How to lower hemoglobin in the blood? Products that lower hemoglobin

The level of hemoglobin in the blood is an important indicator of the normal vital activity of any human body. Its significant increase is clearly a negative factor that affects the work of metabolic processes and individual organs.

Normal, a level of between 120 and 140 g / L in women and between 130 and 160 g / L in men is considered. If the indicator of analyzes is higher, then there are certain problems.

Causes of increased hemoglobin

The causes of elevated hemoglobin levels can be quite a lot. Most frequent:

  1. Overabundance in the diet of vitamin B12 and folic acid.
  2. Diseases of blood and internal organs, including heart defects, pulmonary insufficiency, intestinal obstruction, erythrocytosis, iron deficiency, diabetes mellitus.
  3. Permanent residence in a high-altitude climate.
  4. Bad ecology.
  5. An excess of glucose in the body, which causes an increase in hemoglobin.

Very often, elevated hemoglobin is identified in those active in sports, mountaineers, highlanders, pilots, etc. In addition, a number of diseases also trigger the process of compensating for oxygen deficiency and, accordingly, increased production of hemoglobin.

Symptoms of increased hemoglobin

With a high level of hemoglobin, drowsiness, multiple visual impairment, fatigue, unstable work of the genitourinary system are often observed, the pallor of the skin is expressed.

Why lower and when it should be done?

The main danger of increased hemoglobin is not so much in external manifestations as in a significant increase in the risk of blood clots and plaques in the blood, which in turn leads to strokes or heart attacks.

First of all, if you suspect this phenomenon, be sure to take a blood test. If the hemoglobin is more than 140 g / l in women and 160 g / l in men, then it is necessary to urgently apply a number of measures to reduce this indicator.

Hemoglobin lowering products

Fast short-term hemoglobin lowering effect gives abundant drinking, as well as eating any brackish food.

Completely discard the consumption of berries, red fruits, liver and red meat with cereals. It is recommended to eat legumes, kefir, chicken, raw or boiled vegetables, cottage cheese. Prefer seafood, including low-fat fish, shrimp, seaweed. It helps to reduce hemoglobin intake of mummies and refusal of alcohol and fatty fried foods. Also, never take a multivitamin complex, because they contain folic acid and vitamin B12, which increase the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.

How to lower hemoglobin by medicines

A number of medical procedures are used to reduce the level of hemoglobin. First and foremost, the doctor prescribes medicines that dilute blood - this is Curantil, Trental or Cardiomagnolo.

In addition, a wide procedure is applied erythrophoresis, aimed at removing from the bloodstream, excess red blood cells and reducing the concentration of hemoglobin.

A widely used remedy for traditional medicine is leeches. They not only suck out excess blood and dilute it, but also clean the bloodstream and normalize the level of hemoglobin. Alternatively, you can become a permanent blood donor, and also try to lead a healthy lifestyle.