Fullflex from gout - mechanism of action and method of application


Translated from English Fullflex means full bending. This drug is widely advertised on television and on the Internet as an effective treatment for many diseases of the musculoskeletal system - radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica. Gout refers to the group of rheumatic diseases and is also included in the list of indications for the use of this remedy. How effective is Fullflex from gout?


Before answering this question, it is necessary to find out what Fulflex is, and what effect it has on gouty joints. If to be scrupulous in the choice of terminology, then the medicine for gout is not Fullflex. Because this is not a pharmaceutical product, and drugs are used to call substances produced by the pharmaceutical industry, and listed in the corresponding document - the state Pharmacopoeia.

Fullflex is a biologically active additive to food, or simply dietary supplements. But from this, its relevance for gout does not become less. At us it is accepted indiscriminately to abuse BADy. Indeed, among this category there are a lot of poor-quality products, and even completely frank dummies, to which people simply spend money.

But the Fullflex to the dummies obviously does not apply. This product is manufactured by the Russian company Ria-Panda, officially certified and included in the federal register of dietary supplements. This means that the FullFlex is officially approved for use by the relevant authorities.

Action of

Effects of

On gouty joints Fullflex influences as:

  • Pain relief
  • Soft tissue edema reduction
  • Interruptions in inflammatory reactions
  • Derivation of uric acid salts
  • Lowering cholesterol levels in the body
  • Prevention of infection adherence.

All these healing effects are achieved thanks to the two main ingredients contained in the Fullflow, the extract of the roots of martini fragrant and the extract of the bark of the white willow. The beneficial effect of fragrant martinia was noticed back in antiquity. This plant is also called diabolical claw because of the characteristic hooked form of its fruits. Biologically active substances contained in the roots of this plant( phytoncides, bioflavonoids, glycosides) have an anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, astringent and antimicrobial effect.

Another ingredient of Fullflow - white willow bark extract also has an anti-inflammatory effect. The bark of the white willow contains natural salicylates. Their effect is similar to that of aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid and other anti-inflammatory drugs. True, natural salicylates are practically devoid of those negative effects that are inherent in their synthetic analogues.

Form release and dosage

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The drug is presented in two forms: capsules and FULLFLEX cream. Each capsule weighing 300 mg. Contains 225 mg.extract of Martini root fragrant and 75 mg.extract of white willow root. Adults and children over 14 years of age are recommended to take 1 capsule daily once during meals during the month.

Ointment is presented in tubes of 75 ml. Here the composition is richer. In addition to the above extracts, it includes preparations of horse chestnut, birch bark, eucalyptus, juniper, fir, vitamins E( tocopherol acetate), P( rutin).The ointment is rubbed into the affected joint with light movements twice a day - morning and evening. What is more effective - a capsule or ointment from gout fullflex? To obtain the optimal combination, internal and external, the use of this drug in combination with other antidotal agents.

Side effects and contraindications

There are no side effects except for rare cases of individual intolerance of certain substances that make up the fullflex. This drug stimulates the contractile activity of the uterus and is excreted in breast milk. Therefore, it is contraindicated in pregnant lactating women. You can not take it for children under 14 years.

In general, patients tolerate a good Fullflex, the reviews confirm this. According to these numerous reviews, the drug proved to be effective even in cases of neglected arthritic arthritis. And although fullflex is not a cure, but only a dietary supplement, before taking it, it is necessary to consult a rheumatologist.

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