Household soap for hair: harm and benefit, advantages and disadvantages


  • Effects of hair soap on hair
  • Chemical composition of laundry soap

Economic - soap type, rich in fatty acids, high in alkalis, high pH.It has pronounced antibacterial properties, it has been widely used for a long time not only for household needs( washing clothes), but also for washing the head. With the arrival of the modern beauty industry, the need for such a detergent has disappeared, since it was replaced by bright bottles with effective shampoos from world producers. However, all of them as a result do not become the cause of chic and shiny curls. And more and more often our great-grandmothers with their thick, long braids are remembered, which washed their heads just so unattractively in appearance and the smell also with soap. So, maybe, revive a long tradition - to return a laundry soap for hair: benefit or harm bears in itself this mysterious bar for the scalp? It's time to figure it out.

Effects of household soap on hair

If you start to study on the World Wide Web reviews of those who have gained courage and once washed their heads with soap, they can seriously become entangled. In fact: some admire, others - scold. Someone boasts of the density and splendor of the curls after regular washing of the head with laundry soap, but for someone this procedure turned into a real disaster: the hair became hard and dry. Whom to believe? How to guess, what action will produce a laundry soap on the scalp in your case? It turns out that there are several points on which the result of using this detergent depends. If you take them into account, you can foresee the outcome of the procedure.

  • 1. Chemical composition of soap

If you think that all bars of laundry soap are exactly the same, you are deeply mistaken. In accordance with the requirements of GOST, this product is of three categories. The basis of the separation is the percentage of fatty acids in the soap. In the product of the I category, there are a lot of them - up to 70.5%, II category is already less - 69%, and in III only 64% are allowed. If the owner of fatty hair chooses the first category laundry soap for washing her head, less than a day later, her hair will again be covered with greasy film and will look dirty. And in all will be to blame fatty acids. Likewise, girls can spoil dry strands with a product of category III, since it will contain a lot of alkali, but not enough fatty acids to protect hair from them.

  • 2. The old good soap of the Soviet times

If you hear in defense of laundry soap that our grandmothers who washed their hair did not suffer from hair loss, dandruff or rarity, do not take such arguments into account. The fact is that the economic soap that was produced in the 60s of the last century, and the one we see on the shelves now, are two completely different goods. Appearance and chemical composition are the same, and yet modern manufacturers add various fragrances, fragrances and other synthetic additives to it, which do not speak in favor of such a means for washing their heads. Needless to say: the old Soviet soap was 50% more natural( and, therefore, more useful for hair) than the one we use today.

  • 3. External factors

If a woman lives in an ecologically clean area, eats properly and prefers natural cosmetics, it goes without saying that her hair condition is much better than that of a woman who is forced to breathe city air with gas, snack fast food and spoil her hair with expensiveshampoos. And if both of these women begin to use household soap, it is not difficult to guess what results they will come to. If you constantly care about the health and beauty of your curls, occasionally using a laundry soap, - most likely, it will be a good help in home natural cosmetics. If you do not put your food into order and continue pouring lauryl sulfate liters( the main component of modern shampoos) on the head, no, even the most high-quality laundry soap will not save them from falling out, or from dullness and dryness.

  • 4. Individual features of

From this factor, really, very much depends in the action of laundry soap on the hair and scalp. Someone will react to this unusual remedy not just by the dryness of the strands, but also by an allergic reaction. But for others it can become a real salvation and a reliable protection against various negative factors from outside. Here you can go only by trial and error - and nothing else.

To understand the harm or benefit is fraught with a laundry soap for you, lay out its chemical composition for yourself on the shelves - only so you will know exactly how it affects the scalp.

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Chemical composition of laundry soap

It is known that laundry soap is an excellent antibacterial and disinfectant that rarely causes allergies. Our task is to find out exactly what effect its ingredients have on the structure, general condition and appearance of the hair, and also the scalp.

  • Animal fats( + for dry hair / - for fatty)

«+» Manufacture of household soap is not without the animal fats that form its basis. If someone has ever studied the chemical compositions of cosmetic products for hair care, they know that these substances often appear in them. Modern cosmetology actively uses the useful properties of these substances that are able to provide normal life to the hair, on which their brilliant, lively appearance will depend. Animal fats easily fall on the hair, enveloping it with a solid, reliable film. It performs not only a protective function, reflecting attacks from the outside in the form of ultraviolet and hot hair dryer, but also gives the curls a brilliant, well-groomed appearance, dividing them incredibly smooth and silky. This is a real salvation for dry, damaged, thinned, split strands. It is for them that laundry soap can be an ideal care product.

«-» And here the already greasy hair under the influence of animal fats can begin to get dirty even more than before.

  • Sodium( + with hair loss / - with regular use)

"-" Chemical composition of household soap of any category can boast such substance as caustic granulated sodium, belonging to alkaline chemical elements. In large quantities, it exerts undoubted harm on the hair: it destroys their structure. The results of this action of sodium on strands, we read just in negative reviews about the economic soap. Curls become lifeless, thin, dull, brittle. However, note: this effect can be observed only with the constant use of laundry soap to wash the head. In this case, sodium accumulates in the scalp and strands, thereby destroying the cells.

«+» However, sodium is not such an unambiguous pest for hair. After all, the deficiency in the body of this unique chemical element adversely affects the scalp: if it is not enough, the roots of the hair weaken, and they fall out of their nest. If you do not take any measures in time, from the inter-seasonal fall of strands near and to alopecia( baldness).With regular bathing in seawater( there is enough sodium in it), with the constant use of home cosmetic hair masks with sea salt, use also household soap as an additional hair care product is not recommended. In this case, you can get a significant overdose of sodium. If you are sure that you are catastrophically missing this particular element, a couple of times a month you can use the laundry soap when washing your hair.

  • Water( +)

Water is another mandatory ingredient in the chemical composition of laundry soap, but it does not cause any doubt in its useful functions for the health and beauty of hair. Firstly, the water is very effective, it moistens the most dry strands abundantly. Secondly, it acts as a neutralizer for many other harmful components( the same alkalis) in the composition of soap. It softens their irritating effect and does not completely ruin the curls.

  • Kaolin( +)

Still, modern household soap does not lose everything to its old, Soviet ancestor. Producers, trying to soften the effect of alkalis on the skin, sometimes add to the soap kaolin - white( porcelain) clay, which has a very positive effect on beauty and health of ringlets. It restores split ends, regenerates damage, moisturizes dry strands, controls the work of the sebaceous glands, prevents hair loss. Its useful properties in this respect are infinite. At the same time, it is worth remembering that not all grades of household soap have a miracle-kaolin. So be sure to carefully read the composition on the packaging of the purchased goods. And if for the first time you try to use a laundry soap to wash your head, look for this sparing option - in which there is white clay.

  • Fatty acids( +)

Fatty acids are considered to be excellent antioxidants with excellent regenerating properties. They will heal brittle and split strands, strengthen the roots, restore the elasticity and softness of the hair. Thanks to them, the hair after the household soap shines and becomes incredibly smooth.

  • Alkalis( -)

Here it is - the same ingredient in the soap that spoils the whole mess. Specialists call it a fly in the ointment in the barrel of honey that we just sorted into the shelves. Indeed, it has been scientifically proven that alkaline compounds have a destructive effect on the structure of the hair. However, is it so terrible devil, how is he painted? Finally, even a very large amount of alkali can completely destroy and even completely, without the remainder of dissolving the hair. In the economic soap, it still does not have much to deal such a crushing blow. In addition, the alkaline compounds, getting on strands, open the scales of hair, thereby opening the way inside the hair to all useful and nutritious substances( the same fatty acids).That is, they perform a peculiar transport function. Not for nothing without alkali does not do any production of soap, shampoos and even more so - dyes for hair. This harmful effect of household soap can be neutralized by rinsing hair after washing with infusions and herbal decoctions that act

in the opposite direction, i.e. closing flakes and restoring the damaged hair structure of alkali.

  • pH = 11( -)

And one more important minus of the laundry soap, because of which the hair becomes dry and stiff, is too high a pH level. For the scalp, this indicator should not exceed 7( this is already a critical mark).Optimum pH should be equal to 5 or 6. It's terrible to think that in a household soap this figure is usually 11, and in some varieties it reaches the level of 12. This will not be beneficial to the hair.

Household soap is harm and benefit to the hair in one small, ordinary bar. To reveal how it affects the condition of your scalp, you just need to weigh the pros and cons and decide to wash your hair with this remedy at least once. To correct the nepo-ruined result you can always with the help of your favorite shampoo. And suddenly nothing needs to be corrected, and you can enjoy the action of an old grandmother's money on your now luxurious and curvy locks.

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