Why is sea kale useful, how to apply it?

Food, as you know, can and should not only be tasty, but also useful, varied, because it is from food that the body gets everything that it needs for normal work. Useful properties of some products are so unique that not including them in your diet is just a crime. And what is the use of such a product as sea kale? And can it cause harm to health?

Sea kale - kelp

Seaweed - kelp


  1. What is it?
  2. Composition
  3. Useful properties
  4. Can seaweed be harmful?
  5. Application of

What is it?

Sea kale in the sea

Sea kale in the sea

What is sea kale? In fact, kelp( as it is called scientifically) is a brown alga growing in the sea at different depths. That she is edible, learned a long time ago, then clever people revealed her unique properties. And, for example, in Ancient China, such a product was delivered to all corners of the country, so that the whole population could eat it.

Today, in many regions of the world, sea cabbage is not only used universally, but is also highly valued. This product is added to different dishes, it is eaten both in raw, and in marinated or dried form.

Collect seaweed with long forks in the seas. Then processing is carried out, after which sea kale is delivered to other countries. If before the product was considered a real delicacy, today it became available to all, which can not but rejoice, because the benefits are invaluable. But you should not use laminaria thoughtlessly, in some cases it can cause harm to health.

Composition of

The benefits of kelp are invaluable and conditioned by the composition of the product, which, of course, can be called surprising. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, in particular omega-6 and omega-3.Also in the composition include fiber and dietary fibers, organic acids, carbohydrates and proteins. There are also various macro and microelements, such as calcium, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, fluorine, sulfur, sodium, iron, magnesium and others. There are also vitamins: PP, C, as well as A and B groups.

Useful properties of

Before writing about harm, it is worth to tell how unique the benefits are. Here are some product features:

  • Sea kale is one of the few products containing iodine. And it is known to be necessary for the normal and smooth functioning of the thyroid gland, which regulates the endocrine system. Laminaria must certainly include in your diet people living in regions that are unfavorable for the use of iodine-containing products( and there are many of them).
  • The substances in the composition play the role of natural sorbents, which attract and absorb all the bad( toxins, slags, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, etc.) and are removed from the body, cleaning it.
  • With regular use, you can deduce an excess of harmful cholesterol from the blood.
  • Such a product can be safely called dietary. First, there are negligible calories. Secondly, with regular use, metabolic processes are accelerated, which positively affects the body weight.
    Sea kale is generally useful, but one should also read about contraindications

    Seaweed is generally useful, but one should also read about the contraindications to

  • . The walls of the vessels are strengthened and become elastic, which prevents the development of such an ailment as atherosclerosis.
  • This product is very useful for digestion, because dietary fiber stimulates intestinal motility and prevents constipation.
  • Vitamin C is also a lot, and its curative and preventive properties are known for a long time and all. It is necessary for the smooth functioning of the immune system and protection against various infections.
  • With regular use, the product can normalize blood coagulability and prevent the formation of blood clots.
  • Group B vitamins, which are also numerous here, are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, so that the product will help protect against the negative effects of stress.
  • Iron, a constituent, protects against the development of anemia and helps improve the condition with an already existing such problem.
  • Potassium is necessary for the heart, as it strengthens the heart muscle and normalizes contractile activity.
  • Sea kale is a very effective means of preventing some oncological diseases.
  • The benefits of kelp extends to the area of ​​gynecology. For example, dried sticks are used to accelerate the expansion of the cervix during labor and to stimulate labor.
  • The anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties of kelp allow it to be used to treat certain skin diseases and to heal wounds, ulcers and other injuries.
  • Laminaria is a part of some cosmetic products, since it has a rejuvenating effect and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. And the substances available here, increase the elasticity and improve the condition of the epidermis.

This is the benefit of sea kale. But not everything is so radiant, because this product can cause harm.

Can sea kale be harmful?

Almost any product under certain conditions can cause harm to the body. First of all, it is worth mentioning contraindications:

  1. Some kidney diseases, for example, nephrosis or nephritis.
  2. Diseases of the thyroid gland associated with increased production of hormones( hyperteriosis).
  3. With a tendency to bleeding, it's also not worth the risk.
  4. Is a contraindication and hemorrhoids.
  5. Harm can consist in the fact that kelp swells in the stomach and intestines, which is dangerous for some diseases of these organs.
  6. Product properties do not allow to use it during pregnancy.
  7. It is not recommended to give kelp to children under 3-4 years of age.
  8. Contraindications include individual intolerance.
  9. With tuberculosis, you can not use laminaria.

Harm is also in the possibility of developing an allergic reaction, because sea kale is a strong allergen.

In any case, before using, consult a doctor and ask for advice from him.

Application of

The use of kelp extends to different areas. Let us list a few of them.


Ideal option - there is fresh kelp. But this possibility, of course, is not at all. But the dried cabbage can be boiled for a couple of minutes or soaked in boiling water until swelling. And in this form, the product can be added to salads, for example. From sea kale they get delicious side dishes and soups.

As for pickled kelp, this is not the best option. Vinegar is not very useful, and when pickling a part of useful substances breaks down, so that the properties will deteriorate.

Salad from sea kale

Salad from sea kale

Preventive and curative purposes

We offer several recipes:

  • It is possible to prepare an infusion of laminaria, which should be used for inhalation in respiratory diseases. For cooking, take two tablespoons of powder, pour one cup of boiling water and leave for about an hour. Then heat the infusion to keep steam from it. Place your face above the container and breathe, covering your head with a towel to enhance the effect.
  • Infusions of kelp can be used to take baths for psoriasis, excessive sweating and other problems.
  • For atherosclerosis, you can take a decoction, for which you should pour a tablespoon of chopped dry kelp 100 milliliters of water( half a glass).Bring everything to the boil and simmer for about 5 minutes. Cool the broth and take three times a day, dividing the entire volume into three parts.
Laminaria is also used in cosmetology

Laminaria is also used in cosmetology

Usage in cosmetology

Cosmetic home remedies based on kelp deserve special attention. Here are some effective recipes.

  1. With cellulite, wraps are very effective. Take the dried laminaria, pour them with boiling water for a couple of minutes and already swollen attach to the problem areas of the body( buttocks, thighs, stomach), then wrap the food film. Forget about it for a couple of hours, and then wash it off with warm water. By the way, it is possible to combine kelp with essential oils, for example, with lemon or grapefruit oil.
  2. Sea kale helps to improve the condition of the skin of the face. Prepare a mask, fill a tablespoon of kelp powder with two tablespoons of boiling water. After swelling of algae, add a ton of a tablespoon of olive oil. Put the composition on your face, leave for half an hour, then wash.
  3. Mask from kelp is useful for hair. Apply a slurry of algae and water to the scalp and the hair itself, leave for an hour, then wash the head well.

Let the sea kale give you health and beauty!

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