Wrinkles of the "puppet": so ordered the Cosmos?

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  • About the causes of wrinkles "puppets" and bloodless methods
    • Scheme of injections Botox. Figure
  • Anti-wrinkle prevention
  • Folk remedies for facial wrinkles: Video
  • Prescriptions for the treatment of "puppets"
    • For a start - masks and something else
    • Mimic gymnastics from wrinkles of sorrow
  • Face mask from turmeric and yogurt for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle smoothing:Video

Here's another injustice of nature - wrinkles "puppets".This "decoration" of the face does not appear because the woman takes care of the skin badly, or somehow does not eat that way. The thing is that the earth's gravity( the force of gravity) affects the female face not in the best way. The skin is pushed downwards, forming folds going from the nose to the chin. Women who received such a "cosmic gift" look as if they are always sad or displeased. Hence the second name of nasolabial folds - wrinkles of sorrow.

About the causes of wrinkles "puppets" and bloodless methods

Female Not all women wear wrinkles "puppets".There are several factors that provoke sagging of the skin:

  • genetic characteristics of the body;
  • reduction in the elasticity of the facial muscles;
  • loss of bone tissue;
  • lack of teeth( especially the 5th or 4th teeth on the lower jaw);
  • abrupt weight loss, which is characterized by sagging skin all over the body;
  • professional activity( singing, playing on wind instruments);
  • smoking.

For a quick and cardinal solution to the problem, cosmetologists offer "bloodless" methods:

  • Botulinum toxin( botox) injections

Plus: solves the problem within 2 weeks;rehabilitation period is absent.

Less: possible side effects: asymmetry of a smile, violation of articulation, discomfort with eating.

  • Fillers based on hyaluronic acid

Plus: hyaluronic acid is natural for our body.

Less: carrier of toxins;reverse effect at expiration.

Scheme of Botox injections. Figure

Scheme of Botox injections

Prevention of wrinkles

With beauty, as with health - it is easier to prevent than treat, therefore:

  • Give up smoking and chewing gums.
  • Massage your face daily.
  • Apply moisturizing creams, masks and other beauty products.
  • Use a cream to protect against harmful ultraviolet light.
  • Watch for facial expressions, do not let a person get angry.

Folk remedies for face wrinkles: Video

Recipes for the treatment of "puppets"

We offer to abandon botox and pay attention to safe methods of preventing a mourning face.

To begin with - masks and something else

Avocado. Tasty in all respects fruit. Its oily structure is very like the skin. Fold the fruit segment with a fork, apply to the lower part of the face, rinse after 20 minutes. The avocado mask actively moisturizes the skin and stimulates the production of its own lubricant.

Tomato."It's trite!" - you will say, but we will add: but effectively! Find on the bed the most ripe tomato, chop it in thick slices, put a few pieces on the nasolabial folds. Hold the mask for 20 minutes, rinse your face, apply cream.

Med. Perhaps we are too intrusive, offering honey in every article. Do not judge us strictly. Honey is a find that I want to share with everyone, because the product is able to replace expensive creams from global brands. Even deep wrinkles of sorrow pass before this remedy. Apply a warm mass to the skin of the face. Wear a mask for 25-30 minutes. Repeat the procedure every morning for a month.

Fix mask action with cream with UV filter. For the prevention of wrinkles are good sunscreen products with zinc oxide. Take the rule of taking vitamins, especially it is important for group C. In addition, replenish the supply of omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in fish oil. You need the body and protein, include proteins in the daily diet.

Mimic gymnastics from wrinkles of sorrow

And do you know how to remove wrinkles of "puppets" without hyaluronka and botox? Here is a recipe for you - exercises that are very simple and effective. They are few, only four. Exercise strengthens the muscles, restores their tone, helps to resist the insidious power of gravity.

  1. Shave. .. beard and mustache. Funny exercise is based on observations of our beloved men. Do they have bulldog cheeks? No. Why? Men are shaving!"Shave" every morning and you. Take a disposable razor with a cap, repeat the movements of the husband.
  2. Draw a smile. Connect the fingers of both hands in pairs: the little finger and the ring finger;middle and index. Put your fingers on your face so that the tips of the middle fingers are connected over the upper lip, and the tips of the unnamed under the lower lip. Slowly and gently draw a smile with your fingers, pulling your hands to your ears.
  3. And now, do not laugh! Attach index fingers to the corners of the lips perpendicular to the line of the mouth. Slightly step back to the sides. Gently press your fingers to your cheeks and try to smile.

Repeat gymnastics daily for 10-15 times each time.

These exercises can not be done for prophylaxis, so as not to develop the habituation of muscles to the load, without which the muscles themselves will crawl down. But for those women who already have a hint of folds at the mouth, such gymnastics is just right.

Marionette wrinkles

Withering of the skin, alas, is inevitable, but! A woman can make maturity as beautiful as a ripe fruit. Do not be upset when you see the first wrinkles near your lips. On the contrary, continue to live with taste and laugh more often. Mimic wrinkles from laughter make the face kind and mischievous, which means - younger than those of the same age.

Face mask for turmeric and yogurt for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle smoothing: Video

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Published: 04-06-2015