How to properly make hair removal in a delicate bikini zone

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  • EPI. .. or DEPI. ..?
    • Epilation
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  • How to make an epilation in the bikini zone: Video
  • Epilirate a bikini
    • Wax( waxing, bioepilation) of the delicate zone
    • When sugar is good - shugaring bikini
    • Epilator: trust in science and technology
    • Electrolysis: effective, long, expensive
    • Photoepilation: removes hair light
    • Laser at the service of beauty
  • The very depilation. ..
    • How to do it according to the rules
  • Shugaring zone bikini at home: Video

A woman strives for perfection. A real beauty is attentive to every little thing: a tiny pimple, the first wrinkle, an extra hair is mercilessly expelled. Some places of the female body are safely hidden under the clothes. But this does not mean that they do not need care. How to do a gentle skin epilation in the bikini zone so that it harmonizes even with exquisite satin linen?

EPI. .. or DEPI. ..?

Depilation in the bikini zone Epilation and depilation - almost words-synonyms. But not really. These are two different types of cosmetic procedures, with the help of which women get rid of excess hairs on the body. For someone, going to the salon is a common thing. And someone better than a shower and a razor.


Epilation can be called VIP procedure: it is expensive, the result is impressive, it is performed only in the salon. During hair removal, the hair is either plucked along with the root-bulb, or destroyed by special manipulations.

Than you can epilate the bikini zone: wax, tweezers, electric epilator thread.

Pros: The result lasts about 7 days.

Cons: painful, can not be done with sensitive skin, the epidermis can respond with a rash, swelling( especially in the deep zone), rashes, ingrowth of hair.


Synonym for depilation - shaving, cutting. This is a very popular method that is available to every woman. The hair is cut with a razor or dissolved with cream, but the root remains. Therefore, the problem revives surprisingly quickly. Before buying a machine, it is better to learn the secrets of a comfortable shave. We'll talk about this a little later.

Depilation tools: razor( or cream depilator), shaving aid, gel for processing after the procedure.

Pros: worth inexpensively, painless, available to all.

Cons: It is necessary to repeat every 3-4 days, the skin responds with irritations, itching, ingrown hairs;easy to cut yourself.

How to make an epilation in the bikini zone: Video

Epilirate bikini


Most women suffer, trying to get rid of "prickly woolen panties" shaving. They are waiting for painful rashes, cuts and a hard hair brush at best in 3 days. And if this is the season of swimsuits? It is necessary to shave off the hairs, knowing in advance that you will cut. ..

In the case of hair in the bikini zone, deciding on hair removal is the most successful solution.

Cosmetic salons offer several ways to achieve smoothness in such a gentle place:

  • waxing;
  • shugaring;
  • chemical hair removal;
  • photoepilation;
  • electroepilation.

Waxing( waxing, bioepilation) of the delicate zone

Epilation with the device A very ancient way that Nefertiti herself used! You can do at home and in the salon. Use liquid wax or cosmetic resin. It is more correct to do hair removal in the bikini area with a procedure such as hot wax. And it is better to visit the salon. After all, inexperience can get a burn. Liquid wax is applied to the skin and after hardening breaks together with hairs and hair bulbs.

Hot waxing removes the vegetation cleanly( even a small fluff!) And for a long time. The procedure is painful, although in the salons it can be a little anesthetized. An alternative to hot bioepilation is cold. This is the cheapest and most. .. painful way. Ready-made wax strips are heated between the palms, applied to the skin and break. The skin remains clean for about 2 weeks.

"Warm Wax" is sold in special cassettes. Before use it needs to be warmed up to 40 degrees. The method is available at home, it is less painful than cold waxing. The result is stored for about 3 weeks.

Hair removal wax can be performed at home or in the salon. At the end of the procedure, the skin wax residues are removed with special napkins to avoid ingrown hairs.

When sugar is good - shugaring bikini

Shugaring - the newest invention in cosmetology. The role of the wax is made by the condensed sugar paste. Experienced beauties claim that this is the most painless way to clean the swimsuit area. Sugar paste does not stick to the skin, but pulls out all the hairs. Shugaring is better than wax in that it does not irritate the tender epidermis. As a result, the skin is silky for 3-4 weeks. This is enough to sunbathe at the resort, not remembering the razor!

Shugaring is an expensive procedure. And it does not matter where it is performed: in the cabin or at home. To save money, try making the paste yourself. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and strain. Mix 10 tbsp.spoons of sugar from 1 tbsp.a spoonful of water and juice. Cook on the fire, stirring constantly. Readiness is verified by dripping the mass in a glass with cold water. If the paste spreads, cook further. And if it turns into droplets, turn off the oven. The finished paste is stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container. For the procedure, it is enough to pinch a small lump, stretch it, apply it on the skin against hair growth, and roll down, on the contrary - on growth. A sugar ball will collect all the hairs and pull it out with a root!

Pros: No irritation and ingrown hairs, compared to other methods - not so painful.

Cons: it is not easy to prepare the "correct" paste( remember about the control in a glass of water!).

Epilator: trust in science and technology

Electroepilator remains the most popular method of epilation. Hairs are plucked with special brushes. Modern instruments are equipped with nozzles, coolers and other wisdoms that reduce pain and irritation. Some super-epilators work even under water.

Over time, the pain threshold is reduced( simply speaking, a woman gets used to pain) and electroepilation becomes less painful. The result is happy for 2-3 weeks.

Electrolysis: effective, long, expensive

Electrolysis is performed exclusively in salons. The current is passed through the hair shaft and reaches the root. The bulb is destroyed and dies.

Pros: hair disappears forever.

Cons: you need to epilate the bikini zone with electricity, as you can earn new problems: burn, pigmentation, folliculitis, scars. To bring the plan to the end, it will take a lot of time and money. The procedure is ineffective for curly and curly hair.

Photoepilation: removes hair light

Light pulses, which are tuned to certain skin parameters, process large areas of the body at once. Therefore, the result is immediately visible. The light pulse destroys the hair root, no matter how deeply it hides. Photoepilation hair is absolutely not painful, what's more - the hairs are removed at a distance.

But there are contraindications, for example - pregnancy. Hair in the intimate area is usually stiff and dark. That is why photoepilation is recommended, first of all, for inguinal folds.

Laser at the service of beauty

Laser depilation Laser depilation is very popular with those who tried it. At the same time, it is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Most often, the laser retracts the antennae - the cost of the procedure is quite high and depends on the epilated area. To name the final immediately the amount can not even an experienced beautician, because how many procedures will have to be done is determined individually.

Pros: hair disappears forever.

Cons: a huge number of possible complications and contraindications, exacerbation of chronic diseases, a ban on the sun and much, much more.

The very depilation. ..

Most women refuse to epilate the bikini zone, preferring a procedure such as depilation. Shaving with a blade or cream is popular due to its availability and cheapness.

Cream depilation is carried out according to the instructions. It is important to maintain the right time. To fix the result, try to process the bikini gel, slowing the growth of hair.

Hair removal with a machine tool gives an immediate effect. True, the joy ends in just a day - as soon as a hard brush grows instead of shaved hair.

How to do it according to the rules of

  1. Buy a new shaver( moistening strips and several rows of blades will soften the process).
  2. If the hair is long - you need to cut it before depilation.
  3. Take a hot shower or bath.
  4. Rub the skin with a sponge to prevent ingrown hairs.
  5. Lubricate the skin with a shaving aid, soap foam or any cream.
  6. Carry out a razor for hair growth, if the result does not like it - finish shaving the movement against growth.
  7. Wash away any remaining hair and soap.
  8. Treat the skin with a shaving aid or with a cream that slows hair growth.

Experienced fans of simplicity are advised to trim the bikini zone in a day or even every day. The skin gets used to the effects of the razor and does not become inflamed. In addition, the cream perfectly cures with irritation, in which a couple of drops of tea tree oil are added.

To achieve smoothness in the intimate zone, there are a lot of money. Surely you will find something of your own and can afford even small swimsuits!

Shugaring of the bikini zone at home: Video

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Published: 15-11-2014