Candles from hemorrhoids during breastfeeding: popular drugs

Hemorrhoids - this is one of the most common ailments that overtakes a woman during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth. There are many reasons for this. And the most important thing is that not all medications can be treated, since they have an effect on the baby and penetrate into breast milk. Most of all, for the treatment of hemorrhoids at the time of breastfeeding, candles are used. Before going to the list of drugs, candles that are allowed for use in women with breastfeeding, it is worth talking about the main causes and symptoms of this ailment.


  • 1 Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids
  • 2 Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth. Candles
    • 2.1 Seabuckthorn Candles
    • 2.2 Candles Relief
    • 2.3 Hepatrombin G
    • 2.4 Procto-gliwenol
    • 2.5 Posterizan

Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids after childbirth - not a rare phenomenon

Hemorrhoids after delivery are not a rare phenomenon

Very often after birth, a woman has hemorrhoids. This happens for several reasons:

  • Congestion of blood in the pelvic organs. This is due to the high pressure on this area during the entire pregnancy. But during labor, the pressure increases many times, and this can lead to swelling of the veins and bulging them into the rectum
  • Constipation
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids throughout the gestation period
  • Changes in the hormonal background. This is due to the increase in the content of progesterone in the blood
  • Inactive and sedentary lifestyle
  • Incorrect nutrition
  • Complicated and protracted labor that lasted more than 10 hours
  • Prolonged lingering period

The woman's organism is most vulnerable at the moment she is carryingchild, since all the forces are directed precisely at this. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at yourself and your health, so that you do not have to be treated later. The main symptoms of the manifestation of hemorrhoids include:

  1. Bleeding, which can be both strong and weak( when there is just a trace of blood on the toilet paper)
  2. Itching and burning, which cause a lot of discomfort and cause huge discomfort, becauseoften very strong
  3. Discomfort
  4. Pain in the anus. Depending on which stage of the disease and how much it is started, the pain syndrome will be different. Sometimes it can be a simple tingling, and sometimes a severe pain attack, during which you have to drink painkillers
  5. Falling of hemorrhoids. This happens with external hemorrhoids. In this case, the person feels a huge discomfort, since the nodes fall out quite severely, and at the same time hurt
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In most cases, hemorrhoids are not acute. But, like any disease, there is an acute stage of manifestation, which requires immediate medical intervention. Usually, during acute hemorrhoids, a person has severe pain, body temperature rises, and the color of hemorrhoids changes, they turn blue and swollen.

For a woman who nurses a baby, it is necessary to remember the main thing: when the earliest signs of hemorrhoids appear, you should immediately consult a doctor so that he can appoint the right treatment. Since during breastfeeding, only certain drugs are allowed to be treated.

Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth. Candles

The drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids

The drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids

As mentioned above, it is difficult to treat hemorrhoids during breastfeeding, because most drugs are prohibited for use. That is why, the most actual means are candles, since they have the least impact on the mother's body and on breast milk. Among the main medicines( candles) that are allowed to be used are:

  • Sea-buckthorn candles
  • Relief
  • Hepatrombin G
  • Procto-gliwenol
  • Posterizan

After the woman turns to a specialist, he will prescribe certain medications( candles) for her, depending on how far the disease has gone. Do not self-medicate in any case, and buy self-medication from the above list, too, since all treatment should be under the supervision of a specialist, because during breastfeeding, one must think and harm the drugs applied to the child.

Sea buckthorn candles

Seabuckthorn has very good regenerative and dermatotropic properties, which is why candles are used to treat hemorrhoids. These candles have a restorative effect, and also help the wound healing, remove all toxins, and remove the troubling itching. And the most important advantage of these candles is that they are allowed for use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, since they contain no substances harmful to the child.

In addition, the patients' testimonies say that thanks to these candles they have succeeded in a short period of time, get rid of this problem. Separately it is necessary to say about side effects. Sometimes, when a woman has an allergic reaction to certain components of the candles, itching and burning sensation may occur, which will occur immediately after removing the candle and stopping their application.

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Candles Relief

One of the most popular and safe medications for the treatment of this ailment is Relief. There are several varieties of this drug, each of which will be used in this or that case:

  • Relief. These candles are used to improve blood circulation and remove edema
  • Relief Advance. It is prescribed in the event that a woman is disturbed by severe pain. It contains benzocaine, which is a local anesthetic
  • Relief Ultra. Indications for writing this kind of candles are itching, burning, bleeding, severe pain and inflammation.
  • Candles of Relief can be prescribed only by a doctor, since constant monitoring is needed during their application. The drug has several actions:
    1. Anti-inflammatory
    2. Hemostatic
    3. Healing
    4. Dehydrating
    5. Immunostimulating

    Due to the fact that the medicine is released in the form of candles, it has a direct effect on the inflamed hemorrhoids, thereby accelerating the recovery period and relieving all associated symptoms. There are several recommendations and warnings for women who plan to be treated with candles. Relief:

    • First, you need to do this under the supervision of the doctor, because during the treatment you can not use the highest dosages, because this can harm the child
    • . Secondly, despitethe fact that the drug is approved for use in nursing mothers, some components such as cocoa butter and shark liver oil can enter the breast milk and cause an allergic reaction in the baby
    • Thirdly, due to the fact that candles havedissolved vasoconstrictor activity may increase in blood pressure, which is also not very good for
      mothers Moreover, candles strictly contraindicated for those women who suffer from diabetes.

    Hepatrombin G

    Ointment heparin for the treatment of hemorrhoids

    Heparin ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids

    The main constituents of the substance of these suppositories are predipizolone, heparin and polidocanol. They have anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and anti-thrombotic effects. They are indicated for use if the woman has internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can not be treated.

    Candles must be administered only after defecation, since if done before or in the interval, the main active ingredients of the drug may not have the proper effect. Apply them advise twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. In some cases, during the use of gepatrombin G suppositories, side effects may occur, among which the most common are:

    1. Redness of the skin in the anus region
    2. Allergic reaction to certain constituents of the preparation
    3. When the drug is misused, the opposite effect may occur, that is, everything will be healed and restoredmuch longer
    4. If a woman has any infection of a different nature( bacterial, viral or fungal), and also sensitivity to the componenttomers of the drug, its use is strictly prohibited.
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    Not all drugs for hemorrhoids can be used for lactation

    Not all hemorrhoid medications can be used with lactation

    Before using these suppositories, it is necessary to find out if there is an allergy to lidocaine, since itis included in their composition and has a local anesthetic effect. These candles are recommended for use during breastfeeding, since they do not penetrate into breast milk. Use Procto-gliwenol is only necessary under the strict supervision of a physician, since it is necessary to accurately calculate dosages.

    To achieve a positive effect and not to harm the child. Sometimes, during the use of candles, a woman can feel a strong itch, a burning sensation, and notice the appearance of a rash on the skin. These are the side effects of the medication, the appearance of which should immediately show the doctor and, on his recommendation, stop taking them.


    The active ingredient of these suppositories is inactivated E. coli, which promote the development of local immunity, stimulate the process of phagocytosis. The components of the drug act on the affected areas, without affecting the healthy, thereby giving the body the chance to fight itself. In addition, these candles have a healing effect, and also help restore the tone of the vessels. According to the research conducted by scientists, it can be concluded that the candles of Posterizan can be used during breastfeeding, since they do not have a bad effect on the mother's body, and, therefore, do not enter the breast milk.

    Candles from hemorrhoids during breastfeeding - this is the only safe form of release of medicines, which has no effect on the baby. But it is worth remembering that it is possible to apply candles, even from the above list, only after they have been appointed by the attending physician!

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