Mask from the currant for the face: indications, contraindications, recipes


  • Cosmetic chemical composition of currant currants
  • Who can make masks from currants?
  • Warning: contraindications!
  • Stages of application of currant masks for the face
  • Recipes for all skin types

Currant is a favorite berry that ripens in our gardens in the middle of summer. And this is the time, which in any case should not be missed by beauties, who care about their appearance. Summer home cosmetic mask made of currant for the face is an excellent means for skin refreshment, available only in July-August. Be sure to take this unique chance to solve some of your skin problems and prepare the epidermis for the cold season. Moreover, as the ingredients you can use any sort of this berry: black, red, and white. Useful properties of currants for the skin are determined by its chemical composition.

Cosmetic chemical composition of currants

The huge advantage of the currant masks for the face is that they are 100% natural. They do not have that "chemistry" and synthetics that shop cosmetics sin. Preparing and using fresh berries to care for your skin, you enrich it with the maximum amount of vitamins and other valuable substances. In all currant varieties there are:

  • vitamin C( ascorbic acid) stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers, preserves the elasticity of the skin even with age, makes the blood vessels stronger, provides rapid wound healing, less bruising;
  • vitamins from group B have a multicomponent effect on the skin, possessing anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Vitamin PP( niacin) "refreshes" the complexion, returns to it a natural radiance, has a stimulating effect, restores the protective function of the epidermis, actively participating in cellular oxidation-reduction processes;
  • vitamin A( retinol) has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, struggles with thinning and dry skin, peeling, reduces sebum production, reduces the number of microbes, smooths traces of stretch marks, stimulates cell regeneration and activity, promotes collagen production, bleaches pigment spots;
  • organic acids( citric and malic) disinfect, disinfect, rejuvenate;
  • sugar( glucose and fructose) relieve fatigue, give the tired skin a charge of vigor and energy;
  • flavonoids promote rejuvenation;
  • pectin is an active participant in metabolic processes occurring in cells;
  • tannins have anti-inflammatory properties and smooth wrinkles;
  • sodium helps the epidermis absorb nutrients by performing a transport function;
  • potassium needs dry skin for active moisturizing;
  • calcium makes the skin smooth;
  • magnesium and iron in close tandem are useful for couperose and vascular asterisks.
In black and red currant more coloring and tanning substances, so they are recommended to use to improve the complexion. In white it is less than acids, therefore it can be used for care of a skin inclined to allergic reactions.

Each of the substances that make up this berry penetrates into different layers of the epidermis and at the cellular level becomes an active participant in the metabolic processes on which the beauty and health of our skin depends. Proceeding from such a rich in vitamins chemical composition of currants, masks from it have a number of indications and even a list of contraindications.

Tulips are not only one of the first spring flowers, they are an excellent means of moisturizing, rejuvenating, refreshing masks & gt; & gt;

In addition to moisturizing, facial masks from cucumbers, bleached skin, will remove bags under the eyes.

Who can make masks from currants?

Currant masks for the face can be advised to do to those who have certain problems with the skin. The therapeutic and vitamin composition of this berry with external competent use can help bring the epidermis in order. Indications for the use of such a berry remedy are:

  • mature skin( age after 40 years);
  • couperose, vascular asterisks;
  • long without healing wounds, but without bleeding;
  • difficult bruising;
  • inflammation in the form of acne and acne;
  • a bad complexion( yellowness, dullness);
  • black dots;
  • thinning of the skin;
  • is a bold skin type;
  • peeling;
  • traces from stretch marks;
  • pigmented spots;
  • skin fatigue;
  • wrinkles;
  • vitamin deficiency.

If you have found out these problems with your skin, be sure to catch the moment and do a whole course of masks from the currant for the face. Moreover, the time of their application is limited to two summer months: July-August. Is it possible to miss such a unique chance to pamper your skin with a currant cocktail. But before that, do not forget to read the list of contraindications for the use of currants as a cosmetic.

Warning: Contraindications!

Currant( all its varieties) contain a large number of various organic acids, which in large quantities, with a constant and long-term effect on the epidermis can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Therefore, having decided on currant cosmetology in the home, first insure yourself and check yourself, but it will not hurt you. Contraindications to the use of such masks are:

  • open, bleeding, long-healing wounds;
  • drowsing ulcers;
  • too many inflammations and eruptions( multiple acne, extensive acne all over the face);
  • large moles;
  • susceptibility to allergic reactions;
  • chronic circulatory disorders;
  • recently performed facial and salon procedures.

On the one hand, contraindications for home use of currant masks for the face are not so many. On the other hand, they can not be ignored in any case, because otherwise serious complications can occur, up to Quincke's edema.

If you do not want to wake up with a terrible irritation or redness on your face after this procedure, consider these situations and do not risk your own health and your appearance.

To make the masks with the currant happy with its effectiveness, and not disappoint, follow the recommendations of cosmetologists, dermatologists and those who every summer makes them to improve their skin.

Stages of application of masks from the currant for the face

Currant masks for the face because of their effectiveness and activity must be applied skillfully. If ripe mash the berries in puree and apply to the skin, as the most common cosmetic product, you can be cruelly deceived. For example, a black currant, if overdone on her face, will color him in purple etudes. The red variety will eat tender and sensitive skin. In order not to face such troubles, to prepare masks from this berries for the face it is necessary competently, accurately, adhering to a number of useful advice.

  1. Berry preparation .Currants should be washed, spared from rubbish, leaves and tails.
  2. Skin preparation .All the decorative cosmetics should be washed off from the face. It will be fine if before applying the currant mask you make a steam bath for the face and clean the pores with a scrub.
  3. Tableware .To mix the main ingredients, use a container of any material other than metal to avoid oxidation. Preparation of berry puree .Currants can be ground in various ways. The first is to mash with a normal fork. The second is to pass through the blender.
  4. Addition of other products. In the mask of the currant for the face to enhance their cosmetic benefits are added a variety of products. Be sure to observe the proportions specified in the recipes.
  5. Test drive .If you use this mask for the first time, you should first check whether it contains allergens for your skin. To do this, grease the prepared mixture with a small area of ​​the wrist, wash it off after 5 minutes and watch for 4-5 hours. If there are no suspicious feelings( tingling, redness), you can safely use the currant as a cosmetic.
  6. Application of .Already prepared mixture put on the face strictly on massage lines. If the mask turned out to be very liquid( the currant releases a lot of juice), or add a little wheat or oat flour to it, or moisten gauze with cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth and apply it on your face.
  7. Expires on. This is one of the most important and responsible moments of application of currant masks. Suppress them - and you can wake up the next morning with a crimson complexion. It is worth removing them from the skin after 10 minutes. True, the exception is white currant, which does not have coloring properties. Therefore, masks from it can be enjoyed for as long as 15 minutes.
  8. Removing .Currant masks are usually easily washed off with warm running water.
  9. The final step of .To remove the transferred stress from the skin and calm it, apply daily cream to which she is accustomed.
  10. Course .You can make currant masks 1-2 times a week for the entire time, while it is fresh in your garden or in the market.

Do everything right - and the currant will henceforth become for you not just a berry for eating and cooking jam and marmalade. Now it will be an effective and natural cosmetic for the care of any type of skin. Considering the fact that masks from her actively solve most skin problems, it is necessary to use this unique gift of nature every year in the summer for their own purposes. Moreover, you will not feel any deficiency in prescriptions.

Recipes for all skin types

Recipes of currant masks for the face can be found a large number for one simple reason. This berry is universal, because it is in harmony with any ingredients. Choose a recipe to solve your problem and according to your skin type.

Currants from currant for oily skin

  • Against acne

Berries of black or red currant mash to mashed potatoes, without additional ingredients to impose on the face.

  • From fatty shine

Mix currant berries with wheat flour in such a ratio to get a thick mass.

  • From black points

Currant puree( 2 tablespoons) mixed with a small amount of black bread soaked in milk. Apply only to those areas of the face where black dots are formed.

Currant currant masks for dry skin

  • Moisturizing

Smooth curried currant puree with sour cream( the fat content should be maximum), olive unrefined oil. All ingredients are taken in equal amounts( for example, 1 tablespoon).

  • From wrinkles

Smooth currant puree with medium-fat sour cream( 1 tablespoon), add 1 teaspoon melted for a couple of natural honey.

  • From peeling

Berry mashed potatoes mixed with natural unrefined oil( 1 tablespoon), make daily applications to the areas of peeling.

  • Lifting

Dilute kaolin( white clay) with freshly squeezed currant juice to the desired consistency.

Currant currant masks for normal / combination skin

  • From pigment spots

Squeeze out currant juice, moisten gauze in it, apply to face.

  • Nutritious

Mix cottage cheese with milk so that a thick mass is obtained. Add berry puree in proportion 2 to 1.

  • Softening

Currant puree mixed with natural, without dyes yogurt to the desired consistency. You can use yogurt.

Now you know how to make a face mask from a currant to prepare the skin for long winter months, stresses from cold and frost. Under their vitamin effect, it will acquire freshness, beauty and shine, will be saturated with all necessary. And what else is needed in the summer for a woman - it's amazing to look and not complex about a pimple jumped on the nose. And cosmetic products based on currants allow it to do so.

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