Effective body wraps for the abdomen

Effective body wraps for the abdomen

For many women, the abdomen area is often a problem zone, there are a lot of methods for fighting fat folds, and if among them really effective ones.

What can be done to make the abdomen area elastic and elastic, and even lose weight by several centimeters in the tackle.

Body wrap at home

The main function of the wrapping procedure is fat burning. There are many types of this procedure, hot wraps, cold, chocolate, mud, honey or fruit.

Such sessions help to relax, improve the emotional state.

To hold a home wrap for the abdomen, it is important to know a few basic rules.

  1. Before starting the procedure do not recommend eating, especially heavy food.
  2. After the session is over, it will be better to lie down, relax, do not strain the body and do not exercise various physical activities.
  3. Mixture must be prepared before wrapping, do not make blanks.
  4. The composition should be mushy, easy to apply and wash off from the body.
  5. The skin can not be overdried, the duration of the procedure should not exceed 30-40 minutes.
  6. If there is a feeling of dryness and tight skin, then you need to end the session.
  7. The film should not be wrapped tightly, so as not to disturb the circulation process.
  8. You have to wrap yourself in warm clothes or a blanket from above. Thus, the greenhouse effect is achieved and the process of removing excess liquid from the body takes place more quickly.
  9. Balanced nutrition and regular exercise will be the key to effective weight loss at home.

There are two types of wraps in the home:

  • Active. When the application of the mixture and during the wrapping process, the woman is physically stressed.
  • Passive. The patient is in a horizontal position and full rest is observed.

type of wraps at home

To which process is more suitable - it's up to you, considering the wishes and indications of the body.

Recipes for abdominal wraps

Consider several types of mixtures.

  1. Laminaria. It can be purchased at a pharmacy, it actively fights with fat cells. Before use, it should be soaked in warm water that it would soak and increase in volume.
    2-4 tablespoons of kelp should be filled with hot water, after full swelling make wrapping on the abdominal area and from above to fix the film.
    Wrap up in a warm blanket and spend 40 minutes in complete relaxation and positive thinking.
    After removing the film, you must take a warm bath and lubricate the abdominal area with anti-cellulite cream.
  1. Oily wrapping. For a base, you need 20 ml of base oil, perfect olive or almond. Add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture. Kashitsu is heated in a water bath, and a little chilled is applied a thin layer on the abdomen. We last 50 minutes and rinse well with warm water and soap. We put a moisturizing cream on top.
  2. Honey. There are many options, from which to make a mixture for wrapping At the base of honey, 2-3 tbsp.l., In addition, you can add cinnamon powder, cocoa, herbal preparations, essential oils of lemon or orange. We put the composition in a warm form with a thick layer on the problem area of ​​the skin and can be maintained until completely absorbed, 30-40 minutes. This is an excellent property for moisturizing, losing weight, rejuvenating the cells of the epidermis.
  3. Effective wraps for slimming belly based on green tea. Several spoons of dry grass to grind to a powder state, pour boiling water and insist 15 minutes. A few drops of essential oil of orange will be an excellent ingredient for splitting fat cells in the abdominal region.
  4. A fat burning wrap for the stomach based on coffee. The most effective and very popular. Many users prefer this particular fat-burning recipe, for which you need several spoons of natural coffee and a glass of milk. We raise the mixture, heat it in a water bath and spread the area of ​​the stomach with a thin layer, massaging the problem zone thoroughly.30-40 minutes will be enough for such a procedure. The result will be visible after the first session, and the full course of weight loss is 12 approaches every 2-3 days.
  1. Aromatic chocolate wrap. To moisturize the skin and give it elasticity and elasticity, this recipe is suitable: 200 g of cocoa powder mixed with two tablespoons of creamy cream, add one spoon of olive oil. We put a thick layer on the belly, wrapped in a film and from above we wrap ourselves in a blanket.40 minutes will be enough. Such procedures can be carried out often, there are no special contraindications.

Recipes for body wraps

Your stomach became elastic, smooth and velvety, then you did everything right. To fix the result, it is important not to oversaturate the body with harmful calories, eat less sweets and lead an active lifestyle.

Contraindications to the procedure of wrapping in home and cosmetology conditions:

  • The period of pregnancy and lactation. There is no categorical prohibition, but to be careful and cautious at this time is necessary.
  • With gynecological diseases, it should not contradict the recommendation and refrain from this procedure.
  • Cardiovascular and renal failure.
  • With varicose veins.
  • Various allergic manifestations.

Caution: The procedure should be discontinued if malaise, nausea, dizziness, or weakness occurs.

Wrapping is a safe and effective procedure that can cope with fat cells in the thigh, abdomen, sides, and so on. Useful products that are included in the composition for the procedure, favorably affect the skin and the body as a whole. Love yourself, give your body wonderful sensations, get rid of pesky kilograms easily and simply, and most importantly - in pleasure.

Effective body wraps for food film: reviews and results

Marina, 34 years old.

- I've complexed my whole life about a sagging stomach after two births. At first, I did not attach any importance to this, and when I got out of maternity leave and began to change office suits every day, I felt uneasy. The outfits lost their appeal as soon as they turned out on me. Yes, it's embarrassing and unpleasant. I decided to take on myself and change the situation for the better.

Re-read a lot of literature, talked with a nutritionist, signed up for fitness training, began to do various wraps at home for slimming belly and two months later became slim and unrecognizable. Minus 10 kg, as never happened.

Updated the wardrobe, received a promotion for work. Life is Beautiful. Children are happy to see my mother in full health and a wonderful mood.

I realized one thing, you need to set goals and achieve the final result under any circumstances. What I sincerely wish you!

Violetta, 22 years old.

- For me, a beautiful figure is a pledge of attractiveness and wide attention among men. A girl at any age should look unsurpassed, and do not justify and complain about the time. He always has enough for everything, you just need to really want it. To maintain a beautiful figure, I spend 3 times a week wrapping for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks in a cosmetology salon. I often prefer chocolate or coffee. These fat-burning elements can perform miracles after several regular sessions.

Recipes for body wraps

All my friends joined me and felt the buzz you get during a chocolate wrap or honey. For everyone, your recipe will be perfect. To achieve excellent results, it is required to conduct 17 sessions, in the interval, a day after two, and after a short break. With proper nutrition and sufficient movement, it is possible to repeat the procedure and not have to.

I love my body and try to take care of it always!

Tatiana, 45 years old.

- Often I spend at home various wraps, no longer for myself, but for my daughters, who have already turned 25 years old.

I choose the procedures according to the mood and wishes of the daughters. It so happened that they have twins and often think alike. Here and now I prepare for them an olive mask with honey and ethereal drops. It has:

  • Moisturizing
  • Fat Burning
  • Relaxing
  • Nutritional properties.

This is a real find for those who do not have the financial means to visit a beauty salon and make such a wrap by professionals.

I assure you that if you read a little literature and get into the very procedure of carrying out the process of wrapping for weight loss, you can reach visible results in a short time.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the mixture with and the exposure time of the procedure. Do not allow the formulation to dry out, so as not to damage the skin.

Also a few more basic rules will be useful to you.

  1. It is forbidden to eat food two hours before the procedure begins.
  2. When wrapping, do not tighten the bandages too tightly so as not to disturb the bloodstream in the veins.
  3. After the session, it is better to sleep and not go out into the cold air, this is especially true in the autumn-winter period.

Adhere to all of the above recommendations and do not worry about your health. Everything will be at its best. More joy and wonderful mood. Be prudent and positive about winning. Only this way it will be easy and easy to overcome the "obsessive beast" of excess weight!

Health, joy and grace to you and your family!

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