How to return your beloved wife - advice of a psychologist, ways

how to return a wife Errors are committed by everyone. No one is immune from wrong actions. So the question of how to return the love of his wife does not give rest to many divorced men.

Psychologists say that almost 50% of the stronger sex dream of returning their ex-wife.

Divorce is not a medal on the neck and not a reason for pride. Often men realize that when they divorce they lose a really dear and beloved person. Is it possible to return it? Yes. Maybe. But how to do that? Let's understand together.

How to return a wife - advice of a psychologist


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Marriages are, as is known, in heaven. But they spoil their own spouses! All people are different. .. Someone broke up with a friend, found a replacement for her, lives and has completely forgotten about her former love. And someone, on the other hand, is suffering for a long time, can not get rid of that. .. the only and unique that was for him like a light in the window. And it does not matter to him that it was she who betrayed and left, that she had forgotten him. At some point a man can quite clearly realize his loss and confidently say to himself "I want to return my wife!".And then he begins to act.

The first thing to do is to analyze what exactly led to your rupture. Identify the reason for the divorce. And divorce is not always the fault of one person.

Most often there is a combination of factors that exist in your life until the situation just does not get out of hand. Until one of you just does not have patience, they will not give up their nerves.

  • One of the main reasons for divorce is that you no longer get along with each other. You both changed over time. Probably each of you has some annoying habits that you are not ready and can not change. In any case, it is this inability to get along and lead to a rupture.
  • Another "top" cause of divorce in our time is the appearance on the life horizon of someone new. This often endangers marriage. How to return a wife if she went to another? You need to realize why you or she needed someone else. You, probably, are too bogged down in your daily routine, you could not keep interest to each other?

Men who are thinking about how to return a wife with a child , maybe earlier there was always not enough time to spend it with each other. You stopped dating two. Maybe you became obsessed only with your own needs, not hers.

The reason can be a rather dense life chart( especially if there are more than one child in the family), financial problems that caused them to travel on business trips, or something like that.

Regardless of the reasons for your divorce, if you still want to get your wife back, you need to find out all of them and think about how to fix them.

Warning! And what not to do, trying to get your beloved wife back? Do not drown your spiritual pain with alcohol. It will not lead to anything good. It will only get worse. Keep your head sober. Clearly plan your return. Think and act!

How to return a wife to a family after a divorce?

For any member of the stronger sex, actions are more important than emotions and emotions. So, let's take a step-by-step look at what can and should be done and how to return the ex-wife back.

  1. One of the most important ways to get your ex-wife is to show her that you can take responsibility for the problems that led to the divorce. It's not always easy, you need to be able to suppress your pride. You can think that nothing is to blame for not doing anything wrong. You can think that it was she who made a lot of mistakes. But it's right to tell her how you feel without shifting the blame to anyone and pointing with your finger. This is your chance to be honest and show her that you understand everything and are ready to make efforts to change and give your relationship and marriage a second chance.
  2. One more step to getting your ex-wife back is to start everything from a "clean slate".If you really want to be with your wife, then you need to forgive her for what was said or done, for what led to the rupture. It is also necessary to ask your wife for forgiveness for everything you did yourself. Forgiveness of past grievances can be extremely difficult. But leaving the past behind, you will get a new start in your relationship.

Be the first to comment and apologize. This is important, because by this you will show her your willingness to start over.

Tips: how to return your beloved wife

Broken relations are difficult to fix. However, the former wife can fall in love with you again. How to return a wife after a divorce - advice of a psychologist, which must be implemented:

  • Too often, marriage becomes a routine. Try to behave the way you behaved when your wife fell in love with you. Bring her flowers, open the doors for her. Do it again and again. Show her that you are still the same person she fell in love with.
  • How to return a wife if she does not want a relationship? Focus on the positive traits of your wife's character. Maybe, before the divorce, you often grumbled at her or reprimanded for everything that you thought she did wrong. If your ex-wife gives you a second chance, you will need to learn to look at things in a more positive way.
    Try to understand that it's okay when it does something differently and not like you. Otherwise, in the future you will expect the same problems and everything will be repeated again.
  • Get rid of the negative and create a positive atmosphere. The experience of divorce and parting will teach you to better control your reactions and temper them. If you find the strength to understand and accept the negative features of your ex-wife, it will be much easier to maintain a relationship.