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Many people suffer from intercostal neuralgia, the main symptom of which is the presence of intense and painful pain, which becomes even stronger with the movement or tension of the pectoral muscles.

Immediately I would like to note that the treatment of intercostal neuralgia is necessary with the help of a qualified specialist. In no case can you do self-medication, because the disease is serious enough. To begin with, consider the main recommendations that help overcome painful feelings.


If you have severe pain in the intercostal area, you should immediately contact an experienced neurologist. Why? Only an experienced physician can conduct differential diagnosis with other diseases. The thing is that under the mask of intercostal neuralgia, completely different diseases can hide. For example, renal colic or heart pathologies can occur with similar symptoms.

If you find intercostal neuralgia, do not panic, because a professional doctor can prescribe the right treatment, which will help to return to work and a healthy normal life.

Why is self-medication dangerous to health? The thing is that almost all medicines have their contraindications and side effects. In addition, not all drugs will be effective for this disease in each case. That is why only a qualified doctor can determine which medicines, in what dosage and form will fit a particular patient, and also prescribe the correct duration of treatment with medicines.

There are simple recommendations that contribute to the effective treatment of pathology. It is worth remembering that in the first days of the disease, namely during this period, the pain sensations are incredibly strong, you need to adhere to bed rest and take a sick leave.

The patient is recorded with an ECG
In the early days of the disease you need to abandon the pillow. The patient should lie on an even and hard surface.

Anesthetics are effective in treating the disease in various forms.

On how to treat intercostal neuralgia folk remedies, you can read in this article.

Naturally, in the first place, patients need the prescription of medicines that can eliminate pain. Treatment should be comprehensive. Next, let's talk about the basic drugs used for intercostal neuralgia.


Treat the pathology with the following medications:

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  • analgesic ( anesthetics).The main mechanism of action of this group is the effective removal of pain, the main symptom of this disease. Experts recommend taking the pill not more than 4 times a day, otherwise you can not avoid the development of side effects, among which you can note the following: violation of kidney function, hypotension, allergic reactions. Overdose can cause such unwanted symptoms: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, etc. Popular analgesic drugs are: analgin, sedalgin, spasmalgon;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs .The peculiarity of this group of drugs is that they not only relieve the inflammatory process, but also effectively combat the painful sensations in the intercostal space. The most famous representatives are such drugs: diclofenac, ibuprofen. Treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be done correctly, and medications should be taken only after a specialist's recommendation, since they can cause such unpleasant consequences: headache, nausea, inflammation of the kidneys, etc. Means are prescribed by injections or used as an ointment. For example, ointment nimid is popular due to effective fight against pain and inflammation. Another effective drug is Movalis. The drug is available in various forms: solution, tablets, suppositories. It copes well with the pain syndrome;
  • muscle relaxants .These medications can remove spasm from the muscles, namely spasms and is the main cause that causes the development of the disease;
  • Group B vitamins .The lack of vitamins of this group can also cause the development of pathology;
  • local anesthetics .The use of blockades based on novocaine or lidocaine is effective even in cases of intensely painful syndrome;
  • sedatives .Preparations such as Relanium or Elanium help the brain not react so violently to severe pain;
  • sanitation of the oral cavity and nose .This includes the treatment of chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, caries, etc.;
  • physiotherapy treatment ( electrophoresis, ultrasound, reflexotherapy).
The initial stages of the disease are easily amenable to conservative treatment, so do not delay contacting a doctor.

It's important to start treatment in a timely manner, otherwise serious complications may arise, including chronic pain syndrome, limitation of movement.

Additional treatments for

In the event that conservative treatment does not bring relief, surgical methods are used, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • neurolisis .This procedure consists in the fact that the nerve, squeezed by surrounding tissues, is operatively released;
  • Neurotomy .Neurotomy is called nerve trimming, which gives a good effect in case of pain;
  • trajectotomy .The purpose of this procedure is to combat the pathological impulses due to the intersection of the conducting paths. Traktotomiya is used exclusively with non-resistant to other methods of treatment of the disease.

Ointments for the treatment of intercostal neuralgia

Consider the most popular ointments.


Ointment can be applied up to 4 times a day. Due to the presence of diclofenac, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect is provided.


Available in the form of creams or gels. The drug has a remarkable analgesic effect.

Turpentine ointment
The advantage of ointments is that they act directly on the site of the lesion, providing a warming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.


The appearance of redness and sensation of heat after applying the ointment should not scare, it is a normal reaction. This German ointment is created on the basis of bee venom. Due to this, nerve endings are irritated, blood flow is increased, pain is eliminated, and biologically active substances that are mediators of the inflammatory process are also rapidly eliminated.


Ointment has a combined composition: poison adder, turpentine ointment, camphor. This unique composition provides a warming effect and a reduction in painful sensations.


Menthol, which is part of the drug, helps irritate nerve endings, expand subcutaneous vessels, increase analgesic effect, create a sense of coolness.

Menovazine should be applied to a sore spot and carefully rubbed several times a day. Duration is determined by specialist

Turpentine ointment

The main component of the ointment - turpentine - has antiseptic effect. In addition, she relieves intense pain.


The drug promotes the expansion of blood vessels, which has a warming effect. Ointment effectively fights inflammation and relieves pain.

Given all of the above, we can conclude that intercostal neuralgia is quite a serious disease, which does not need to "joke".When there are signs of a pathology, immediately consult a specialist!

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