pad moistened with the liquid used) on the wrist for 5 minutes, then rinsed with plain water. If within a couple of hours after this there are no suspicious feelings( itching, redness, etc.), the root of burdock is not contraindicated to you.
  • Prepared from the burdock root mask are applied to the entire scalp. First, rubbing massaging movements in the roots, then using a special brush are distributed over the entire length of the hair, abundantly wetted tips.
  • Infusion, decoction and juice from burdock root are used for effective hair rinses, after which they acquire a beautiful radiance and natural shine even after numerous stains and other hairdressing services.
  • Juice from burdock root is often used as a massage aid as a stimulator of hair growth.
  • Home use of burdock for hair involves 2-3 treatments a week with a strong fall of strands and 1 time a week, if you just need to tidy up the appearance of the curls.
  • The full course of restoration of damaged ringlets and root strengthening is at least 10-12 procedures. After this, it is strongly recommended to take a short break in 2-3 weeks and, if necessary, repeat the treatment of hair with burdock root.

Taking into account this capacious and detailed, but very necessary instruction, you can revive the most dim strands, damaged by permanent stains, curling, highlights and hairdryers. It's time to put them in order and look stunning at any time of the year.

Trichologists are very often advised to use burdock to grow hair and strengthen it, so why not take advice from real professionals?

Moreover, there is no shortage of recipes for preparations prepared on the basis of the broth of burdock.

Recipes from the root of burdock for hair

The main recipes for preparing infusion, decoction and juice from the burdock root are already known to you. They are used as the basis for many hair-strengthening products that can be easily and quickly prepared at home.

  • Traditional rinsing against hair loss

Two cups of cooked decoction or infusion of burdock root diluted in a liter of water, evenly stir. When you last rinse your head after shampoo use this herbal solution. Hair can be drenched with plenty of water several times with burdock root, then lightly soak them with a cotton towel, do not dry it and dry it naturally. Often for this purpose, nettle and burdock are used together to strengthen the hair. After a couple of weeks of active application of such a rinse, the strands will cease to fall out, but the growth of the curls is activated.

  • Hair growth massage

If you need to achieve hair growth of 3-4 cm per month, use the juice from the root of burdock as a massage. However, it can not be used in a concentrated form. Be sure to dilute with some cosmetic oil in equal proportions. Suitable burdock, castor, almond , jojoba. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, and with the tips of the fingers moistened in it, you can do self-massage. This is the best and most effective procedure that accelerates hair growth.

  • Mask for damaged hair

Three tablespoons of burdock root pour 100 ml of boiling water, put on a slow fire. Wait until only half of the broth( 50 ml) remains, remove from heat and strain. Then add to it 5 tablespoons of lard, put the mask on a water bath for a couple of hours. Then cool and drain the remaining liquid.

Many have heard about the healing power of this plant and have often wondered how to use and how to prepare a burdock for hair, so that they become stronger and stop falling out. However, not many pass from theory to practice, since it involves regularity, time costs, certain skills and, of course, an incentive. Women should remember that no chemical paint will make hair so strong, strong, healthy, and therefore - beautiful, like the root of a burdock. Having included it once in your cosmetics for hair care, you can forever forget about the fallen strands on the pillow and the stopped hair growth. Use the gifts of Mother Nature for the benefit of the beauty of your curls.

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