How to treat hives with folk remedies

Skin disease of urticaria has its name because of the similarity of blisters that pour out on the skin, with traces of nettle burns. When symptoms of urticaria appear, treatment should be started immediately, until the rash has spread to the entire body. Drugs for treatment of urticaria are prescribed, mainly, antihistamine action. Very effective and folk treatment of urticaria, especially at the initial stages of the disease.

Most experts believe that such a disease, common in our ecologically unfavorable times, like hives, is an allergic suffering. However, it can arise from the impact not only of internal and external irritants - allergens, but also of nervous shocks, strong experiences, great troubles. Urticaria often occurs against the background of diabetes, inflammation of the kidneys( jade), and in the fairer sex - with diseases of the ovaries and uterus. But, perhaps, the most common urticaria appears due to intolerance of various food products - eggs, fish, crabs, crabs, strawberries, citrus fruits, canned food. It can cause and ordinary overeating, as well as various medications. Equally easily, it can also arise as a result of the influence of such physical stimuli as cold, heat, and solar irradiation.

And yet it can have a medical origin( for example, it is often caused by improperly prescribed antibiotics).Therefore, before treating hives, it is necessary to determine the reasons for which it appeared.

Symptoms of acute urticaria

Symptoms of acute urticaria, which usually develop suddenly on a background of complete health, may manifest( more often on the upper limbs and large torso folds) not only with a rash.

Note the photo: hives symptoms are also very itchy blisters usually reddish, reminiscent of nettle burn. However, fever, a rise in temperature is not always the case. And it can pass quickly enough after taking one laxative.

Skin rashes with hives can quickly change their size.

Look at the photo of urticaria: sometimes rashes reach the size of a saucer and are able to disappear without a trace for several hours, and sometimes, and minutes. Most often, such attacks last for several hours or days, but there are cases when the manifestations of hives are delayed for months and even years.

As can be seen in the photo, the symptoms of urticaria in children are less pronounced, but they give no less unpleasant sensations. Recurrent urticaria, which is more severe, can be accompanied not only by severe itching, fever, insomnia and the development of neurotic symptoms, and sometimes even with Quinck's edema( ie, swelling of the subcutaneous tissue and muscles in the face and genitals), already requires close attention of specialists, thorough examinations and active treatment. Treatment can be accompanied by unloading and diet therapy.

Warning! Diets for hives are recommended for milk and vegetable.

Drug treatment for urticaria

Whatever the origin of the urticaria, especially when it occurs, it is necessary to clean the intestines with a laxative( preferably salt or vegetable, but not oil, castor oil) or with an enema.

With the medical treatment of urticaria( especially allergic origin), the so-called antihistamines dimedrol, suprastin, pipolfen, tavegil, claretin, etc. are prescribed.

"Local" treatment of urticaria is equally important. With abundant skin rashes it is desirable to make warm half-hour baths with soda( 400-500 grams of soda per bath) twice a day, then it is desirable to wipe the body with almond oil with menthol, and if they are not at hand, you can drink vodka or water with vinegar or juicefresh tomatoes. Effective may be lubrication 3-5 times a day of affected skin with a thin layer of ointments lorinden, oxycorte, synaflan, fluorocort or flucinar. A good effect is and prednisolone ointment, as well as salicylic-zinc ointment( paste Lassara).

Folk remedies and prescriptions for the treatment of urticaria

In the treatment of urticaria folk remedies for reducing skin itching can, after taking a hot shower beforehand, wipe the skin around the blisters with table vinegar, diluted in half with water, or fresh lemon juice.

With the same purpose, it's good to drink an infusion of cones of hops: take 1 tablespoon of hop, pour 1 cup of boiling water, insist 10-15 minutes and then drink a third of a tablespoon 3 times a day.

Mix horseradish juice with honey bee in equal proportions, take this formula 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Effective folk prescription for hives: pour 2 tablespoons peppermint pepper 300 ml of boiling water, insist for 1 hour and then take this infusion of 50 ml 3 times a day.

People with hives have long been advised to wash the body with a wood liquor. To make it, you need to collect the wood ash, pour it with water, boil it, give it a good rest, then gently drain the pure infusion and wash with this lye.

Infusion of marjoram, prepared from 200 g of the plant for 2 liters of boiling water, is added to the bathing bath. The course of treatment - 10 baths for 15-20 minutes.

In some cases, there is an improvement after taking baths with nettle, a turn or decoction of licorice root.

If urticaria occurs "on the nerves of the soil," you must take soothing herbs( motherwort, valerian, peppermint, etc.).

And in conclusion - a recipe for soothing tea "Black Balsam": take 1 part of the root of valerian and cones of hop, 2 parts of the root of the althaea, the herb of oregano and motherwort, and 8 parts of flowers of chamomile.1 tablespoon of this shredded mixture add to 250 g of black tea, brew, as usual brew tea. Drink "Black Balm" 3 times a day( but not later than 19.00, because it also has a stimulating, energizing effect, which can disrupt sleep).