Teeth whiter than snow

You spend hours training in the gym, sitting on numerous diets in an attempt to make your body slim and attractive, but what about teeth? A snow-white smile is also an indispensable attribute of a healthy and positive person. But how to make your teeth whiter than snow?

teeth whiter-snow

Well, of course, it's right to take care of your teeth, eat healthy food, clean them regularly and check in the doctor's office. However, there are situations when you have missed something, and in this case you will be helped by bleaching. There are several methods of teeth whitening, both at home and in the dentist's office. However, regardless of which method you choose, you must first consult with an expert. The dentist will find out the reasons for the color of the teeth and gums, cure them and remove the stones.

What can I use at home?

If you do not have special problems with your teeth, the gums do not suffer from hypersensitivity, then the cheapest and easiest way to eliminate the plaque on the teeth will be special toothpastes. But do not expect a super-effect, because the concentration of active ingredients in such toothpastes is low, because they must be safe for enamel and sold without a prescription.

There is one more method - elastic "forms" filled with bleaching gel, or special whitening strips impregnated with carbamide peroxide, as well as brushes and pencils for local removal of stains on teeth are available in pharmacies. As a rule, they should be applied within 30 minutes not more than 5 days. However, be careful when buying such drugs, give preference to well-known brands and carefully look at the expiration date, otherwise you will have to write down to the dentist not for bleaching, but for treatment or even removal of teeth and replacement with their prostheses.

What do dentists offer for whitening?

If you want to achieve a more serious effect in teeth whitening, then, of course, you need to go to see a doctor. It in turn can offer several methods:

- Using concentrated hydrogen peroxide. The composition is applied to the teeth, and then they are illuminated with a lamp or laser. This is a very fast and effective method of whitening, but very expensive, with weekly visits to the dentist.

- Night whitening. The doctor gives you a 10-15% solution of carbamide peroxide and a special form, and within 2 weeks you need to wear a shape with a solution overnight.

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