How to correct the posture in an adult: exercises and other means

Posture is a habitual posture of a person standing on both legs, which he usually takes without hesitation. If the person has no problems with the posture, then all parts of his body are symmetrically relative to each other and the spine, the shoulders are unfolded, the head is slightly raised, the stomach is pulled up, and the legs and arms are unbent in the joints.

Only the specialist is able to determine the correctness of posture( usually an orthopedic doctor).To do this, he examines the patient in front, back, sides, and if necessary, appoints a radiograph. Only after these manipulations the doctor can draw definitive conclusions concerning the human posture.

It should be understood that proper posture is not only a beautiful appearance, but also one of the most important conditions for maintaining good health for many years. In children, this problem is solved quite easily, but how to correct the posture in an adult? About and will be discussed in this article.

Control of incorrect posture

Correction of posture in adults is a whole complex of measures aimed not only at eliminating the immediate cause of the disturbances( labor and rest regime, malnutrition, hypodynamia), but also in restoring the normal state of the mouse-ligament apparatus of the spinal columnLFK, physiotherapy, manual therapy and massage).However, in the first place, of course, it is worthwhile to direct all efforts to eliminate the underlying disease and its manifestations.

Fortunately, modern medicine provides a huge selection of methods for correcting posture. But for each person the effectiveness of this or that method can differ substantially. That's why it's better to entrust your health to professionals, i.e.promptly consult a doctor.

Today you can correct the posture of an adult person using the following techniques.


Physiotherapy due to magnetic, electrical, thermal, hydrodynamic and field factors on the spine and back muscles can significantly improve blood circulation in the damaged PDS, normalize the muscle balance, and also reduce pain. In addition, this method increases the tolerance of the spine to static and dynamic loads.

Medical therapy

The main task of drug therapy is the normalization of nutrition of the muscles of the spine and its ligamentous apparatus. For these purposes it is recommended to use mineral and vitamin therapy. Due to the microelements and vitamins obtained with the medicines, the work of the paravertebral muscles improves and the destruction of the bone structures of the spine is prevented, and the pronounced stoop disappears. It should be noted that drug therapy can be used only in adults - a balanced dietary supply is enough for a child's body.

Manual therapy and massage

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Sufficiently common methods of correcting incorrect posture. And both massage and manual therapy, presuppose the presence of a mechanical effect on the spine. At the same time, blood circulation is normalized, elimination of imbalance and increase in the volume of movements in the spine and its joints. By the way, the effectiveness of these procedures largely depends on the experience and skill of a specialist, which is rare and, therefore, does not cost small money.

Therapeutic physical training

LFK or therapeutic gymnastics is one of the priority methods in the treatment and prevention of problems with posture. With a properly drawn up training plan and under the guidance of an experienced trainer, you can achieve significant success in the shortest possible time. Exercises to correct posture in adults include not only locomotor activity, but also "position therapy", which includes isometric and static loads.

Surgical treatment

As a rule, doctors offer to perform an operation only in the most severe cases, when a patient faces disability. Most often, surgical treatment is performed with frontal abnormalities( for example, in scoliosis of 3-4 degrees).


To date, the use of posture correctors for adults has become commonplace. Practically in 100% of cases with problems with posture, doctors are urged to use this technique. Correction posture - a special device that is designed to maintain the human body in the correct position with a uniform distribution of the load on all muscles.

So, if necessary adjustments to the cervical spine apply the collar of Shantz, and for the lumbar or thoracolumbar corset use the Leningrad type.

The main advantages of using posture correctors:

  • The necessary parts of the spine are unloaded, pain and muscle strain disappear;
  • A habit is developed to keep the body in the correct position;
  • Eliminates muscle imbalance;
  • Stimulates the work of the back muscles, which are responsible for static stereotypes;
  • Prevention of further development of posture disorders is being carried out.
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