Belching at pregnancy is the norm?

Pregnancy is the most crucial period in a woman's life. It combines the joy of expecting a miracle and prosaic discomfort, resulting in a variety of manifestations. Nausea, often accompanied by vomiting, back pain, heaviness, dizziness, shortness of breath, varicosity, rashes on the skin and many other unpleasant moments accompany all 40 weeks.

If nausea is particularly evident in the first trimester, then belching, heartburn is inherent throughout the course of pregnancy. Moreover, with the growth of the tummy they will only increase. Some future mothers begin to worry greatly about heartburn, suggesting that they have any serious illnesses. You do not need to do this. An eructation in most cases is due to the physiological properties of the body.


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  • 2 The main causes of burp
  • 3 Methods for overcoming eructations
  • 4 Phytotherapy with belching

Belching. The peculiarities of

Sometimes belching can indicate diseases of the digestive system

status Sometimes belching can indicate the diseases of the digestive tract

Pregnancy affects the functioning of all organs and systems of the body. There is a restructuring at all levels, starting with the hormonal. Now the main goal of the body is to endure the baby.

Perestroika affects all internal organs, including the GI tract. Increasing in size, the uterus exerts its effect on the organs of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, the occurrence of heartburn, eructation - a very common phenomenon for this condition. Often there is a feeling of overeating.

Belching - the release of gas through the mouth from the esophagus or stomach. Very often, the eructation is acidic. This is due to the ingestion of gastric juice into the lower sector of the esophagus. Gastric juice irritatingly acts on this area and provokes a belch.

The main causes of eructation

Causes that can cause a belch in pregnant women are somewhat:

  • changes at the hormonal level:
  • growing uterus, putting pressure on the stomach and changing its position;
  • exacerbation of past chronic disease of the digestive system;
  • insufficient digestion of food in the stomach, resulting in the dilatation of the walls of this organ and
  • by eructation as a consequence of this stretching.

Sour belching has some features. It often appears after not following the required diet. Namely: the use of fried, spicy, fatty in large quantities. Sour eructation does not have clear flow characteristics over time. Sometimes it lasts for several hours. Sometimes it appears periodically for a long period of time. At best, it lasts a few minutes, and then ends without a trace.

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  • use of inappropriate heavy food;
  • prolonged stay in the recumbent state;
  • sharp turns from side to side;
  • sharp torso of the trunk forward.

All the actions mentioned above do not just provoke belching. They have a negative effect on the general condition of the future mother. A woman's condition worsens if she makes sudden movements, improperly eats. After all, even excessively sweet dishes or sour berries can aggravate the situation.

We should try to avoid these factors, so as not to find ourselves in an awkward position in a public place. Excitement associated with such unpleasant moments, can badly affect the condition of the fetus.

Ways to overcome eructations

Carbonated beverages during pregnancy are better not to use

Carbonated beverages during pregnancy are best not to use

There are several effective ways to help exclude an acidic eructation from life. If you follow these tips constantly, then over time the amount of these unpleasant moments will be greatly reduced, perhaps they will completely disappear.

  1. First, it is better not to eat large portions, to eat should be divided, in small portions and more often.
  2. Secondly, sour and fried food is better to exclude altogether. Also, the eructation appears because of dishes that contain a lot of sugar or starch. Especially it concerns potatoes and pasta. Any sweets made in production conditions are harmful to women waiting for the baby. Often they put sorbitol, a sweetener, which increases the formation of gas. Other chemical additives in these products affect swelling, belching, heartburn. Therefore, it is better to exclude such tasty, but dangerous products completely. If you want a sweet, take honey, dried fruits. They will not cause harm, do not provoke a belch.
  3. Thirdly, products that stimulate the processes of fermentation, eat in a minimal amount. After fermentation leads to the formation of gases in large quantities. This applies to white cabbage, color, broccoli, cereals, legumes, asparagus. But they can not be excluded at all. After all, they are the source of various microelements, vitamins, minerals, which are so necessary for a little man growing in the body of a pregnant woman. Simply, the quantity of products is reduced, they are eaten a little.
  4. Fourth, try to form a diet of products with an alkaline reaction. They include milk, including cream, cottage cheese, sour cream. Useful are soft-boiled eggs, omelettes for steaming, lean meat, butter( both vegetable and creamy).Vegetables should be eaten only cooked. Fruits, if possible, bake.
  5. Fifth, do not drink carbonated drinks. They cause eructations even in people with a good level of health. In addition, they contain chemicals that have a negative effect on the woman's body.
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A woman in an interesting position should strive for the correct position of the trunk, do not bend over, turn sharply. After eating in a horizontal position, you can not. In this case, it is possible to provoke the flow of gastric juice into the esophagus, throwing air into it. If you want to relax, it is better to do this, pouring the upper part of the trunk on the pillow. The body should be in a sitting position. This is the most optimal pose, preventing the transfer of contents from the stomach into the esophagus.

It should be remembered that comfortable clothing largely determines well-being. It should not overtighten the body, especially the abdomen. Squeezing the stomach leads to stagnation of the gases in the stomach.

Also the doctor can recommend special means preventing the formation of gas in the digestive tract, for example, espumizan. Traditional medicine recommends using a baking soda solution. To do this, a pinch of soda is dissolved in a glass of water and drunk. This remedy eliminates heartburn and acid burps. But you can use this remedy only if your gynecologist has nothing against it.

Phytotherapy with belching

Repetition can be prevented by following very simple recommendations

Belching can be prevented by following the very simple guidelines of

. Traditional medicine offers recipes for teas that ease the condition with belching. Melissa and mint are used to prepare broths, which are then added to the tea. This gives the tea a wonderful aroma, calms the stomach.

This remedy is used if you want to get rid of the burp that gives off rotten eggs. If the broth does not help, you should consult a gastroenterologist who can recommend testing for heliobacter.

You can try to drink a decoction of heather. It is taken in the amount of 15 grams per half liter of boiling water. The composition should be slightly boiled, then insist. The norm for once use is the third part of the glass. They drink 4 times a day.

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Some advise to chew cloves. This spice with a characteristic taste facilitates the condition with an obtrusive eructation. Ginger tea is also well established, which is very effective and safe.

Tea from brewed raspberry, blackberry, mint and chamomile tea helps. This collection improves the state of the digestive system, the components that make up it are irreplaceable for the human body.

Smoking can be caused by eructation during pregnancy. This addiction also causes heartburn, worsens digestion in general. The rhizomes of calamus have long been considered an ideal means to eliminate eructations. Now from these rhizomes make a powder. It is taken by the third part of a teaspoon, washed down with water. He can eliminate both belching and heartburn.

Do not forget: before you drink any remedy, even plant origin, first consult a gynecologist who is monitoring you. Such consultations are necessary, because not every herb or tablets can be drunk with pregnant women. The doctor should understand the contraindications, give advice.

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