How and how much should I run to lose weight? Running for weight loss - as correct.

You can lose weight in different ways. Someone learns new diets, some people use tablets of dubious origin and go for liposuction, and sometimes even try very original ways to lose weight, often unsafe for health. However, the most effective version of the normalization of weight is still considered sport.

Running - the Basics of the Basics

One of the main exercises for most types of active sports, it is considered to be running. It is this mode of movement that involves a large number of different muscles of the body, not just the legs. In addition, the above process is also an excellent anaerobic training, increasing the threshold of endurance and training the air-pulmonary system that establishes a normal rhythm of the nervous and endocrine system, and also gives a charge of vivacity for the heart and circulatory system.

Running as a method of losing weight

Numerous weight loss techniques usually include running. However, can this movement process be considered as an independent means to lose weight? This question can not be answered unambiguously, because besides active sports, a person must necessarily normalize his own diet, otherwise a diet consisting of only harmful products will completely cover all burned extra calories.

However, if you have firmly decided to lose weight and are already making good progress in eliminating from daily nutrition, all that is harmful, then running can become the basis for further reducing excess weight.

Running in figures

Run for weight loss

Running can become a very effective means of fighting excess weight, only if you do it regularly. In active movement, you must be at least 250-300 minutes a week. It is not necessary to lay out the last forces - you can alternate running with walking.

In order to more or less accurately determine the parameters of a useful run, it is desirable to get a heart rate monitor and immediately calculate the optimal pulse needed to activate the fat burning process. It's easy: just use the formula [220 -( your age) - 50% = optimal pulse for the exercises] to determine the optimal pulse for your health during the run and follow it in the class.

Specialists note that effective training can not be on duration, less than twenty minutes. Why? Just the first fifteen minutes of running fat burning processes only "swing" and the running itself has a purely health-giving character - it has a beneficial effect on the body, but does not save you from extra pounds.

So, the recommended daily "running dose" recommended by most experts is an average of forty minutes, at least five times a week.

However, it should be understood that each person has his own weight loss goals: someone just needs to lose a few pounds, and someone decided to lose weight radically, getting rid of a decent "loading" on your body in the form of ten or even twenty kilograms.

How long does it take to run to lose weight?

So, you want to lose a certain amount of kilograms, but do not know how much you need to run for this? Below is a table that answers the question of how much you need to run to lose weight:

  • For 1 kilogram - 19 hours of running is necessary;
  • To lose weight by 5 kg - you need 93 hours of running;
  • To lose weight by 10 kilograms - not less than 180 hours;
  • Twenty kilograms - 350 hours.

Naturally, the above-mentioned running load should be distributed evenly, preferably not more than three hours a day, if necessary, you can refuse the "weekend" days and engage permanently.

Possible alternatives to

Sometimes bad weather, lack of time or other reasons can make you refuse regular runs. Do not stop training! Try to replace them with alternative types of similar load structure.

  • Jumping on a rope
  • Active aerobics
  • Classes on a treadmill
  • Cycling on a real bike or simulator

How to overcome the problems?

Running for weight loss is necessary regularly. However, this is also useful, but involves a number of problems.

How to get up early and start running?

How to get up early and start running

In the morning I want to sleep a little longer, and getting up late, there is no longer any desire, no time for a run. It's lazy and it can be overcome!

The first of your jogs, try to plan for the weekend. If you get up in the morning, do not eat tightly - enough glass of dairy products, tea or light fruit. Dress the way you will dress every time you run. For the first time you can not run a distance, but just quickly walk it.

How do I tune in for an event?

Try to find for yourself the obvious advantages of the morning run. First of all, it's fresh air, lack of cars and a lot of people. It will also be easier for you to plan your work day, add a positive attitude to the day, relax from everyday problems.

How to run properly to lose weight?

Shock jerks or jogging are not suitable for driving extra pounds of weight. The optimal rate of movement is a jog, a so-called jogging. It is in this mode that you not only lose excess calories, but also strengthen muscles, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system and increase the energy output for the whole day.

Before running, you definitely need a warm-up. In the process of movement, move naturally and relaxed, keep the trunk straight, freely manipulate your hands in time to run. The air intake from the lungs should be exhaled completely, if necessary, and fatigue, go to a quick step. Do not forget to gradually increase the load - from one to two kilometers or more.

Where to run?

Where to run

Park, parks and side streets that are located far from the central highways are best for solving this problem. If the weather does not contribute to the morning jog, you can replace it with homework with a skipping rope, or purchase a treadmill or special simulator in the apartment.

How to overcome boredom?

Loneliness is not always pleasant to a runner, especially if it's a fair sex. Try to find a company for yourself - a friend, close relative or loved one. In extreme cases, you can connect a dog to this event, and if this is not possible, take with you a handy portable player and enjoy your favorite musical compositions.

What to wear?

For everyday activities, it is necessary to choose a comfortable and functional clothing. First of all, it's sneakers with shock absorbers, normally fixing the ankle. They are suitable socks made of natural materials, as well as a cotton T-shirt or T-shirt, if necessary - a tracksuit.

How to keep motivation?

Even if you started regular jogging and really want to lose weight, from time to time you can lose motivation due to a number of problems and laziness. In order to pass from beginning to end the whole "weight loss course", create a clear schedule for your classes and adhere to it strictly. Start a notebook where you will count the kilometers that have passed, as well as the lost kilograms, broken down into weeks.

Think positively, do not torture yourself with sad thoughts, read positive news and anecdotes, believe in yourself for real!

Weightlifting program

The following schedule of classes for running, to get rid of extra pounds, is designed for a week course with five days of exercise. If possible - you can run for the weekend, repeating the main procedures every week until the desired result is obtained.

1st day

Begin warm-up of all parts of the body that you spend at least ten minutes. If you are new to running, then your first distance can, like run, and go through a quick step. Your main goal for today is to prepare the body for dynamic increasing loads. The base time is about twenty minutes, then take another five minutes for slow walking and stretching the body with your legs.

2nd day

Warm up for ten minutes, then run at an average tempo of about forty minutes, alternating between medium and low speed. The last ten minutes you can go to the step.

3rd, 4th and 5th days of

Gradually reduce the time spent on walking and increase the interval of continuous running in the middle rhythm. Do not forget about the warm-up before and after jogging!

Useful video of

Remember - only systematic jogging and proper nutrition will help you get rid of extra pounds and get a good visible result!