Treatment of knee joints with folk remedies and methods

There are many diseases affecting the knee joints. Anyone who encounters such a problem knows that in most cases a long-term treatment is required. The use of folk remedies in addition to basic therapy helps to avoid the use of a large number of drugs that cause side effects. In mild cases, such methods can alleviate the condition without traditional medication.

Means for ingestion of

Before using any prescription for internal use, it is necessary to consult a physician. This will help to avoid negative consequences, since traditional medicine, as well as traditional medicine, has its contra-indications.

Lemon with garlic

Three medium-sized lemons, about 100 grams of garlic, about 250 grams of celery or nettle. All the ingredients are ground in a meat grinder and mixed thoroughly. The resulting mixture pour three liters of boiling water and let it brew for 12 hours. The bank can be additionally wrapped to preserve heat. Take a quarter cup first once a day. Over time, the number of receptions is reduced to three per day. The course of treatment will require three such banks.

Broth from bones

For diseases of the knee joint it is useful to take broth prepared from beef legs. Boil the bones for several hours, as in a cold. Take half the glass before meals. Such a broth improves the condition of cartilage and bone tissue.

Infusion from the woodlouse

This herb is known to many gardeners. For treatment, you can use infusion. You need to take a can of three liters and put dried herb there. Add 500 ml of vodka, add the boiled water. Infuse in a dark place for about ten days. Take 15 ml three times daily before meals.


This is a natural remedy that helps restore intraarticular cartilage. Daily in the morning you need to take 0.2 g before meals, about half an hour. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Mumiye - natural healer


This method of treatment is good because it is an exclusively local effect, and this minimizes side effects. In this case, conditions are created for a deeper penetration of the drug into soft tissues and the joint.

Honey and apple vinegar

Honey can be used alone, lubricating the affected area. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. Apple cider vinegar supplements the main effects of honey, improves blood circulation. If you mix honey and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 3, you get an excellent composition for the compress. The resulting mixture should be placed on the knee area, covered with film and woolen shawl on top.

Blue clay

Clay is diluted with water at room temperature to produce a thick mass. The tissue is placed in a gruel and applied to the affected area. Woolen cloth will come in handy to cover all this. After two hours, wash the clay. This procedure helps reduce the inflammatory process.

Camphor oil

If the joint hurts, then the most affordable product is camphor oil, sold in any pharmacy. It is used for rubbing, it is better to do it in the evening. On top, you can put the cloth moistened in vodka and wrap it. After that, go to bed.

Compress with potatoes

You need cleaned raw potatoes, scrolled through a meat grinder. This gruel is heated in a water bath and placed in a linen pouch, which is placed on the knee. Overlay the oilcloth and fix it with a bandage. This compress is left overnight. The procedure is repeated daily for a week. If the pain stops earlier, then there is no need to continue the treatment.

Burdock leaves

If there is arthrosis, then the burdock will help with this problem. A few washed leaves stand for some time in hot water. Knee pre-lubricate with vegetable oil, and then attach a sheet of mug. Top cover with cellophane and insulate. With this compress you can spend the whole night. The procedure is continued until 1.5 weeks.


This spice with daily use helps reduce pain in the joints. Roots are used for compresses. To do this, rub the root. To two tablespoons of the received weight to add juice of one bulb of the small size. Kashitsu put on problem spots, cover with a film and fix. Leave for three hours. You can spend that all night. Repeat the procedure every other day.

Ginger root
Ginger root


Another popular way of treating knee illnesses involves the use of 5% iodine. To it, add honey, ammonia and medical bile. These components are taken in the same amount. All carefully mixed and kept in a dark place for ten days.

Immediately before use, a small amount of the product should be heated in a separate container and made a compress. The procedure is repeated every day until the condition improves.

Comet of horseradish

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Root of horseradish wash and clean. Grind with a grater and put the steam on the stove, adding a little water. Do not boil. After that, put the gruel on the cloth and make a compress. Leave the minutes at forty. In this case, you must be careful and do not overdo it, otherwise you can get a burn.

Horseradish can be combined with potatoes. Different proportions are used. Both components are also rubbed on the grater. The course of treatment is usually a week.

Mustard with honey

This method is great if your knees hurt. Must take mustard, honey, salt and soda in equal quantities. The resulting mixture is used for compresses before going to bed. Can be treated for a week, until the symptoms subsided.

Cabbage leaf

Separate large leaves from cabbage. Apply honey to the inner surface and attach it to the knee. Cover with a wrap, wrap and leave overnight. In the morning remove the leaf, wash off the remnants of honey and make a new compress. So repeat until the pain stops worrying.

Infusions and decoctions for topical use

Tincture from dandelion

Dandelion leaves can be added to salad or soup. Flowers are used for cooking tinctures. They are placed in a bottle made of dark glass. Dandelions should occupy half the volume. Add triple cologne and stand for one month in a place inaccessible to light. Eau de cologne can be replaced with alcohol. This tool is recommended to rub the sore spots. Do not interfere with the period of treatment charging for the joints.

Jerusalem artichoke decoction

Helps to cope with the pain syndrome if there is arthritis and other diseases of the knee joint. Stems along with the leaves must be crushed. It should be about one and a half kilograms of plant mass. All this brew with boiling water. It will take 8 liters of water. After cooling, the infusion is poured into the pelvis, where the diseased knee is placed and kept until the pain subsides.

Jerusalem artichoke
Above ground Jerusalem artichoke

Tincture from birch buds

Birch buds( 20 g) collected in spring and 100 ml of alcohol will be required. Insist in a dark place for 20 days. Be sure to strain. Use for grinding. But you can take it inside three times a day. The number of drops varies from 20 to 30 at one time. Dilute in 15 ml of water( tablespoon).

Natural Ointments

Interest is represented by folk recipes for the preparation of ointments based on natural ingredients.

Ointment on the basis of comfrey

This recipe requires 200 g of melted fat in a water bath. Two tablespoons of chopped herb comfrey add to the fat. Blend the mixture on a low heat for about five minutes. Wait until it cools down, then put in a glass jar. Keep refrigerated. Before going to bed, lubricate the area of ​​the knee joint with this remedy. You can put a bandage on top. Comfrey improves the condition of cartilaginous tissue.

Comfrey - a livener - is a part of modern ointments

Ointment based on turpentine

Turpentine has long been used to treat joints. They can rub the problem joint before going to sleep. To enhance the effect, you can make a warm bandage. Helps and ointment, which includes a teaspoon of turpentine, one egg yolk and 15 ml of apple cider vinegar. Stir the mixture and rub it into a sore spot. Turnip with honey

Turnip the turnip through the meat grinder, previously cutting into pieces. Add 50 ml of vodka and 100 g of honey. Stir to make a homogeneous mass. This remedy can be used up to three times a day until the condition improves.

Honey with glycerin

This is an effective folk remedy that is easily prepared at home. It will take honey, glycerin, iodine and alcohol. All in equal proportions. Stir the mixture and leave for three hours. After that, using gauze or cotton wool, the composition lubricate the skin in the joint area.

Useful baths

Positive effect on the condition of the musculoskeletal system of the bath with the addition of various components.

Coniferous baths

Young twigs of pine to grind. It will take 1 kg of raw materials. Pour water in the amount of 7-8 liters and boil for about five minutes. The resulting broth pour into a prepared bath and lie for 15 minutes. This helps reduce the activity of the inflammatory process, which is manifested by a reduction in swelling and pain.

Baths with Jerusalem artichoke

Such baths help if you are worried about arthritis or arthrosis. The tubers of Jerusalem artichoke should be cut and put in hot water. There also add pine twigs, 10 ml of turpentine and 1 kg of salt, preferably marine. When the salt is dissolved, take a bath. After that, in the area of ​​the knee joint, you can draw an iodine net or smear honey. It will take 10 to 12 such procedures.

Given the wide variety of folk methods of treatment, everyone can choose the right option for themselves. If you are treated on time and right, you can slow the progression of the disease. But do not forget about the need for medical supervision.

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