Features of the children's diet for pyelonephritis

Pohelonephritis is common in children, both in infancy and adolescence. Treatment of the disease takes 2 to 3 months. The main task of the doctor during this period is to eliminate the infection, restore the flow of urine and kidney function. Antibacterial therapy is prescribed, which is the same for acute and chronic forms of the disease.

For the entire period of illness it is necessary to provide the child with comfortable conditions and to organize a sparing regime of the day. Special attention is paid to the diet, which must be made under the supervision of specialist .Therapeutic diet is selected depending on the form of pyelonephritis and the age of the child. The main emphasis is on milk and vegetable food, while the consumption of salt and products containing protein is limited. In addition, the baby should receive a generous drink in the form of compotes and fruit drinks.

According to statistics, pyelonephritis is most affected by children under 7 years old. This is mainly due to the anatomical features of their development. In addition, most often the disease occurs in girls due to non-compliance with the regime of hygiene procedures.


  • 1 Diet for babies
  • 2 Recommendations in nutrition for preschool children
  • 3 Teeth food for adolescents with pyelonephritis
  • 4 Catering for children with chronic disease

Diet for babies


Dairy products - promote urination

Breastfeeding at the onset of the disease is recommended a water tea diet and dosed breastfeeding. Toddlers on mixed or artificial nutrition are fed with acidic mixtures or donor milk. After the symptoms of intoxication disappear, the child can be transferred to an ordinary diet, gradually removing the limitations of proteins and salt. Children should eat at least 5 - 6 times a day. The main emphasis is on the dairy nutrition .This is mainly due to the fact that milk contributes to urination and does not contain various extractives that affect the functioning of the kidneys.

Recommendations in nutrition for preschool children


Watermelon is known to be an excellent diuretic

Children of preschool age in the early days of illness should be saturated with liquid by giving an abundant drink that helps reduce intoxication. Freshly prepared jelly, compotes, weak black and green tea, fruit drinks and natural juices are perfect for these purposes. In the daily diet should be introduced fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins P and C, as well as having a diuretic effect. It is recommended to drink enough watermelon, melon, zucchini .Do not forget about the broths of rose hips, mountain ash, black currant. When pyelonephritis is necessary to eat milk porridge, and after the acute manifestations of the disease stop, the diet should include boiled fish and meat.

Teens nutrition for adolescents with pyelonephritis

White bread

Adolescents at the initial stage of the disease can gradually eat white bread

Children in adolescence are also recommended drinking and dairy food at the initial stage of the disease. Gradually, a variety of cereals, white bread, sugar, some confectionery products are added to the diet. In pyelonephritis, it is highly unsuitable to use broths, various smoked foods and roasted meat, and conservation. From the menu it is necessary to remove the fizzy waters, sharp cheeses, pepper, and also garlic and green onion .These products in their composition contain extractives that delay the healing process.

Catering for children with chronic disease

steamed burgers

Steam cutlets are one of the ways to feed a child with meat

Children, who have been diagnosed with chronic pyelonephritis, are recommended a therapeutic diet under № 5 .It is designed specifically for patients with gallbladder and kidney disease. From the diet completely exclude foods that increase acidity in the stomach, such as products made from rye flour, spicy dishes, canned food and marinades. The menu includes products with a minimum protein content, limit the intake of carbohydrates and fats. It is not recommended to give chicken meat to children during the period of illness. Dishes should be served in a crushed and roughened form, steamed. Portion should be small, while eating should be several times a day.

To properly prepare meat for a child with pyelonephritis, it should be finely chopped, then boiled. When the product is half-ready, the broth must be drained, then add the water again and cook until ready. This is done in order to remove harmful extracts from the meat.

Parents whose children are ill with pyelonephritis need patience and strictly follow all the prescriptions and recommendations of the doctor. It is necessary to control not only the therapy, but also the therapeutic diet. In most cases, the prognosis for cure is favorable, however, for this, moms and pampas need to follow certain simple rules:

  • Meat and fish dishes should only be served in cooked form.
  • Prepares soups not for meat broth, to refuse various fries and smoking.
  • It is best if the child is, eat more raw vegetables in the form of salads in oil.
  • Many eat berries and vegetables, but exclude those that can cause allergies.
  • It is extremely not desirable to eat rye bread, chocolate, cakes, coffee drinks, cocoa, soda.
  • Use salt with caution, as it prevents the elimination of liquid from the body.

Remember that the health of your baby depends on properly organized medical nutrition, and therefore do not be lazy and strictly follow the recommendations of specialists.