Face peeling in the salon: indications, contraindications, types, stages


  • Indications for peeling face in the cabin
  • Types salon peeling of
    • action depth Surface
    • median
    • Deep
  • Types of peeling depending on means
    • Mechanical
    • Chemical
    • Fruit
    • Physical
    • Diamond
  • Contraindications for face cleaning
  • Stages salon peeling treatments

Peeling in cosmetology is the removal of the upper layer of the skin of the face, already keratinized and lifeless. It interferes with cellular respiration and tissue regeneration. This procedure significantly improves the appearance of the epidermis. For sure, many make a face cleaning at home using all sorts of scrubs( both home-made and store).But much more effective is face peeling in the salon, where a professional masterfully exfoliates dead cells, exposing beautiful, clean, young skin. The procedure is quite aggressive, often there are side effects, the rehabilitation period lasts for all in different ways, but in most cases the result is simply stunning.

Indications for facial peeling in the cabin

First you need to decide whether it is possible to limit the cleaning of the skin at home with a conventional scrub, or still contact the salon. It is clear that if there are no special, visible, life-threatening problems with the epidermis, then dead cells can be removed and folk methods. But in the presence of some cosmetic defects it is worth considering that after all make an appointment for peeling of facial skin in the .Indications for its conduct are:

  • hyperpigmentation;
  • acne;
  • very oily skin;
  • early stage of appearance of wrinkles;
  • mimic folds;
  • is a post-acne;
  • stretch marks;
  • comedones;
  • folds caused by loss of turgor( elasticity) of the skin;
  • upcoming plastic surgery;
  • age changes in neglected form: deep wrinkles, folds in the zone of double chin, flew.

In the salon will diagnose, identify shortcomings, give advice and useful advice. The wizard will clarify any incomprehensible questions and will prompt whether you need a face peeling face in your case or for the time being it's better to limit yourself to home remedies. Depending on how serious cosmetic problems are, prescribe different types of peeling.

From the terminology of

If you hear in the cabin the word exfoliation, know that this is the same as peeling, only so it is called in the professional environment of cosmetologists.

Deep, but gently cleanse the face at home can be done with a steam bath & gt; & gt; .

If you have problematic facial skin, connect argan oil to the skin: http: //beautiface.net/uhod/ za-kozhey / arganovoe-maslo-dlya-lica.html

Types of salon peeling in depth of action

The master can offer you a different face peeling in the salon: hedifferent in its effect, price and results. First, the type of procedure will depend on which layers of the epidermis will be involved in the cleaning process.


Effects on the upper( granular and horny) layers of the skin. From the first time eliminates minor hyperpigmentation, acne, cleanses the fatty epidermis. Very effective at the earliest stage of wrinkle formation. It is considered one of the most gentle types of peeling. Does not solve the problem of age-related changes .Perfectly moisturizes, improves complexion. The course of salon peeling is carried out quickly enough, it includes no more than 10 procedures.


Assigned in the presence of a large number of facial wrinkles, stretch marks, post-acne, wrinkles, formed due to loss of skin turgor. It is recommended for those who are going to soon lie on plastic surgery. The rehabilitation period after a medial peeling lasts at least 3 months. Affects enough deep layers of the epidermis.


The most aggressive of all kinds of facial peelings. This is a real operation, which is performed in a stationary environment, most often - under anesthesia( local or general).Eliminates the deepest wrinkles, double chin, flews, stops the process of ptosis. Very often there are complications. Restorative period lasts from six months and longer. But the results, if everything goes well, justify themselves.

Any beauty salon practices all these types of face peeling .After the beautician-dermatologist examines the type of your epidermis and the level of neglect of the problem, he will advise one or another type of procedure, acquaint you with the reviews of clients who have already passed this way, will show photos before and after what is called. If you are satisfied with the results, you can reset the years 5-10 with this unique procedure. After you and the master determine the depth of the cleansing of the epidermis, you will be asked to choose the means by which this procedure will be carried out.

Curious translation of

The word peeling is a neologism in Russian. He came to us from English: "peel" translates as "strongly scrape", "sand".

Kinds of peeling depending on the means of

What is the technique of peeling in the cabin? The agent is applied to the face( liquid, oil, mask, acid, any other solution), which either penetrates the desired depth into the epidermis either by itself or by means of auxiliary instruments( a laser, for example).You can be offered the following types of face cleansing.


  1. The bend is a light( surface) salon peeling, which is carried out on special equipment with built-in rotating brushes made of soft, natural bristles. Scrubs are used with microcrystals and crumbs of fruit bones, nuts. The skin is previously steamed. The whole procedure takes a total of 10 minutes. The cells are then updated, the blood supply improves.
  2. Median salon mechanical peeling is made using aluminum crystals under local anesthesia. The advantage is that it rarely causes complications and guarantees an immediate result.
  3. Deep mechanical peeling is offered in salons in the presence of large and difficult to remove scars, pigment spots, scars, post-acne, wrinkles on the face. There are already used rigid brushes, which rotate at a sufficiently high speed. Since the procedure is aggressive and painful, it is performed under local or general anesthesia. The time can vary from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the scale of the defect to be rectified.


  1. Surface chemical peeling in the salon presupposes applying to the cleaned, necessarily skimmed, skin solutions containing various acids. They relieve dead cells, increase the production of collagen, increase elasticity and elasticity.
  2. Median chemical salon peeling is carried out with the help of trichloroacetic acid of different concentration. It relieves small pigment spots, wrinkles. The effect is noticeable after several procedures. Anesthesia is not required here.
  3. Deep chemical peeling is the treatment of the skin with phenolic mixtures in a hospital environment. Anesthesia is not performed. As a result, a specific crust forms on the face, which eventually disappears by itself, and under it is already healthy, young, fresh skin. The recovery period can last up to six months. All this time, the face must be hidden from the ultraviolet.


Salons like to offer their customers exactly the fruit peeling face, since it is considered the most effective and safe. The rehabilitation period is only a few days. It involves the use of natural fruit acids, which perfectly cleans pores from keratinized cells, and also effectively relieve inflammation of various origins. You can be offered the following types of fruit face peelings:

  • wine;
  • milk;
  • glycolic;
  • lemon;
  • apple;
  • grape.

All these fruit acids can be combined with each other in the salon face peeling. They are all antioxidants, have excellent anti-aging properties. As a result, the skin becomes soft, soft, velvety to the touch.


  1. Ultrasonic physical peeling for the face in the salon presupposes a micro massage, which effectively relieves the tissues from adhesions. Waves penetrate deeply into the dermis, improving blood flow and lymph flow, reducing the swelling of the tissues.
  2. For laser physical facial peeling in the salons , two types of laser are used: carbon dioxide or erbium. It allows you to adjust the depth of the cleared area. It is carried out under in-patient conditions under anesthesia.


A new type of peeling for a face that is practiced by far not all salons. One of the most effective for today. The skin under this procedure is ground with diamond dust. In parallel, a vacuum massage is performed. As a result, cells are updated, and tissues remain intact.

Modern beauty salons offer a huge number of a variety of face peels, among which you will find something that will return your skin to beauty and youth. However, in the preliminary examination it may be found out that this procedure is completely contraindicated for you.

Keep in mind

Swarthy skin can respond to improperly selected exfoliation with strong pigmentation.

Contraindications for facial cleansing

Determined to return the skin to beauty and youth with salon peeling? Are you ready to spend a lot on this? But the master at the very last minute on the examination or even at the interview can refuse to you in this service. The reason will be in contraindications, which he can reveal. These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • susceptibility to allergies;
  • herpes in an active stage;
  • severe damage to the skin of the face;
  • exacerbation of acne;
  • elevated temperature;
  • is a tumor on the face;
  • smoking;
  • taking certain medications;
  • warts.

It should be noted that all the contraindications relate only to the median and deep peelings that are produced in the salon conditions. For the superficial, these diseases and conditions are not a hindrance. If the kind of procedure is chosen and nothing prevents you from enjoying the rejuvenation process, it remains to find out how the face peeling is done in the cabin in order to imagine the technology of its implementation and not be afraid.

Helpful advice

In no way can you decide on salon cleansing of your face, because you are afraid of all these acid solutions, anesthesia, pain and terrible apparatus with awful-looking nozzles? In this case, try to regularly make a home peeling with scrubs and masks according to folk recipes.

Stages of the salon procedure of peeling

It is worth noting that each salon carries out its own peeling in its own way, but the schematic stages of the procedure are the same. Having familiarized with them in advance, you will feel much calmer, knowing what the master is doing at one time or another.

  1. Face skin is steamed.
  2. Rub the chemical solution into the skin. There may be a burning sensation and edema.
  3. If necessary, anesthesia is performed.
  4. If hardware cosmetology is used, the surface of the face is affected by brushes, ultrasound, laser, etc.
  5. Remains of un-absorbed substance are carefully removed.
  6. After that, the skin is treated with an antiseptic and soothing solution.
  7. When deep peeling can impose a bandage in the form of wide bandages, a kind of mask, which is removed for several days.
  8. The rehabilitation period begins, within which it is impossible to expose the skin to any mechanical influences and ultraviolet radiation. Perhaps, even have to sit on an easy diet.

If facial peeling was not carried out in a hospital setting and immediately after the procedure you were released home, do not be afraid of your own reflection in the mirror. On the face there may be burns and swelling, which quickly go away, if it comes to surface cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended that be recorded for peeling before the days off, when it will not be necessary to go anywhere and experience because of excessive redness of the skin.

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