How not to grow a "beautiful" wen, or no cones on your stomach!

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  • "May naim from the adipose!"
    • Lipoma. Tells the doctor. Video
  • How it happens, or about the causes of fatty details
    • Mistress Genetics and Zhirovik
    • Hygiene and hygiene again
    • If the fat metabolism went wrong. ..
    • What does demodicosis mean?
  • Surgical removal of lipoma. Figure

A fatty abdomen is a most unpleasant phenomenon. First, it's ugly. Secondly, it is strange: a sweet navel, mouth-watering folds and suddenly some kind of a bump! You start wearing wide blouses, smearing a fatty wax with some kind of ointment, but there's no effect. What to do? Risk health? Refuse from personal life? After all, the widow in the most prominent place does not adorn. Do not too many victims require some "little bump"?Let's think about how to get rid of it.

"May naim from zhirovik!"

Stomach No, it's not for nothing that the zhirovik was nicknamed a zhirovik. This benign non-aggressive neoplasm, which consists of just fat. To be more precise, it is from fatty tissue, "stray" fat cells, dividing more intensively than is conceived by nature. What causes this malfunction? Absolutely in one physicians are sure one hundred percent: the human genetic program is one of the main reasons for the formation of Wen.

In addition to the natural predisposition, lipoma( this is, as you understand, the medical term, the official "name" of the unappetizing problem) appears also why:

  1. Low level of hygiene.
  2. Incorrect fat metabolism. Demystecosis.
  3. Other reasons.

Lipomas on the abdomen are the same frequent occurrence as on any other part of the body. Lipoma can appear everywhere, except for the feet and palms. It is interesting that 94.9% of cases occur precisely on subcutaneous formations and only 5.1 on tumors formed on the walls of internal organs, inside muscles, on bones, brain or spinal cord.

The adipes worried "host" rarely, only when the overgrown fatty tissue infringes the nerve or blood vessels and pain occurs. It is extremely rare, almost never( as doctors say) lipoma regenerates into a liposarcoma, a kind of cancer.

Lipoma. Tells the doctor. Video

As it happens, or about the causes of fatty details


Unfortunately, in the matter of prevention by lip, a person is practically powerless. Moreover, the treatment of lipoma is medically ineffective. A natural method, which surgeons say is sound scalpel removal. In consolation, we can add - this is a relatively simple operation with almost 100% favorable forecast.

Symptoms of lipomas on the abdomen are traditional: a very mobile cone of whitish color, moves under the skin, does not hurt, sizes vary. By the way, zhirovik grows throughout life, but very slowly. Worse, when education moves inward, but a person does not know about it. It is not easy to remove adipose tissue that is embedded between internal organs or bones. In this case, the task of the surgeon is to clean out all the formation without a remnant, otherwise relapse is very likely.

Ms Genetics and Zhirovik

People who have a genetic program that involves abnormalities of adipose tissue( adipose tissue) often observe lipomatosis - multiple formation of "grains", "peas" and even "balls".

Doctors have repeatedly observed identical lipomas in twins. Very often, greens are passed from parents to children, and this does not depend on the sex of the child.

There are cases when "placer" lipomas, including the adipose tissue on the abdomen, are transmitted to the exact location, size and form of the formation from generation to generation both between relatives and distant relatives.

Hygiene and once again hygiene

According to one theory, the lipoma appears in the place where a purulent pimple or furuncle "lived" for a long time. Despite numerous warnings from doctors, a person opens and cleans the abscess on his own. As a result, part of the purulent substance remains, and the focus of acute inflammation becomes chronic.

Over time, the puff through which the pus comes out is scarred and the substance enters the enclosed space. Sebaceous glands entering the hair follicle continue to produce skin fat, which gradually accumulates and forms a lipoma.

If the fat exchange went wrong. ..

The pathology of adipose tissue does not choose who to attack: obese or, conversely, asthenic people. The fat metabolism is disrupted for the following reasons:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Food saturated with animal fats.
  3. Genetic diseases.
  4. Injuries, severe stress, burns, frostbite, radioactive irradiation, after which the fat metabolism in a particular part of the body was disturbed.

Healing procedures

What does demodicosis mean?

Demodecosis is a skin disease caused by a small mite, acne vulgaris. The tick-demodex lives in the channels of meibomian and sebaceous glands. This is a tiny parasite that can be found in every person. It is necessary for our skin, as it is involved in the regulation of pH balance and normal skin microflora, and also helps to fight disease-causing bacteria.

When the body fails, demodex begins to multiply actively. The products of his vital activity block the sebaceous ducts. In most cases this place "digs up" - there is a furuncle or carbuncle. However, there are cases when skin fat accumulates, but there is no inflammation. Then in this place there is a lipoma.

Causes of demodectic:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • chronic diseases;
  • long-term use of certain drugs;
  • reduced immunity;
  • acne;
  • seborrhea;
  • rosacea;
  • oral dermatitis. ..

In order to diagnose "demodicosis", the dermatologist takes a scraping. The norm is 5 mites per 1 square centimeter. In other cases, treatment is required.

Surgical removal of lipoma. Figure

Surgical removal of lipoma

With respect to the lipoma on the abdomen or on another part of the body, surgeons never say "treatment".The only way to get rid of the "pea", "ball" or "ball" - cleaning, surgical removal of the scalpel surgeon. People who have undergone removal of the lipoma are always happy: there is nothing terrible or painful in this procedure.

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Published: 07-07-2015