Crows feet around the eyes: causes, salon and home remedies


  • Reasons for the appearance of crow's feet around the eyes
  • Salon techniques against the crow's feet around the eyes
  • Overview of home remedies against crow's feet
  • Massage against the crow's feet
  • Face masks against the crow's feet

Goosebeams - a network of small, ray-shaped wrinkles that diverge in different directionsfrom the outer corners of the eyes. Their insidiousness lies in the fact that they appear at an early age and every year they become more and more precise. They age, make the look dull and inexpressive, spawn a multitude of complexes. To remove unpleasant, unwanted at any age goose paws around the eyes is sometimes quite difficult. But with a competent approach to this crucial event it is quite possible to get rid of this cosmetic defect in the shortest possible time. And at the first stage of such rejuvenation of your appearance at home, you need to understand the reasons, and why on your sweet little face these wrinkles appeared.

The causes of the appearance of crow's feet around the eyes

Women of any age can have crow's feet around their eyes: how to get rid of this trouble, worries many. First, try to analyze the state of your health and the way of life that you lead. It depends on them in many ways depends on how our skin looks. Analyzing these two components, you will be able to draw the appropriate conclusions and eliminate the identified factors. Without this, any funds found by you from these wrinkles can be completely useless. The reasons for the appearance of crow's feet around the eyes can be:

  • too active mimicry , when the muscles of the face show violent emotions;
  • abrupt weight loss, which leads to loss of skin elasticity;
  • uncomfortable pillow , which leads to an abnormal reduction of the eye-eyes, - try to get rid of it as quickly as possible;
  • improper diet: enthusiasm for spicy, fried, salty foods and carbonated drinks - it's time to tidy up your diet;
  • various diseases , recently transferred: infectious, female, gastrointestinal, disorders in the endocrine and nervous systems - pass a medical examination and be treated;
  • improper use of decorative cosmetics: either excessive use, or its cheapness and poor quality;
  • aggressive atmospheric effects of in the form of wind, rain, snow, toxins in the air, ultraviolet radiation, sea salt, bleach from the pool - try to wear glasses in the frying and bathing;
  • smoking or alcohol abuse;
  • with the age of the appearance of goose paws around the eyes can not be avoided, but this process can be postponed if one tries to exclude all the above factors and regularly use home and shop tools against them as prevention;
  • lack of water in the body : try to drink a day to 1.5-2 liters of clean water.

Many women of all ages are interested in how to remove crow's feet around the eyes, are in constant search for salon techniques and home remedies for their elimination.

However, to begin the process of such rejuvenation is necessary primarily with yourself - with your health and lifestyle.

Only after this thorough and serious work is done, you can use various salon and home methods for their active elimination.

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Salon techniques against crow's feet around the eyes

With a question, whether it is possible to remove crow's feet around the eyes, if you are already 40 or 50, it is better to turn to professionals, namely - to beauty salons. The modern level of medicine offers such unique and effective techniques that from this cosmetic defect there will be no trace. Turning to cosmetologists, you can safely rely on a thorough examination and selection of special tools and procedures that are right for you. Depending on the financial possibilities, you can choose the following methods:

  • all kinds of masks from goose paws around the eyes with hyaluronic acid and collagen;
  • injection cosmetology : mesotherapy( the introduction of the same collagen or hyaluronic acid inside, under the skin) and contour plastics( filling wrinkles with various biologically active liquids, as a result of which they are smoothened);
  • photorejuvenation : exposure to crow's feet with a laser beam;
  • Blepharoplasty is already a surgical method of solving the problem when contour plasty of the lower and upper eyelids is made;
  • professional massage.

Professionals will offer you different methods, depending on the individual characteristics of your skin and your body. You will choose them according to your financial capabilities. If modern cosmetology scares you, find out how to remove goose paws around your eyes at home using natural remedies that you can easily and quickly cook with your own hands. Cosmetic masks for the skin around the eyes with proper preventive measures will strike you with their excellent results.

Review of home remedies against crow's feet

Do not know until now how to get rid of goose paws around the eyes at home? Grandmother's old recipes will come to the rescue in this case. You can always find in your kitchen products that make excellent anti-aging products. Yes, and a variety of procedures with regular exercise will only go to benefit your skin in this sensitive area of ​​the face. Choose different techniques that you can perform at home on your own, combine them, so as not to leave goose paws around the eyes of any chance.

  1. Cosmetic masks home made from natural ingredients - one of the most common and effective home remedies against goose paws. As the main ingredients you can use fruits, vegetables, dairy products, herbal tea, cosmetic and vegetable oils. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which, penetrating deep into the skin, become active participants in metabolic processes, on which the condition and appearance of the skin depends.
  2. Massage , actively used against wrinkles around the eyes, is considered one of the most effective and pleasant ways to combat this cosmetic defect. Just 10 minutes a day - and your look will be young and beautiful again. Learn the technique of massage from crow's feet is very easy, since it is as simple as possible and accessible to everyone.
  3. Compresses - another excellent, very effective remedy for goose paws around the eyes, which has a real medicinal effect on the skin. Most often they are prepared on the basis of herbs.

Now you know how to deal with goose paws around the eyes: do yourself a daily massage, regularly( 1-2 times a week) pamper your skin with masks and compresses. The result will be consistently high: after a month of such intensive rejuvenation wrinkles will practically disappear from your face. You will only have to maintain the effect achieved by preventive measures. And massage, and the mask can be learned in 15 minutes.

Massage against crow's feet

Massage is a very effective remedy against goose paws around the eyes of , because it acts on this zone in several directions at once:

  • improves the exchange processes at the cellular level;
  • causes the blood to move more actively;
  • increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen delivered to the cells;
  • strengthens the muscles;
  • promotes more collagen production by improving metabolism;
  • eliminates swelling.

As a result of this complex effect on the skin around the eyes, crow's feet are gradually smoothed out or become less pronounced and noticeable as before. How to make this massage?

  1. Take this procedure before bedtime, about an hour.
  2. Wash, remove facial cosmetics.
  3. Hands should be clean, it is better to lubricate them with some moisturizing or softening cream.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Lightly rub the upper eyelids with your fingertips.
  6. By tapping movements, walk along the line of the upper eyelids from the inner corners to the outer corners.
  7. Go back along the edge of the lower eyelid, already from the outer corners - to the inner corners.
  8. Do the same way with light tingle.
  9. Circular movements must end this procedure.

For massage, designed to fight with goose paws around the eyes, you will not take more than 10 minutes. But you will feel rested, and the next morning you will not find any bruises, or bags in this area of ​​the face. After a short amount of time, crow's feet will be much smaller. Perform this technique daily for a week, then take a break for a week - and resume sessions again. In parallel with the massage, be sure to use home masks specially designed for this purpose.

Face mask recipes against crow's feet

Cosmetic mask from goose paws around the eyes at home is a mixture of conventional food, cosmetic oils, vitamins and herbal infusions.

They can be combined in different ways, but it is better to stick to the dosages indicated in the recipes so as not to damage the delicate and overly sensitive skin in the eye area.

It is recommended to apply such masks 1-2 times a week, depending on how pronounced these wrinkles are. Do not hold them for longer than 15 minutes: this time is enough to allow the active substances to penetrate the skin and join the processes of cellular metabolism. And do not forget to test the chosen remedy for allergens without fail.

  • Vitamin mask

Buy capsules of vitamins E and A( tocopherol and retinol).If they are pierced, there will be an oily liquid inside, which you can grease the corners of your eyes daily so that the crow's feet disappear. The same oil can be used to prepare effective masks from these wrinkles. For example, in a tablespoon of castor oil, add 1 drop of vitamins and a small amount of natural honey.

  • Herbal mask

Mix in equal amounts infusions of cornflower and marigold, add aloe juice.

  • Oil mask

Actively use cosmetic and vegetable oil from goose paws around the eyes, while it is better not to use ethereal for these purposes. In equal amounts, mix the warmed up on one water bath castor, burdock and olive oil.

  • Green Mask

Chop the herbs of parsley and dill, lightly squeeze until the juice is extracted, add 2-3 drops of any cosmetic or vegetable oil. To prevent the liquid from getting into the eyes, it is better to wrap the mask in a piece of gauze and already in this form to put on the eyelids.

  • Potato Mask

Potatoes( both fresh and boiled) have excellent smoothing and lifting( lifting) properties, so be sure to use it in combating crow's feet. It should be brought to the state of mashed potatoes( fresh young potatoes are ground with a grater), you can add vitamins or oils, and also mix a little parsley. The result always exceeds expectations.

Now you know how to deal with goose paws that constantly form around the eyes. Regular massage and cosmetic masks will achieve excellent results. If at the same time you take care of your health and lead a healthy lifestyle, the effectiveness of all measures taken by you will be increased several times. If you want to achieve even more pronounced results, salon techniques are guaranteed to save you from the deepest and numerous goose paws. There is a choice, and it remains for you.

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