Potato juice with an ulcer: methods of folk treatment

Potatoes are not only a valuable food product, without which most Russians can not manage even a few days, but also medicinal raw materials. His therapeutic effect has been noticed for a long time, and in folk medicine there are many recipes that help get rid of various diseases. Proven means was potato juice in the stomach ulcer: its special properties promote healing and digestion, while it is one of the safest means.


  • 1 Healing properties of potato juice and methods of treatment
  • 2 Rules for collecting and receiving potato juice
  • 3 How to take potato juice in an ulcer?
  • 4 Possible contraindications and negative consequences

Healing properties of potato juice and methods of treatment

Potato juice should be made from good potatoes

Potato juice should be made from good potatoes

Potato juice, along with carrot, beet and many others, is used in folk medicine for centuries: with proper preparation and use it is a realpantry of nutrients. First of all, its use in ulcer is due to its wound healing effect: regular intake of juice can eliminate heartburn, normalizes acidity, with its help, neutralize the manifestations of gastritis and dyspepsia. Potato juice has several useful properties that allow using it to combat various unpleasant symptoms:

  • It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect: potato juice becomes an effective remedy for chronic gastritis. He not only heals ulcers, but also is an excellent means of preventing her appearance.
  • This stimulating agent improves the work of the whole digestive tract. In addition, it has a diuretic effect, this will allow to normalize blood pressure.
  • Covering components help to neutralize pain with increased acidity6 or "extinguish the fire" in the stomach, potato juice can quickly help even with severe heartburn.
  • Complex of vitamins B, E, PP, C, not only has a positive effect on metabolism, but also increases the body's resistance to all kinds of diseases.

Thus, potato juice is a real natural "pharmacy": a huge amount of useful substances is available with a minimum number of contraindications.

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Rules for the collection and reception of potato juice

Any medicinal raw material will be useful only when it is properly harvested and cooked. Potato juice will be especially effective from July to February: when stored in the spring, poisonous solanine can accumulate in the tubers, and when taken with this juice, "treatment" will bring much more harm than good. There are other requirements that must be observed when harvesting and using raw materials:

  1. You can take for medicinal purposes only freshly made juice, it can not even be stored in the refrigerator. To produce it, you can use a juicer, and you can rub the tuber to the state of the gruel on a fine grater and squeeze it through the gauze.
  2. Shake before use. There is another subtlety: because of the high content of active substances, it negatively affects the tooth enamel, so it is recommended to take it with straws.
  3. For the preparation of juice is better to choose tubers of pale pink varieties. They contain the maximum amount of useful substances, and the treatment will be more effective.
  4. Before starting treatment it is recommended to do cleansing enemas for several days. In addition, the patient is advised to give up fatty meat and fish dishes, to abandon spices, smoked and spicy. This will create a sparing regimen for the stomach, so treatment will also bring much more benefit.

Compliance with these recommendations will allow full use of all treatment options by natural means. Additional help to the body will be a vegetable diet, it is recommended to eat both boiled and raw vegetables for food. At the same time, a sensible approach is also needed: the rejection of the usual food should be gradual, and if there are negative symptoms from an additional diet, it is better to refuse.

Important! It is better to consult a gastroenterologist before taking the juice, it can have individual contraindications. It must be remembered that traditional medicine is used for auxiliary treatment, and the use of such drugs does not negate the need to take medications prescribed by a doctor.

How to take potato juice in an ulcer?

Cocktail - potato juice

Cocktail - potato juice

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Potato tubers are thoroughly washed, the peel is removed from them. It is important that they are not green, green indicates the presence of toxic solanine. Potato juice has a peculiar taste, so it can be mixed with carrot or beet juice in equal proportions: it's tastier, and much more useful, because the body will receive an additional set of vitamins and other valuable substances.

With a stomach ulcer, a 20-day course of treatment is carried out: it is recommended to take juice first in small doses: First, it is a waste of glass, then the dose increases to half a glass, then to three quarters. Therapeutic juice is taken half an hour before meals three times a day, after taking it is recommended to lie down and lie down. If you add beetroot juice, it will become an effective remedy for constipation. Vegetable medicines have a general beneficial effect on the digestive system, so you can use immediately a complex of vegetable juices.

Potato juice is also prescribed for the treatment of pancreatitis: regular intake allows to normalize blood sugar level and restore the functioning of the pancreas back to normal. However, in severe forms of diabetes, it is contraindicated, so it is better to consult a specialist first.

100 grams of potato juice when taken 2-3 times a day will not only neutralize the negative symptoms of digestive tract diseases, but will also help to get rid of headaches, help to improve sleep and appetite.

Possible contraindications and negative consequences of

There are some contraindications

There are some contraindications to

Potato juice is not recommended for obesity and diabetes, as it contains a large amount of carbohydrates: a large part of the potato pulp is starch, so you need to observe the measure in everything. Type 1 diabetes becomes a contraindication for the use of potatoes in any form, as it helps increase blood sugar levels. If you intend to use juice for the treatment of pancreatitis, specialist advice is required.

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It is not recommended to take it even with reduced acidity. Since it is used to eliminate heartburn, with reduced acidity it will further reduce the production of hydrochloric acid. This leads to additional problems with digestion, so it is important not to harm yourself. Additional contraindications may be individual intolerance, various allergies and hypersensitivity.

In general, potato juice is one of the safest folk remedies, its medicinal properties were known many generations ago. Widely spread it will be when used for cosmetic purposes: grated potatoes once served as an effective means of combating acne, today we have been widely recognized for its wound-healing properties. Using a natural storehouse of vitamins and nutrients will produce a good result with little or no risk to health.

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